We are playing at an extremely high level without two of our important pieces – Ariza and Bynum. Ariza had his foot looked at yesterday, and unfortunately, it’s still not healed yet:

LakersBlogging: Trevor Ariza came away encouraged Friday when a specialist in Salt Lake City said the remaining fracture in Ariza’s foot showing up on bone scan might not heal any further, so perhaps Ariza could return to action. The Lakers don’t necessarily see it that way, with tests Friday only confirming what Lakers doctors found Thursday in their bone scan – that the foot isn’t healed yet.

Even though Ariza, very eager to play again, will likely seek a third opinion in Los Angeles on Monday and Jackson said he wasn’t ruling Ariza out of this playoff round, it remains likely Ariza is at least two weeks from playing.

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    WTF mayANNNN
    everytime out best player plays good…we get F’ up

  • magicbalala245

    yes 2 more weeks thank you god atleast some good news for ariza

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    see ya next year… hopefully…

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    alright, well no thething is if they come back next year

  • http://myspace.com/sonicussj Paul

    Man.. these “not healed yet” posts are getting quite annoying.

    But thanks for the heads up.. we appreciate it.