Artest: “I would’ve hurt Kobe way more than he hurt me”

Looks like Ron Artest is still talking about the elbow. And he talks about if he was the one throwing the elbow what things would be like. Are we under your skin Artest?

WTOP: “If that was me throwing the elbow at Kobe, first of all, I would’ve hurt Kobe way more than he hurt me,” said Artest, who scored 25 points in Game 2.

“I probably would’ve knocked him out with the same force he used against me. That’s why I’m not going to throw an elbow at somebody’s head. It’s dangerous. That goes to show me, that if Kobe hits me with an elbow, I can just get hit.”

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  • DMCA

    Complaining DON’T WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS :)

  • Lakers 24 7

    You can throw two elbows and Kobe and he’ll still drop 40 on Artest. lol

  • Phil Jackson is an Idiot

    we should put Benga on Artest so he can judo chop his ass

  • kb24bestever

    artest its a cold bitcchh.

  • Bynum from the playboy mansion

    Damn we could have had artest for LO and we probably could have unloaded Luke in the deal. Artest is the toughness that would have put us over the top this year…

  • skew

    artest needs to just shut up and play. he sure can dish it but he cant take it. what a b*tch. i wanna see him go crazy in LA. pretty sure he’ll get shot.

  • markco2

    “That’s why I’m not going to throw an elbow at somebody’s head. It’s dangerous. blah blah blah!!”

    really?? not elbows.. only punches right? and to whom?? to the fans ofcourse! remember detroit vs indiana..

    Bring on Game 3 and bring this rockets back down to earth!

  • Nissan


  • Jay D

    weren’t they friends before this?

  • ME

    he’s diggging his own holeeeee

  • Vibe

    Uh so kobe hurted you ron ron need a tissue…. what a wuss.

  • sketch

    Ron Ron is an IDIOT! The only thing that he knows to do is to throw in the towel! This guy’s a mental midget! He makes Garnett look like a genius, and Garnett couldn’t even score high enough on the SATs to get into college! Come to think of it… they’re both IDIOTS!

    That’s right, I take every opportunity to say crap about any Celd!ck player!

    Go Lakers!


    Artest talks tough when the opponent is a smaller individual, but when someone his size dares him to bring it-(As Ben Wallace did), he keeps his filthy trap shut, scared fishless, and goes after the drunken shrimp in the stands! …Only Leaderfish can be slipperier than he!

  • Anthony

    Ron Ron spewing out more crap. Crap like those three’s he was tossing up tonight. Enjoy the one win you guys had you’re not getting another one. We’re putting this one away in 5.

  • gugy

    Artest is losing, ejected once again.
    The guy is losing completely. I just said yesterday that he would be eject. I am just surprise it was this early.
    I will say again, he will be eject once more and maybe suspended a game. The dude is a psycho and he is getting out of control.



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