Phil talked about Artest’s progress with the triangle; he’s still getting acclimated.

O.C. Register: Artest, who went to Sacramento and then Houston from Indiana, isn’t altogether comfortable as a Laker yet either. Artest keeps making mistakes in the triangle offense, going the wrong way or picking the wrong spot or finding the wrong time.

Phil Jackson said after the victory in Indiana that Artest did well on defense against Danny Granger but remains an offensive struggle. Artest shot 1 for 6 from the field with one assist and one turnover in 24 minutes. Jackson said Artest isn’t getting it “as quickly as I’d like.”

“Everything he’s trying to do is kind of forcing the action,” Jackson said.

Artest again sat out the entire fourth quarter in favor of Shannon Brown, who isn’t yet up to being the triangle facilitator but still is far ahead of Artest in understanding the offense.

  • Marwan Marzina

    Give him time. Playing with Plantar can hurt alot.

  • PauLAsol

    hope he gets it by the playoffs

  • Robert

    He’s just adjusting to a new lifestyle. LA life, + Triangle, + new team. If he’s the type to take on new challenges, then he’ll be ok. I think he’ll do that before getting frustrated and wanting to get out of the team.
    Unfortunately, the Triangle is a ‘set’ format that downplays the roles of PG (which Ron is not), and can, by it’s structure, limit players who like to run free. Ron can make his own shots (which is an improvement over Ariza), but the Triangle tends to ‘make the shot’ for the player, rather than the reverse. It’s a substitute for pic n roll – eventually the ‘key’ player gets an open look (and, that key player is supposed to be Kobe 1st, the center 2nd, and everyone else 3rd).
    I’ve seen Ron-Ron try to slash to the basket, and it usually gets clogged in the paint. I think this is a consequence of the Triangle. I think if he were to run free, then he could have nice ‘clean’ layups. However, he is also very good from ‘downtown’. He’ll figure it out.