Interesting news out of Phoenix. Check it:

AZ Republic: Now that every possible trade scenario has been exhausted in quick-trigger rumor reporting, the truth comes out today.

Suns center Amaré Stoudemire still is not going anywhere. It still is a long shot for Timberwolves forward Kevin Garnett to wind up in Phoenix.

“We’ve never spoken with Atlanta about Amaré,” Suns General Manager Steve Kerr said Wednesday night, when he also called Stoudemire to assure him all rumors were bogus. “We have no idea why anybody would speculate on that.”

Furthermore, Suns coach Mike D’Antoni was on the radio this morning. JediRekal from posted this recap:

D’Antonio on the radio

Some noteable quotes:

“We’re sticking with our four guys (Nash, Amare, Marion, Bell) and having another run at it.”

“Sarver is making some big financial sacrifices for us to keep this together.”

“The Atlanta deal was rediculous. We never were even notified and would have rejected it in a second. Amare isn’t going anywhere.”

“Trying to move up, but there isn’t much interest to move down in this draft.”

“To break in our top 8, you have to be really good. We can’t just add guys for the sake of adding guys.”

“We really like some of the guys that could be there at 24. We think they can help us.”

“Our core guys have get it done. Amare has to guard Tim Duncan. Shawn needs to keep playing at a high level and Boris has to get better.”

“We’ll offer just about anything to get it done in the top 10. We’ll offer 2 picks, 3 picks, whatever it takes.”

(Atlanta rumors wearing on Amare) “Yeah, it would wear on me if they said I had to go there.”

“Talked to Amare yesterday and take it as a compliment. Everybody wants you.”

“We love Kurt and what he brings us, but his salary is a little out of proportion to what his role is. We’d like to keep him, but something may need to be done.”

“At this moment, we don’t have a deal with anyone. Right now, we are focusing on who to take at 24 and 29 and if anyone calls us, we can revisit it.”

  • kb24

    so this means they aint gonna get kg and there not trading marion either and since the wolves already put him on the trade block, he has to traded and the wolves will get desperate… you know wat dat means. maybe we re closer to landing kg then all of us thot?..

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    CAN SOMEONE SAY KG TO LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brandon

    I wish something would just get done with KG. There have been too many rumors…

  • Lakerboy248

    Keep the HOPE alive!!!!!!!!!!

  • lakersforlife77

    when i heard this last night i was so happy, this makes it nearly impossible to get a deal done by the draft :). I would rather see nobody get him than the phoenix suns