Some good news regarding Ron Artest’s…

O.C. Register: Ron Artest is scheduled to get on the treadmill while supervised and observed by medical personnel Wednesday. The goal is to gauge how Artest, recovering from a concussion, responds to an elevated heart rate.

The Lakers are hoping to have Artest back on the court Friday night against Sacramento, but he has already missed two wishful-thinking returns on the part of Phil Jackson, who weighed too heavily Artest’s desire to play over the caution needed regarding brain trauma. That’s ultimately the point of my column on Artest: There’s some healthy but way too much unhealthy skepticism out there regarding the circumstances of his injury … and therefore too little attention being paid to his injury.

Kobe Bryant, who was the first person Artest text-messaged en route to the emergency room Saturday night, definitely realized the seriousness of the moment. Bryant said he immediately alerted Lakers trainer Gary Vitti that Artest had been in contact and couldn’t remember anything.

Said Bryant on Tuesday night: “He’s a warrior like I am. He plays through everything.”

Concussions, however, are unique injuries. I’ve had one — and not a mild one — and it was the worst. There’s just so much bad about it. Now, six years later, I still have some after-effects.

  • PauLAsol

    he was carrying boxes of hennessy

    • lakerbunny


  • Jack Y.

    He was carrying boxes of Christmas gifts at home while walking down the stairs. Supposedly, he tripped/fell and, his head landed on concrete to some extent?

  • TonyFisch

    This news is 24hrs old, catch up!

  • Marwan the God

    I bet Lebron would not miss a game after a pussy fall

    • EagleRock

      Isn’t this the “Tard”….uhhemm….got tired of being called a “TURD”, huh? Someone obviously needs to give you a concussion. But, with the lack of any brain in your head, it won’t do any good. Give us all a break, man! You are like the piece of turd that can’t be flushed away…Yes, you are a piece of TURD….You know you are…

      • Marwan the God

        Can I eat you?

      • http://LakersNation LBJ Fan 23

        Can I eat up yo momma?
        Wait I already did, and still do.

        • Marwan the God


  • 09champs!

    Not so good news, Ron felt dizzy running today on the treadmill and probably wont play on Friday :S

  • 242LakerFan

    Actually, The Tard was right, LeBron probably wouldn’t have missed a game for this fall. After all, a concussion is an injury to the brain…

    • http://LakersNation RON RON


    • Robert

      actually, LeBron missed a few games last year (or the year before) when he injured his finger, remember? WWKD (what would Kobe do?). Kobe would bandage it up, and keep playing (like he did with his pinky last year, and his index finger this year). Ron-Ron would probably do the same as Kobe for an injury like that. A head injury is a whole different ball game.

  • WifelovesLuke

    Take your time, Ron. You’re more important after the All Star break not before. We’re gonna need your head straight to lock down the Carmelo’s of the world in the West and the Pierce or Prince James out of the East.

    1-2-3 Ring!

  • leor_77

    He needs to just take his time…this is a serious matter. I read that symptoms should go away in days or weeks. We’ll deal with everything, and players will adjust.