90041066RW013_WARRIORS_LAKERSO.C. Register: He does a lot of weird stuff, and his train of thought quite often chugga-chuggas around in circles.

If you can understand just this one thing about Ron Artest, though, everything actually makes sense:

He’s proud of himself.

He’s so proud of what he has learned and how he has reformed that he just can’t keep it to himself.

He’s at peace being on a championship-caliber team. He knows he’s contributing the right way as a great teammate. He is maintaining his mind and body and heightening intensity in Lakers practice. Kobe Bryant is relishing his presence as defensive captain.

Stuff just bubbles out of him. He reveals he had alcohol in his system while playing for the Chicago Bulls, which he meant to show how far he has come in the past decade. He drank a lot back then in his first NBA years, when he knew there were powerful short-term benefits of alcohol consumption, and he needed many and wanted them all amid the pressures he was feeling.

Relaxation. Confidence. Openness. Sociability. Joy.

Hmm. Look at that list of euphoric feelings again.

Relaxation. Confidence. Openness. Sociability. Joy.

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  • Luke4Lvp

    great article…dont worry about your offensive numbers, we got enough scorers on this team. we need your D more than anything. Keep up the great D ron-ron!

  • WifelovesLuke

    Looks like being around guys like Kobe, Fish and Pau is really rubbing off on Artest. Having a coach that he has so much respect for doesn’t hurt.

    Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, though. I am anxious to see how this team does on an extended road trip.

    1-2-3 !!

    • WifelovesLuke

      1-2-3 Ring!!! (is what I meant)