Remember when Artest called Roy the best player he had ever faced? Well now Ron Ron seems to back pedaling. Oh Ron Artest…

stayawayO.C. Register: Ron Artest was back-pedaling Thursday faster than a circus performer on a unicycle. Suddenly, he doesn’t know if Portland’s Brandon Roy is the best player he has ever played.

“I don’t know; that was yesterday,” Artest said. “This is a new day. I feel I’m the best, so this is a new day.

“He’s a good player. He might be better. I don’t know. I don’t know how to judge who’s better. It’s not like everyone was taken off their teams for a year and all the role players had to show what they got, so you don’t know who is as important to their team. There’s no secret he’s a good player.”

In a TV interview a day earlier, Artest claimed that Roy was better than Kobe Bryant or LeBron James, adding that he is the “best player I’ve ever faced.”

Artest now gets a close-and-personal-look at Kobe Bryant, which might or might not change his mind. Anyone want to guess how the Rockets forward will be feeling after the Lakers roll through Houston?

  • gus26

    someone probably told him what the hell was he thinking?… everyone knows you don’t throw a personal challenge at kobe.. and by saying what he was saying thats pretty much what he was doing..

    interesting note that he said that roy dropped 40 on him and no one else had done that to him in 10 years.. you think kobe heard that?..

    i honestly see kobe going off on him like in game 4 vs utah.. all business no smiles..

    someone should really just talk for ron ron.. the guy is always saying something stupid..

  • GameOverHouston

    Ron…you just costed the series for sure, by opening your mouth again! Did you not learn from the last game you pushed and shoved the great one…he owned you! Muahhaah!!

  • Chris Manning

    Ron Artest has proven – in nearly all of his match ups with Kobe Bryant – that he takes it personally and gets emotional almost every time; especially recently.

    This series is going to be one hell of a series to watch. Battier/Artest on Kobe sort of scare me – but then again, Kobe lit both of them up in every match up this year. Additionally, without Mutumbo (which is very unfortunate what happened to him btw), Houston won’t have enough offensive firepower with no true backup to Yao; who gets tired.

    All in all, Artest will cost them this series with his stupid doings on the court in this Kobe/Artest matchup. It’s going to be sick.

  • GameOverHouston

    Artest is just to predictable on the court with Kobe he doesn’t know how to control himself and that’s what always s.c.r.e.w.s. him over against Kobe, but whatever will pump up Kobe and the Lakers to go all the way with no mercy, I’m all for it!

  • Myself

    It’s all good, he just gave Kobe ammunition heading into this series. Let’s Kobe doesn’t take it to personal and try to prove something every time he touches the ball, if the Lakers play their style they will be fine. Also you never know this might be some mind games that Artest is trying to play with Kobe in order to get him out of the game plan.

  • gugy

    Artest is a good player but seriously, the dude has a mental problem.

  • roro

    ron artest doesn’t scare kobe; i think he loves it. He likes when players give him a challenge. Look for Kobe to have a great series because i think he can get into ron artest head. Also if Artest makes it a one on one battle with Kobe; the rockets are in trouble.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Somebody must have told Artest that he has to guard Kobe in the next series…Silly Ron!

  • WifelovesLuke

    Kobe to Artest “He should know better than that”. We’ve heard these words game 4 of regular season and we’re going to hear them again.

    Note to Lakers: Don’t get sucked into the Artest ploy. He wants Kobe to go 1 on 1 with Artest and get out of our ball and player movement Triangle system. The Kobe of Game 4 of the Utah series went off on the Jazz but stayed “in system”.

  • jason007

    artest is so overrated its hilarious…what the hell has he ever done..ever..anyone…i’m waiting..anyone..if u said not a thing you would be correct…who cares what he sais..what he does..or what he thinks…hope hes got his fishin hat ready..he’ll be casting in about oh..5 games or so.


    Seriously, I couldn’t care less about someones opinion about the best player in the world. Artest is just cocky and is probably still mad about the Lake Show not going after him. But then again, who cares about what he thinks? He’s talking the talk but when will he start walking the walk.

  • Chris Ekstedt

    i am a huge laker fan so don’t get that confused. but i love ron artest. he is a great defender and a good scorer. he remains one of my favorite players of all time. all my fantasy teams are named “tru warier” for crying out loud.

    him saying that roy is better then kobe is just silly and hilarious all at once. i am forever and always a huge fan of ron artest and i look forward to the matchup of him and kobe. i also believe that ron will be a great test for kobe (that of which kobe passes everytime they play each other) but kobe is head and sneakers better then roy and lebron.

    lebron is great mind you. he is. and he will probably get MVP this year. but he’s lucky that he is big and strong along with fast. if kobe was the size of lebron then there would be no contest. kobe all the way.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #69656 Will Be Quoted Here]

    What has he done? Uhhh, he was defensive player of the year in the 2003/2004 season. This is not an easy achievement as mainly big men win this award (think block shots). Not even Kobe has won this award and he said he would like to. I know you’re probably thinking, that’s just one year, but Ron Artest has also been named on all defensive NBA teams on a few occasions. Ron Artest is a good f’n player.

    However, Artest knows that if he, and Battier, don’t find a way to contain Kobe, the Rockets have no shot at winning this series. Ron Artest has a lot of responsibility this next series. Quite frankly I think Kobe will run all over Artest, but make no mistake about it, Artest is a good player.

  • aceman

    Kobe will show him who is the best.

  • YellowPurpleFever

    Dont put gas into the fire Artest! Too late…
    Mamba and LO will not forget
    friends or foes
    Its playoff time
    Lets kick some A$$
    Lets go Lakers!!!
    “Houston we really got a problem, Snake’s in the court”

  • Dragon

    Artest is wacko the dude is really a nut case one minute he say this and another minute he say that what the hell is wrong with this guy.

  • farmabrick

    Fortget all this Kobe-Artest stuff: the real key to this series is going to be Yao Ming versus Andrew Bynum, and what that will allow Pau to do against Scola (who was key against the Blazers).

    The Lakers swept the season series 3-0, with Bynum only playing in the November game, when McGrady was still active for the Rockets.

    Yao has had mediocre, but not bad, games against the Lakers in all three games, scoring 16 pts, which is about 10 below his usual average. The key has been that in the final two games, Gasol has had to guard Yao, use up energy leaning against him on D, and has had so-so offensive and rebounding games as a result. When Gasol got to guard the Rocket’s PF in November (with Andrew on Yao), he had 20 points and 15 rebounds.

    If Bynum can play Yao to a draw, then Pau can eat up Scola, who is smaller and must use up energy both guarding Pau and trying to score against Pau. If Bynum can stay out of foul trouble on Yao (which, for a smart player, is not that hard – Andrew can you play smart? – since Yao tends to play too far off the block), expect BIG games from Pau.

    Expect to see Pau play the low block, with Andrew up at the elbow, pulling Yao away from the basket and leaving Pau to chew up Scola down low.

    As for Kobe v. Artest/Battier, Kobe can “get his” against either guy anytime he wants. Expect Kobe to stay outside in this series (versus the low block position he took against the Jazz) to free up room for Pau.

  • farmabrick

    Series MVP: Pau.

  • farmabrick

    Oops, my bad, Lakers won the season series 4-0, not 3-0. But the analysis still stands: Andrew is the key to this series. If he plays good D against Yao, then Pau can eat up Scola and Landry.

  • Jack

    Artest is not stable. He belongs in a mental institution. A true nut. The brawl at the Palace says it all.

  • Smush Walton

    Actually, if you heard the entire interview, Artest said the best player he EVER played against was some A-hole he played against in HIGH SCHOOL, who ended up spending time in jail! Surprisingly, Ron Ron did not end up there too, but he’s still young…

  • Jay

    Artest is a real goon. I can’t wait till this series starts!