Gotta admit, his been playing ah-mazing these pass few games. But will it continue? Sound-off!

L.A. Times: If things had continued to go badly for the Lakers on Tuesday night in Staples Center, here’s the really bad news, they would have Ron Artest under contract for four more years.

They still do, of course, but today everyone in town feels better, every player a hero, the Lakers monsters once again with Artest standing out, but only because he chose to fit in.


    RON RON, our unsung hero from last night! While Pau, Bynum, and Kobe gets the nod, Artest did his hard work all night long! Didn’t give up on either end of the floor! D’d up Duranny and piled on the Thunder with 14 of his own points! This is indeed an extremely difficult task… to play non stop defense on the league’s scoring champ and to contribute offensively on the other end of the floor! And the Tru Warrior didn’t just take open shots either, he drove the lane and put it to the Thunder last night!

    Great Job 37!!!!!!

  • lakerman1

    Ariza did not want to be here sir let it go already. The Lakers offered him 33 mil and in my opinion they were being very generous to a player who had one good playoff year. Unless you are an idiot you do not keep over paying players I.E. Luke/Sasha. Give Ron time he’ll figure it out. Lets move pass the old and embrace the new.

  • matthew

    at lakersman1- agreed… people, analysts say how lal will regret letting ariza go to h ouston. lakers did want to keep ariza and they even offered him the contract (same amt of money rockets offered). im tired of this talk how ron is not learning the triangle that well.. it took players like ariza and lamar a long time to finally understand the trianglee.

  • Sasha4Lvp

    its the hair! everytime he colors his hair, he plays like crap! its a curse or something.

  • WifelovesLuke

    His dunk was hilarious. Barely cleared the front of the rim but Staples and I (on my couch) went nuts. Good to see Ron Ron contribute on the offensive side of the ball. Sign of things to come?