According to a report from ESPN’s Bill Simmons, the Houston Rockets attempted to cover up much of Ron Artest’s unique behavior during the 2008-09 season.

ESPN: Artest nearly missed Game 7 of their series against the Lakers.

Artest missed the first two team buses (the ones for players, coaches and team personnel) from Houston’s hotel to the Staples Center and barely made the third and final bus, which was reserved for business staff, sponsors and friends of the team. These stunned people watched Artest sprint to the bus right before it left, jump on and take one of the remaining seats … yes, wearing only his underwear. Owner Leslie Alexander happened to be sitting on the bus and witnessed the whole thing. And you wonder why the Houston Rockets didn’t make any effort whatsoever to bring back Artest.

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  • xXxLF101xXx

    pls dont do that again!

  • Pistol Pete

    dont see ariza pulling that bs. but, if he balls hard then let ron be ron

  • xtro

    lol! go ron-ron!

  • lucid

    LMAO!!! That really made my day. He’s like a cartoon character.


    Well by reading that last sentence I thank you houston. Who cares what ARTEST does off the court, all I care is what he brings us on the court.

  • gugy


    the dude is definitely crazy, but he plays great ball. Also I think Kobe and PJ will keep him in check, so no worries. Artest wants rings and he will get them.

  • kobewankenobi

    that fuccing phaggot of BullShiat report cant wait to talk shyt on lakes…
    hopeflly we will woop his Ars this year too

    if we sign LO 90% repeat
    if we dont sign him, and do not want to to a sign and trade for a greast player
    i dont see lakers repeating, since the best starting 5 in nba will not be enough to win
    we need to have a strong 6th man
    which we do not have
    farmar? luke? sasha? powell?
    ahah…sincerely our bench now is a joke compared to other benches
    and if bynum continues to play 5 fouls in 20 min / or geting injured again
    bye bye repeat

    lets sign and trade for amare if LO is so dumb to wanna take less in a teasm that has no chance to win
    what a dumb Fucc

  • TonyFisch

    If Artest plays ball every night, he can wear his birthday suit off the court.

  • Mitch4Pres

    hahahahaha git em ron ron

  • Young Im

    this reporter failed at trying to harm ron’s image. i got much love and respect for artest.

  • desecrator09

    [Comment ID #81349 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Your f*ckin retarded if you think Amare would help us. We already have 4 ball dominant players and do you really think Amare will come off the bench? Bynum needs to start because he has to continue to develop or hes gonna keep playin like he did in the playoffs. Yes, Amare is a very good player but he would not FIT IN with this team. Any idiot can see this. So stop with these get Amare, get Boozer, get Iverson BS!

  • imfasterthanur

    [Comment ID #81354 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I agree. This attempt to hurt Artest’s image did nothing but make me enjoy him even more. lol

    Would you rather have a player come late, dressed up in a Diva-esque suit because they care so much about their looks.

    Or would you rather have someone that wants to play, rain or shine, in jogging pants or underwear. lol

    Artest is the man!

  • Robert

    ummm …. so?

    The world’s biggest f’n Laker hater is clutching at straws to try to downplay the Lakers. But if you read his mindless diatribe, you’ll find the one sentence that motivated his whole rant: He is ‘seething’ that the Lakers won the 2009 Championship. He just can’t live with that, so he has to write a bunch of drivel.

    Anyway, this is actually a GOOD sign. Because just like that Celtic fan who has to invade our blog, and write desperate articles, BS knows that his Celtic days are over (hardly before even starting). There is so much activity in Celtics camp, it is clear they are desperate to get something back. But they know that their ‘big 3′ are now ‘big 3 losers’, due to age and injury. Their days are done.

    Meanwhile, the Lakers have a chance to win another Championship. If it doesn’t work out with LO this year (and I hope it does), then let’s see what happens next year. There could be minor changes here and there, but we have our core, right? We just need the right role players, that’s all. But all this will be moot when LO re-signs.

  • http://Firefox Fdog

    Good for Ron Ron. I hope he scratched his balls in front of the owner too. Kobe don’t play that though. Ron – throw on a t-shirt and some least.

  • Eidraq

    wasnt it the bs report that was attacking kobe during the playoffs while we played houston? wasnt it simmons attacking kobe and defending ron artest then? now that ron is with the lakers, all of the sudden out come the skeleton’s? doesnt long as ron shows up and plays hard in every game it doesnt really matter what he wears outside of staples center

  • kob-aholic


  • M0Z

    “Artest Made A Habit Of Walking Around In Underwear?”

    He did it one time and now its a habit….who cares anyway, he made it to the game and played.

  • PurpsNGold

    Fux Bill Simmons.. The dude is a Laker Hater.. He’s attends the Lakers Haters Ball every year..

    We will sign LO.. We will repeat.

  • Brian

    Eidraq, I totally agree with you. Artest was so loved by the media (Simmons especially) during the Houston series and now all of a sudden because he changed jerseys we get this BS crap. In the words of Heath Ledgers Joker “And…….we…..go”.

  • lakerman1

    This is no worse then Dennis Rodman dressing up in wedding gowns the ridiculous piercings and his series of other strange antics. All we care about here Mr Simmons is winning championships. How a person conducts his life is his business as long as he does not bring harm to others.


    Hahahaha!!!! Ronny being Ronny…(like Manny being Manny)

  • lakerman1

    Also Phil and Mike kept Dennis in check. Phil and Kobe will do the same with Ron, i can’t wait for all of these Laker Haters to eat their words. Oh wait never mind Cowards never admit they are wrong so there will be no more mindless dribble until we repeat then the hate will really begin. Imagine being the only team to win it more then once since the 90’S Bulls and the 2000 to 2003 Lakers who have already dominated this decade.

  • BT_Rose

    Ron Artest brings personality to the Lakers. i love our lakers but we can be pretty bland in the personality department. makes me miss Ronny Turiaf =(

    anyways, Ron Artest, you are funny sir.

  • Victor

    For as long as ron artest plays great basketball for the lakers i dont care about him running around the streets or jumping on a bus wearing underwear or maybe nothing at all. Im sure kobe and phil will look and check on ron.

  • purple and gold for life

    He showed up right? Hell there are so many guys who show up early but when the ball is thrown up in the air they cannot ball the way Artest does.

    Besides, on the Rockets he had no one to respect and direct him the way that Kobe, Phil and Fisher can.

  • kobe4ever

    “He made a habit of running around in his underwear?” he did this only once correct GAME 7 of the Western Semi’s…still he missed the first 2 buses for a GAME 7 that is not cool with me folks…if he busts this kinda crap with the Lakers this is a no go. But give him some credit he did show up for the game but still that is very risky and wth was he doing the night before? to wake up that late and show up in his underwear and btw he totally blew @$$ Game 7 against our Lakers…can you say HUNGOVER?

    Great baller though, will love him but Ron please be on time for a Game 7 and be in the right state of mind. Kobe, Phil and YES LAMAR will help keep him focused. GO LAKERS!

  • lakeshowintheYAY

    hey BSPN keep trying!!! We need all the hate we can get, its a motivation to get the fif. . .FIF. . .I plead the FIF for the 21st century.

  • matthew

    lakersnation should just post up important news.

  • Tony

    I could care less if dude wears a tutu as part of his Laker uniform as long as he helps us win a championship.

  • cornichone

    You guys are all wack! Dont be SO myopic that you don’t think bizarre, distracting, unprofessional behavior off the court doesn’t provide a huge distraction and embarrassment to a ball club. The Lakers can not afford such distractions while making a playoff run, I promise you! Now with that said, PJ tamed the worm, so hope is on the lakers side he will tame the underwear bandit, along with Kobe who is ALL professional during the playoffs…but I also could EASILY see ron ron wearing down on Kobes last nerve if he pulls too many lunatic stunts…
    This should be a buyer beware, laker fans, not a “I don’t give a flying sh@t if he wears his birthday suite” type bravado…what happens off the court effects what happens on the court (unless your Kobe).

  • JohnJohn

    Im in my Birtday suit right now. Go RonRon….Artest is a upgrade over Ariza any freakin day. Fisher, Kobe, Artest, Gasol, Bynum. Thats all you really need.