Artest-21-2FanHouse: The latest from Ron-Ron (Artest)– who you may remember from such stunts as giving his cell phone number out to the general public — is that he’s not at all happy with the way things ended with the Rockets. Specifically, he claims that they “did him dirty” by “messing up” his Bird rights, and because of this, he plans on carrying out a vendetta against them as long as he’s in the league.

Over two separate Twitter dispatches, Artest explains why he’s upset.

“Houston did me dirty. I can’t wait til next year when we go to Houston. I’m not shooting. All defense. Somebody getting locked da f**k up.”

“I still feel blessed but they messed up my bird rights. So it’s on as long as I’m in the league.”

So is Artest justified in holding a grudge against his former team, and threatening some sort of revenge against them for all of this? Of course not. But anytime a player goes on the record as saying “it’s on” against another team, you can guarantee we’ll all be watching a little more closely.

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  • Jackenton

    Bird Rights? I didn’t know a team can obtain bird rights (ie. offer money with no cap limit) unless he signed for more than an one year contract.

    • Jackenton

      Follow-up: A player needs to play under a team for 3 years or more for bird rights to be valid.

  • p()()ʍ3ןƃu¡

    “I’m not shooting. All defense. Somebody getting locked da f**k up.” T-MAC AND TRAITOR ARIZA R.I.P.


    I hope that he feels the same way when the Lakers play the cavs and the celd!cks! Throw all them fools into solitary confinement! Let’s go Ron Ron, shut them all down!

  • lakerman1

    I Like it You go BOYYYY

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    artest is da man
    we r gonna have fun this year
    go lakes

  • ricky

    I hoped that Trevor was going to be a keeper on the team, but then again, outside forces (in this case, a very stupid agent) can change things. I will miss Trevor because he was a solid, young role player who brought defense, hustle, quickness, intangibles, and an improving 3 point shot. However, you move on and that’s how it is. At the same time, I am freaking thrilled to have gotten Ron. He is an absolute beast defensively and will give us an even more defensive upgrade than Trevor with his bigger size and strength.

    The Lakers have always lacked a pit bull-like player who hounds and locks you down on defense but can also crack you on offense too! This will make the Lakers stronger and I’m just excited and anxious for this season to get underway!

  • ricky

    Trevor, at best, will develop and be somewhat like Shane Battier, his new teammate in Houston. He’s not a superstar, but a very solid role player who compliments very well. If he can continue to improve his shooting, he will be a more quicker and athletic version of Shane Battier. Both, whom I really like. When Shane’s contract is up, he should sign with us and give us another defender on the wing while Kobe can focus solely on offense.