Funny video from TMZ on Artest.

TMZ: Ron Artest is dominating the NBA playoffs, but if his Houston Rockets lose to the Lakers, dude claims he might need to get a job at Burger King.

Ron Artest: Click to watch

Last night outside Koi, Artest told our cameras he sucks and is the “worst player in basketball”… but judging by the way he tore the Lakers up on Monday, you probably won’t see this guy flippin’ burgers anytime soon…

  • JohnJOhn

    I think most chinamen would agree….he is the worst.


    Enough with this fool. Stop posting his unintelligent words on this blog. Thought this was a Laker forum not a Ron Artest blog.

  • tito

    HE has a right to be talking!!!
    As big as a laker fan that i am
    i think the lakers overlooked this physical
    tough team!!
    I know they had a bad game it happens to every good
    team in the playoffs!!
    But i dont worry at all lakekers will bouce back with a win
    tonight and from there we will see where this goes!!

  • xfellerx

    “they took all my money for one whole year…”


  • Makaveli3

    You guys take it soo seriously. Ron Artest is a funny dude. He has respects for Kobe, but its play off time. Ron Artest get ready for Game 2 :]

  • Anonymous

    lol this guy is maddd jokes

  • goldyann

    its funny how stupid this guy can get,
    he was like
    “ima be a paparazzi, so i can go sneak pictures of NBA players and do things like that and make some money? alright then ima do that”
    wow he is too funny,
    i dont like him
    but i dont hate him,
    hes too funny to be hated.

  • Vibe

    You sure are the dumbest basketball ever. Why would you want to front kobe in front of the refs. Dumbf***ness!