Are the Lakers really doing well? Share your thoughts.

Daily News: Ron Artest has insisted for months the Lakers haven’t played well. He has been concerned about it and has suggested the reason for their mediocre play was because things were too easy at the start of the season.

He said Sunday he saw a change in the team during the Lakers’ latest victory, however. He said he saw some of the fire and efficiency they displayed while starting the season with an 18-3 record.

The Lakers ended a four- game losing streak on the road with a 102-96 victory Friday over the Phoenix Suns, which gave them a two-game winning streak. They led for most of the second half and outplayed the Suns down the stretch.

“We’ve always been confident,” Artest said. “We were just kind of waiting for it to be handed to us rather than going out there and doing the right things. In Phoenix, we did that. We didn’t play well, but we did make an effort to play team basketball.”

It’s no secret the Lakers (48-18) are a better team when they share the ball, especially when they pass it to 7-footers Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol in the triangle offense. They haven’t been nearly as effective when they abandon the triangle.

Artest called the season “a hell of a storm” and a “roller-coaster ride” when asked to explain why the Lakers haven’t played their best for a while. He said the team has been anxious to get to the playoffs and hasn’t given the regular season its due.

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  • kblaker4life

    Artest comments are true, but there are other things lacking like communications on defense and playing with intensity. Honestly, the lakers will make it back to the NBA finals this year, but if they face Cleveland they will lose because of homecourt advantage. The recent Laker championship team has never won a title without home court advantage. They clinched the title on the road but with home court advantage.
    The lakers better start improving now and start getting their rhythm in time for the playoffs with 14 games left or else they are in trouble. The lakers are cochy and playing to the level of their opponents. Completely unacceptable.