Very interesting stuff coming from Ariza’s camp. What are your thoughts? Sound-off…

L.A. Times: Ariza agreed to a five-year deal with the Rockets for about $33 million, roughly the same that the Lakers had offered in their effort to retain him.

“I had to do what was best for me and family,” Ariza said. “I am happy with my decision. I’m glad this all worked out. The Rockets are going to give me a chance to improve my game and that’s all you can ask for.”

Ariza’s agent, David Lee, said the 24-year-old forward passed up a more lucrative contract offer from another team with salary-cap space. “We decided to go with Houston anyway,” Lee said. “It was never about the money. It was about going someplace where you felt appreciated.”

Here’s more on the situation…

My Fox Houston: I can tell you definitively Trevor had an offer that was nine million more than what the Rockets offered and he decided to go with Houston,” said David Lee, Ariza’s agent, in an interview Thursday with FOX 26 Sports.

“It’s like I told (Lakers General Manager) Mitch Kupchak. It was never about the money. It was about being at a place where he felt wanted and appreciated.”

  • Jimmy

    That agent is smoking some blunts.

  • Lakers 24 7

    What the f*ck? Is he f*ckin’ stupid? What did the Lakers do that made Ariza feel unwanted and unappreciated? We offered the same deal Houston did, so wtf was the f*ckin’ problem?

  • The Truth

    The Agent was doing some of that strong grass before he came out to talk about Ariza.

    Ariza smoked one too and went to Houston.


    How are you not wanted and appreciated when your a STARTER that plays 30+ minutes on a CHAMPIONSHIP team? He def. went for the money. David Lee needs to be fired and shouldn’t get ANY of Ariza’s paycheck.

  • imfasterthanur

    I call bullshit. I love Ariza but his agent was the one that stated that L.A. would not get a hometown discount, and insisted on a $8-9 Million range.

    Houston’s contract is similar to what we offered, how does that constitute as “not feeling appreciated”.

    When it’s all said and done, we did what was best for the team and now have a higher chance of retaining both Lamar Odom and Shannon Brown — without compromising for our small forward position.

    I say farewell to Ariza and good luck, he’s a good character person (based on what I’ve seen) and a player on the rise. But I bleed purple and Gold and he is now water under the bridge.


  • Heron

    David Lee couldn’t do for Ariza, what he did for Bynum–plain and simple. If you go on the Lakers site and watch the exit interviews Ariza said himself he felt like they appreciated him and wanted him to work on his game for next season. He’s only putting up a front to save face. If he wants to save face: get a new agent, and sign with Cleveland. Many Laker fans will say “Nooo,” but to be the best you have to beat the best. It would make it that much sweeter.

  • RJ

    David lee ur a fcuking retrad who didnt appreiate him lakers tried really hard to keep ariza and david lee is a dumgadaaaa

  • RJ


  • imfasterthanur

    If anyone wants to see what Ron Artest looks like in a Laker Jersey, check out the following link:

    It’s not the greatest photoshop job, but hell, I’m a Psychology major ;)

  • HolyGuacamole

    That’s actually the dumbest thing I have ever heard.
    Didn’t feel appreciated? I certainly agree with everyone here. That’s probably the last thing Trevor would feel being a Laker. He won a championship, what more could you want?

    Right when I’m really used to loving this particular team. But hey, he has to do what he has to do.

    I cannot wait to see how Ron Artest will change the chemistry of the team. Looks like the next season is going to be very, very interesting.

  • Drake Hunter

    If they turned down a contract worth $9 million more than what he got from Houston and Houston is gonna suck probably just as much as the team that offered him the contract then they’re both stupid. Like I said, The Blind Leading The Blind!!

    In the end, there was no contract. Why am I still writing this for. Tell this to someone that really cares. RON ARTEST BABY!!!!!!!!!!

  • lakers1fan

    [Comment ID #78344 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • Rope-a-dope

    How can Houston make Ariza feel appreciated when he’s never done anything for them. This is top ten stupid! Yeah he’ll have a lot of time and opportunity to improve his game with no Yao, T-mac, or Alston. He really got worked by his agent! And that other deal stuff is a bunch of lip service. If the lakers disrespected him so much, why wouldn’t he just get revenge by taking more money. Instead he’s gonna sign with a crappy team that offered him the same deal. He did what was best for he and his family. That extra 400,000 grand is gonna take them far!

  • Isaiah


  • Scarface

    I don’t get it..if Ariza accepted an offer from the Rockets very very similar to the offer we offered him..why did he leave..? He is going to get his minutes, his family is in California and he gets a chance to repeat and perhaps be even more of an impact for us and hes going to go to the Rockets? How is this even going to mesh? No Yao Ming, no Tmac, Shane Battier is already clogs up the 3, so he is going to come off the bench? Feel appreciated? How? He won’t be as open as he would use to be when Kobe drew all the attention which allowed him to knock down threes because he can’t shoot for jack and he still can’t finish at the rim like Lamar can, he can’t grab rebounds like Lamar..frankly I’m kinda glad we got Ron Artest, he can shoot, demand attention, take the burden even more off Kobe be another lockdown defender..this is excellent. The only thing I am concerned how long it is going to take him to learn the triangle..

  • lakergirl

    This is beyond my comprehension. I love Ariza..dammit i juz bought his jersey. I still love him but damn this is juz dumb.

  • LakerNation1

    LA LOVES ARIZA. go to the coliseum at the celebration. he had a huuuuuge ovation from us fans. this a-hole agent needs to stop taking acid and do his f’n job like a sane person.

  • lakers1fan

    Now I have MIX feelings for Ariza :( >:/

  • LakerZombie

    I have a feeling that this wont be ariza’s last move. Its too dumb a move to be an accident….I wouldnt be surprised if somehow he still landed in cleveland guys.

  • LakerNation1

    if this deal goes through with Houston, i have to question trevor’s intelligence. simply amazing…

  • domz

    wtf is ariza and lee talking about? not about the money and felt not appreciated? mitch has repeatedly said that his top priority is to bring LO and Ariza back. And if Lee is saying the truth, they should have accepted the MLE offer of the Lakers.

    Thank you Trevor. Goodbye

  • Clifford

    My guess is that Ariza’s agent played a game of chicken with the Lakers and totally screwed his client. David Lee probably figured that the Lakers would up the offer after putting up a fuss. Now they have to spin to story to say that they weren’t appreciated.

    Maybe the Lakers wanted Artest the entire time, or maybe it was a contingency plan. Regardless, I believe that if Ariza really wanted to be a Laker without playing these contract ploys, he would be a Lakers. Anyways, Ariza’s loss is the Laker’s gain since Artest is a much better player.

  • kb24mvpsquared

    Im not gonna talk about the mistake ariza did everything happens for a reason but quite frankly he did brake my heart! I honestly though he did bleed purple and gold if anyone should feel unappreciated it should be the Lakers! They pulled Ariza out of his misery in orlando where he was averaging 8 to 10 mins a game, to become the starting small forward on the best team! come on who is the one who should be unappreciated. I know i feel that way… hope artest comes in to work and work hard! By the way RON RON asked for fans to give him suggestions on numbers to use with the Lakers I say take number 3! that number isnt taken! HAHHAHHA

    PS from the bottom of whats left of my heart Ariza Good Luck in the future!

  • eddiethemonster

    fuk lee & ariza 1st lee u talk appreciate fukn azzhole the lakers appreciated ariza they give him his 5 min of stardem u fukn jerk he was a bench warmer & ariza fuk u 4 letting ur agent do tha talking & saying that u have 2 the what’s good 4 u & tha fam u fukn greedy bizntch the lakers were goin 2 give u the same amount & more rings u dumb fuk it would have ben good 4 u & ur fam if u would have signed with ur home town team u fukn greedy bizntch now u r on a team that aint wining shit n tha near future so fuk u u looosseerr

  • Russ

    again, i can’t believe how stupid Trevor and his agent are being…

    its just a LIE to say that he didn’t feel appreciated by the Lakers. the Lakers love this guy. Ok, maybe we couldn’t offer him more money but he knew that ahead of time. and judging by how many teams offered him the MLE, he prolly understands that now.

    SECOND, how the heck can you say that Houston wanted you? Of course they want you. They’re trying to lure you to their team. they’ll say anything to get u to sign. Do you not understand that Shane Battier plays your position? Do you not understand that Yao is possibly done for the season and maybe career. Do you not understand that Artest just left? Do you not understand that T-mac wants to leave and the Rockets are shopping him? Do you not understand that it’s an entirely different system and will not give you the freedom that the triangle does? Do you not understand that you just won a ring with a team that everyone expects to repeat or three-peat? Do you not understand that you went from the best team in the league to a team that is one trade and one injury away from “rebuilding mode”?…geez

    by far, the worst decision by an NBA player. Ariza coulda been an ALL-STAR if he stayed. Now, he’ll be miserable

    Dont believe me? Just ask Baron Davis, Corey Maggette, Elton Brand and Ronny Turiaf. Pretty sure they’d take back their bad decision in a heartbeat if they could.

  • magicfan4lifesuckers!!!lulz

    yeah sucks for you laker fans and when we win our championship with vc and dwight, you laker fans will be wondering why you lost no wingman team defender!!!!!

  • lakaluva

    I bet his family is saying “you dumb piece of shyyyyyyt!!! You took us out of LA to Houston!!!”

  • LakerNation1

    [Comment ID #78374 Will Be Quoted Here]

    vince carter? u still think he can produce? thats so cute…

  • Stephen

    didnt we just beat the magic? lol. Trev thanks for everything you did for us, i wish you the best in the future, you will always be a Laker.

  • http://LL.COM race

    David Lee is a jEW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • willow

    [Comment ID #78374 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Gimme a break!!!! VC?!?!? Half Man Half a Season??? Losing Hedo Turko-looks-like-I’m sniffing-glu???? Jameer Nelson who can’t keep his mouth guard in his mouth?!?!? Why the fcuk do you even have a mouth guard?!?!? Alston who’s a SELFISH-me first-where’s my minutes-attitude?!?!?!? Really Magic fan???? You’re gonna come in here to talk smack about winning a championship???? Seriously, you need to get a CAT scan. If you even know what that is…

  • Eric

    That’s bull on Ariza and his agents part. The Lakers offered him the same amount of money and he felt unappreciated? Thats ridiculous he knew everyone wanted him back I don’t wanna hear this crap. His Agent bluffed and the Lakers burned him by not taking the bait. Peace Trev it was fun but now we’re gonna continue our run without you.

  • willow

    [Comment ID #78373 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Excellent, excellent points. Totally agree with everyone here. I tried to defend Trevor if he wanted to make more money but when I found out that Houston offered him basically the same thing we did then that’s gotta be that worst career decision he’ll ever make.

    But in the end, thank you for your service and good luck in the future. You’re gonna need it. We’re gonna keep on rollin’ without you. I predict Lakers will win the ship 2 out of 3 years Artest is here with us. WELCOME TO LA RON RON!!! No. 89!!

  • Sancarrworkout

    Trevor got punked by his Agent’s greed. He tried the same crap with Bynum but that worked out a lot better. The Lakers are tired of his Agent’s crap and pulled the rag out of his ass. Now he is standing in a pile of shit and it got on trevor. They will both look back on this and know they made a big mistake….Don’t mess with the Dr. ask Shaq…

  • Anthony

    Seeing as how I really liked Trevor it’s really crushing, but if he felt under appreciated he’s much softer than he gave off. Too bad, so sad, let’s all move on now and welcome Artest(y) with open arms.

  • sketch

    I hope that things will work out well for Trevor in Houston! I really do! We all know that Trevor was integral in helping the Lakers win the TITLE this year and we’re all appreciative of it! But I think that we’re all in agreement that Trevor is making a huge mistake by signing with Houston!

    1st of all, yes, his role and minutes would be reduced with the addition of Artest into the lineup, but as far as his development goes…are you kidding me, Trevor could not possibly get any better competition day in and day out than playing with the Lakers! Can you guys imagine… everyday, going up against Kobe, Artest, LO, Pau, and Bynum! His skills will truly blossom with these daily battles! Not to mention, he’ll be a part of a 4-PEAT team!

    That’s right, 4-PEAT! With the addition of Ron Ron, the Lakers are not only favored to win this next year, but they’re positioning themselves to win again and again! Artest brings extreme toughness to the Lakers and will rival even the C0ckston Celd!cks in that department!

    Trevor, it’s not too late to make the right decision! You’ve only committed verbally, you can still come back to the Lakers family and sign the same deal and be a part of the winning family and history by 4-PEATING! I hope that you won’t regret your decision whatever it may be. Good luck!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!! GO ON 4-PEATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pete

    That agent tries too hard and is a tithead… that statement he said about “being appreciated,” is making him sound like a sore loser that he could’nt play the Laker’s and their bankroll for fools.

  • ricky

    This agent was seriously hitting the blunt before he thought this situation straight out. He only contradicts himself and makes himself look like an ass clown. I don’t think Trevor wanted to leave, but his agent screwed him over by saying he demanded more money and not being appreciated. First, the Lakers traded for him and gave him a starting job worth 30+ minutes which led to winning a championship. He developed his game and got better, how is that not being appreciates. Now he goes to a team that is on the verge of collapsing with constant injuries to their 2 stars. Sure he will get even more playing time and a guaranteed starting spot, but the money is all the same. Trevor only said something to save face, but at the end of the day his agent really messed things up for him!

    I feel bad for Trevor cause his agent made him look like a jerk and killed his chance at another ring, but at the same time, he’s no longer a Laker and no longer our concern. Mad respect and love for Trevor but we got what we always wanted, Ron Ron and if you ain’t with us then you’re against us!

    Lakers for life!! Ron Ron is a crazy MoFo and I love it!!!

  • lakersforlife77

    David Lee is in total damage control mode now. He has to make whatever statement he has to to help his putrid reputation after this debacle.

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  • ME

    dammm I think it’s fair to say that all Laker fans feel betrayed especially because his agent is now saying that we dont appreciate Trevor?

    WTF ?!?

    Trevor you were one of the fans favorite players, how can you spit out nonsense that we didnt appreciate yo u?


    honestly, you broke my heart.

  • lakers2000

    Ariza’s agent is a pole smoker! f*cking manipulator. I hope Ariza doesn’t get shafted by this tool. Thank you for the ring Trevor and good luck with the Rockets (and your leach, I mean agent).

  • sketch

    I think that this David Lee has just committed career suicide with this fiasco he had gotten Ariza into! Lee actually talked his client out of being on a CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM for the SAME amount of money as the new loser of a team that he’s going to sign with! Really? How the hell did he do that?

    I know that Ariza only had 1 year in college, but he’s not exactly KG either in the stupidity department. I mean, Ariza at least got a high enough of an SAT score to attend UCLA as opposed to the GIMP in C0ckston! The only reason why that GIMP came straight into the NBA is because he couldn’t get the minimum score needed to attend school! But after this decision… I have to think that the GIMP might be slightly smarter!

    I hope that Ariza will reconsider and know that he will not be able to get better competition anywhere, but her in LA! He’s gonna go up against Kobe, Artest, LO, Pau, and Bynum daily! Trevor’s game will only get better! He can still be a part of this championship team and make history with a 4-PEAT and possibly 6? LOL! Anyway, good luck Ariza! And fire your agent! He’s an A-hole!

    Ariza should be the last client this David Lee guy ever gets! Because, he SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #78370 Will Be Quoted Here]

    good point.

    he should be thanking this team for all the things the lakers gave him. and for getting revenge on a team that let him linger on a bench and then traded him.

    for shame.

    i really had a place in my heart for ariza on the lakers as well. because he was a hometown boy, too.
    but i hope the first game he plays at staples center with houston, people boo him.

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #78339 Will Be Quoted Here]

    stop giving weed a bad name.
    i’ve never made such a life altering retarded decision while high.

    the only thing lee was smoking satan’s dcik and out came the demon seed of greed.

  • MambaKB24

    [Comment ID #78385 Will Be Quoted Here]

    are you only a member of the sight to say fuked up shhit, cuz ur names “race” and your fuckking anti-semetic

    honestly i hate the guy too but dont pull out this “hes a jew” shiit, no reason to go there

  • berks24

    It is just another evidence that Kobe Bryant is the MVP..he make his teammates better!!!how much did turiaf have when he got offered by GS…and now ariza…playing alongside kobe bryant is just like making your name big so that you can have a better offer from other team just like what odom is also looking for.Wish him good lucks in houston by the way we got artest….who is trevor before lakers,brown, and even gasol!!!

  • Steve in Vegas

    It is really sad is that these agents manipulate young players and when it doesn’t work out they say stupid CYA stuff like this Lee character. Someone needs to tell these 23year old guys that they are in the best place with the Lakers. Whatever small increase in salary they may get elsewhere is not worth the loss of the benefits of being promoted in a major metro area like LA. Look at poor Ronnie he listened to an agent and made a couple of million more, but probably would have had that anyway in endorsements staying in LA. And he missed out on a championship and probably many more. Plus he would have gotting more from the Lakers at the next contract. At least Ariza got a championship, probably his last for a long time and he got the same deal the Lakers offered him , the MLE. So, he traded a championship team and his hometown for team on the downhill slide for the same money. Nice work Mr. Lee.

  • http://yahoo TONY32

    BRAINWASHED!!!!! the agent wants his money.Great player, fun to watch but now Ariza could hangout with Brain Cook and talk about how they once played with the best team in the NBA (not orlando lol). Go get your mansion and take care of your ring cuz you aint winning one with the rockets.

  • DwiZ

    Everyone calm down… Lets think about this logically for one second. There are a couple of factors that most probably have lead to this situation, one surrounding the Laker’s cap space and the other mostly stemming from David Lee, Ariza’s atrocious agent.

    For one, the entire Free Agent signing of Ariza started off quite sour. Lee had asked for a 8-9M$ salary, something the Lakers brass was obviously not willing to pay.

    1. It would push the Lakers WAY over the luxury tax as it was not a MLE and would be paid 1:1 for every dollar over the tax which would be around say… 10M+ since the Lakers are already over the projected line of 70m.

    2. Also, the Laker’s management also probably has realized what the average fan has realized ages ago– we need STOP overpaying all of our role players. Take for example Sasha, Luke, and Vlady all of whom got 5m+ contracts to play minimal roles off the Laker’s bench. It should also be noted that each of the 3 aforementioned players played well in their respective contract years, which we cannot deny.

    Though, it must be said that Lee really used the media to his advantage. He pushed for the Lakers to pull out the big money by using other potential teams (such as Toronto who has huge cap space) as fuel to inflate Ariza’s contract– the Laker’s management didn’t bite.

    Thus, once Lee came back from his mystical imagination and was faced with reality he realized that his client did not demand a 10M dollar contract and in actuality deserved the MLE(which might actually be over paying him… our other 5m~ signings haven’t turned at well to be honest) Lee needed to save face and couldn’t sign with the Lakers anymore because well, he failed in his job as an agent as he was not able to get his asking price. He then took the guaranteed money from Houston which could also be a perennial contender and not go to the dregs of the NBA such as the Clippers who had caproom or a complete overhaul rebuilding situation such as OKC or Tornoto.

    Also, I think it should be noted to all the people who are saying BLAH BLAH BLAH Rockets SUCK they lost TMAC!!! and YAO!!! and OMG ARTEST TOO!!! the Rockets have been in this exact same situation all year and last year. Yao is hurt frequently and the Rockets went on one of their best streaks in the 07’? season with him down (13 straight if I remember correctly) and TMAC is quite injury prone as well.

    Ariza gets the chance to fulfill the role Artest did and I believe he will fill it well. Thus, Houston will definitely be a contender again and the Rockets most likely will be in the playoffs(Adelmen always seems to pull through.)

    Though, it really hurts to see Trevor go, all we can do is wish him well, after all the NBA is still a business. Trevor gets the chance to go to a situation where he becomes one of the leaders right off the bat and 5 years down the line will probably be a much improved player rather than if he was playing in Kobe and Gasol’s shadow. Thus, down the line Ariza will be actually commanding that 10M+ salary when he’s 29.

    Also if worst comes to worse and the Artest experiene blows up and Ariza can’t gel in HOU, well their salaries do match. Just saying.

  • livo

    The monetery difference between the 2 contracts is more than 10 fold made up on the Lakers side, by the amount of respect and admiration that the Lakers and the fans showed him… he will regret this move… Prediction: don’t unpack Trev, cause this seems like one of those money moves players make, just before they start bouncing around to every damn nba side, cause they will never be as happy, or make it back to where they are now…..

  • Mr. WoodCock

    Here’s Artest’s first interview with Jim Hill

    Click on the link above and check out the interview. He says he has mad respect for KB and needs a NBA ring cuz all he has now is a wedding ring.

  • Eidraq

    this david lee guy is a dumbass

  • PurpsNGold


    “Ariza and the Lakers

    The divide between Trevor Ariza and the Los Angeles Lakers stemmed not merely from the notion that the Lakers were unwilling to pay him more than the midlevel exception (which will be approximately $5.8 million for the first season) but also from the fact that the Lakers did not make him an offer of any kind. When Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak spoke with Ariza’s agent, David Lee, on Wednesday, Kupchak essentially told Lee to go get the best offer he could and bring it back to him, then perhaps L.A. would match it.

    The Lakers’ decision to treat Ariza like a restricted free agent disappointed and angered him greatly. He was expecting them to offer him something around $7 million, and their unwillingness to even make him an offer made him feel unwanted and as though he was not a priority to the team.

    Some suggest L.A. wanted to see whether it could land Ron Artest with the midlevel exception and that’s why it was reluctant to commit to Ariza. And indeed, it does appear that Artest will be Ariza’s replacement.”

  • aceman

    Good bye, Trevor! Good luck in Houston…

  • Sopi

    man, how many of these nba players are retarded??
    seems like they always got controlled by their agent

    agent’s job is to communicate between players and ball clubs, not making selfish dicision for their players

    wat the fuuuuck is david lee talking bout here?
    didnt lakers offer same amount of money which rockets offered???
    WTF???? gayyfogg motheer fuuucker

    fucck those agents, they sure how to control clients mind

  • lakerman1

    Ariza’s lost Ron’s gain and regardless of what Plasche says Artest will make the Lakers a better team and this is not the same thing as in 2004 when we brought in Payton & Malone. Gary petered out and Karl was injured. We could have won it that year if Malone had stayed healthy. I say lets forget Ariza and concentrate on RonRon. You will all see Mitch is turning into a great GM, we will stop overpaying role players because that has gotten us nowhere and Bynum better step up this year or eles ship his A$$ out. Ron has the same heart Kobe has and that is only going to be great for the team. Lets get behind the new team people forget the old. We still have Kobe & Pau OK.

  • ramon

    ariza just threw away his career….he had a chance to play with the best coach and the best player and the best team of all time and he passed it up cuz he thinks he wasn’t appreciated…thats bull shhhhhhh…LA loves Ariza and we (the fans)gave him nothing but love…and i still got love for him cuz he FITS in the lakers…i dunno just frustrated cuz the question ponders in my head about great teams now a days…”why ruin a good thing?” its all about money now regardless of what Dlee and Ariza say. They use the word appreciate instead of money…the more money the more appreciation…i wish these guys in the nba could go back to loving the game and not loving the league…

  • Kobe8

    i hope Trevor fires this dude because he didn’t get more money than what the Lakers were offering and he is going to a team that’s not gonna win a Championship anytime soon. So Trev lost in my opinion.

  • Rich

    What a stupid move by Ariza. It makes no sense at all. You leave a championship team with the greatest player in the nba for less money. We got Artest though if we resign Odom and Shannon we will be set again.

  • What will be

    This agent is nutz…plain and simple. It was never about the money? But not offering Ariza more money makes it about the money… It’s guys like this that reflect the state of our economy, This guy never had Ariza’s best interests in mind, he just wanted to get a big money contract for a key ROLE player on the Lakers, and ruined Ariza’s fairy tale career. Hey Lee look at what Ron Artest did to be on the Lakers, for Artest it isn’t about the money, for you and your client it has everything to do about the money… I hope you never rep another Laker client agian, ever…

  • artest

    lol i cant even tell you how much b/s dis guy and now ariza is… fkin hypocirte hes all like OHH ARIZA LOVES LA!! if he truly did he wouldve tried to stay and plus he juss won wita chapion teem so y would he love..obviously money u dumfck LEE but hey thx for giving as a tru inner warrior..ronyy testyyy..i lost arizas respct too cus hes lying about da whole sitiuation…OHH ITS NOT FOR MONEY lol

  • imacadicto

    I got to go back and lookat video and exit interviews and all cause I am confused. To me it all comes down to Ariza wanting more from an organization that has 3-4 players above him to worry about. He did not understood that. He got a ring, now he wants to up his chances at getting more money in the long run, even if taking the same or even less than the Lakers can offer. Do you realize Trevor that now you have to become more than a key role player to earn more money in the long run? Don’t you realize your place in the NBA will never be becoming a franchise player? How many players in the NBA get to that status? Not many. You are not better than Grant Hill or T Mac or Vince in their prime. All of them called at one time “Franchise Players” but could never get over some hurdles and never tasted a championship. You came to LA. They gave you a chance, told you to shoot the darn ball and opened up the world of possibilities for you. Businesswise they offered all that they could offer to sign you back, and who knows, under this system and the role you had your chances of becoming an all star were great. But you decide to go to Houston for the same or even less amount of money, to do what? A regular spot and a chance to up your numbers a bit? Don’t you realize you will be more responsable of the offense of the team and therefore defenses will pay more attention to you and you will no be able to move as freely without the ball as you did in LA where the attention was on Kobe and Gasol? You will get what you wish for Trevor, but don’t you or your agent blame it on LA and the love the team and us the fans have for you. I have not seen one sign of “no love” for you at all. As for Artest, he understands, he does not have a ring like you. He wants the glory not the money, you on the other hand already have a ring and a taste of the glory, but if the Lakers repeat, your name wont be on the list of the inmortals.

  • Franchise98bn

    We got Artest who is 10 times better then Ariza!!! Go get paid Ariza. But don’t expect any LOVE when you come back to LA you greedy F*ck!!! The Lakers nation will disown you.

  • pio2u

    T.A.’s agent is on CRACK! What a jerk!

  • 123kid


  • spongebob

    a replacement for ariza, stromile swift, anther long and athletic player

  • thisbedo

    lets be real here Ariza had no choice because we already committed to Ron Ron but Houston? reallly? this is what pissed me off hey iI understand getting your pay but getting paid the same is just stupid, I really don’t blame Ariza except for the fact that Lee owned him and not the other way around we all know he wanted to come back but he let his agent take control and unfortunately he screwed him. Its a mistake that Ariza will have to live with for the next 5 years this is just like Devean George all over again except we actually like Ariza

    I’m glad we got Artest he is better than Ariza we only prefferred Ariza becasue of team chemistry, we all know Artest is better in every facet of the game. everyone brings up the issue with his age and future potential but lets be real Kobe has 5 years max of a window to win. This proves that the lakers aren’t worried about the future they want to win now so Artest was the best choice.

    Ariza I home you enjoy your summers off hey at least you’ll have more time to spend the extra mil a year you just got by going to Houston

  • Popcorn

    I think Ariza allowed his agent to not only ruin it for him but also seems like he just got brainwashed too. Makes no sense to me what he is doing and that BS about “not being appreciated” is totally poo poo.

    I thought Ariza was priority number 1 maybe because his contributions while playing in the play offs and the finals and him being a young and an athletic SF that the Lakers haven’t have for God knows how long but after thinking about it Odom is still the piece. He is the match that gives troubles to other teams because his versatility; all it takes is for Odom to be consistent and the Lakers will give any team in the league all kinds of trouble.

    I have been a critic of Odom not because I don’t like the guy but because with that kind of talent and all this time playing for the Lakers I felt that he just need 2 things that will make him so great with this team and those are: 1) Consistency : at times he looks as he is just lost out there and lacking intensity when we all know he is capable of doing it all. If only he try hard every night.
    2)(and this might be just my opinion):but by now he should have developed a good 18ft-20ft jumper A la Horace Grant when he played for the Bulls. The triangle system facilitate PF to do this is a matter of him just working out to improve his jump shot.
    If Odom improves in those 2 areas we’ll be nearly invincibly. But of course Mitch has to bring him back first Lol. I’m hoping we get him back. I apologize to you Odom for once ripping you but I learned that you are our main free agent and still “the key” we need.

    All in all great job by Mitch. Artest is a strong and physical SF that can play good defense an can create his own shot. He brings it every night and despite his incendiary mentality Lol he is now a more mature guy that is hungry for a ring. We usually don’t have much luck after signing free agents but in this case we get a guy that is a competitor and seems resolved to get a championship.

    Good luck Ariza but I have to say with Yao injured and Tmac coming off a major surgery I really have no clue wtf were you thinking?.
    You know you had the appreciation in LA and I think you just overrate yourself way too much maybe greed?. I mean being a guy that grew up in LA and playing for not less than the Lakers and winning a championship?. Are you kidding me?.

    In my country there’s a saying that sounds like this: “we don’t need whoever is gone. We just need the one coming in”.

  • imacadicto

    I don’t agree with you thisbedo, on the fact tha Ariza had no option. The option was there, the talks happened for a reason. Mitch made an offer, his agent wanted more for Ariza. Since he could not get it, that agent passed the bitterness vibe to Ariza and now he is headed to the Rockets. I think Ariza and his agent dug a hole in our hearts. Ariza’s agent talking about appreciation? What about the Lakers and the Fans? This is not Orlando or New York who cornered him and tied his hands. This is a Laker team that showcased to the world who he is and flashes of what he could have eventually become IN THIS SYSTEM. I think Ariza went a bit Anakin Sywalker and went in and jumped a step or two in hopes to become a Jedi too soon. Staying in the Lakers, he could have continue that natural flow to become a better player and who knows, a very good sidekick in the future. He jumped that and now who knows what will happen. For starters, he leaves to a team that looks like a chicken who’s head has been just cut off and it’s body is jumping all over the place. I don’t see a direction, unless they decided to stay small, young and fast. Remember they los Yao and a good backup in Mutombo. I don’t see any news of Houston looking for big men. Artest leaves them, and it could have been to any team he wanted, and TMac is a mystery. So it really does not make sense to me what the agent is saying about rejecting bigger offers. Bigger offers from who? And if it is not about the money, why did he leave the team that offered him the same or a bit more than the Rockets? Appreciation? Well I know thousands of fans and the coaching staff and the players showed him enough, now he has to get all that with a new team, and build from scratch, hope he matches half of those accomplishments in Houston, I am sure another ring is as far far away as his aspirations to become a Jedi.

  • cpt lakers

    lee is tha same agent bynum has and tha lakers was not goin 2 deal with his BS so tis was a gut check 2 tha agent not ariza…ariza did not say those was tha agent (Lee)….good luck trevor.

  • Rope-a-dope

    I still don’t understand why he didn’t go to Cleveland atleast! If you’re gonna get mad and get revenge why not that way, but Houston? Wow a lot of pros really are dumb, no wonder Stern wants them to stay in college. There has to be something else to it ’cause this is just dumb, it doesn’t make any sense. But welcome home Ron Ron, this might turn the team into a top defensive team as well!

  • Rope-a-dope

    Oh yeah, plus with this deal they can bring back Shannon! We keep forgetting about him but thats the dude, ’cause Jordan is not the answer! Bring back Lamar and Shannon Mitch and get GM of the year next season!

  • sil

    my thing is this ariza agent says its not about money, he just made cuz the lakers wasnt going to sign him to 8 9 million dollar deal,no ariza on the rockets making the mid level which the lakers offered him and he turned down noiw he on a team with no chance to win thanx to his agent

  • LAKing

    I love Ariza and I’m going to miss him dearly. What screwed up the chances of having Ariza return with the Lakers next season was his stupid agent. The guy’s like Jerry Maguire with down sydrome. What an idiot, this guy basically parading that the Lakers aren’t respecting Ariza? Even Ariza said after the exit interview that he felt alot of love from the coaches and ownership. Ariza will regret listening to his idiot agent and it sucks because I wanted entire our entire team back and despite what the other teams are doing, I still think we can repeat with the same group of guys because the chemistry was undeniable. Oh well, I’m gonna miss ya Ariza, but bring on Artest baby!!!!

  • LakersFirst

    Ariza’s agent f*cked up. He tried to get the Lakers to pay $8-$9M per year for Ariza, thinking the Lakers didn’t have a Play B. The Lakers called the agents bluff and the agent went looking for another team. Little did Ariza’s camp know that Ron Artest was Plan. At that point, Ariza was left on the outside looking in.

    From what I understand the team that could’ve offered him $9M per year was Toronto (Portland, the other team with cap space, is going after Hedo Turkoglu). Ariza does NOT want to play in Toronto so his last option for MLE was Houston.

    Now Ariza’s agent is saying Ariza was underappreciated? Bullsh*t. The Lakers offered Ariza the MLE, the same thing that Houston offered. Ariza’s agent tried to holdout for more and was screwed.

  • Great-LakeShow

    Yea we lost a great player in Ariza shoot I appreciated him just like the next man, but lets not let this David Lee ruin our joy we should be living up the summer enjoying the fact that our team is champions. And besides we got Kobe on lock now and a stud in Ron Artest. We should be hype! at least we lost Ariza to a non title contender, he has his agent to thank for that. Ha this has even made top news story on, way to go David.

  • Evil Empire

    I think everyones looking at this all wrong. I think Ariza said this to justify his greed and guilt for leaving the Lakers. He knows he did the lakers wrong but hes more trying to convince himself more then anyone else. He knew that LA had love for him. Epecially since he is a native. Nothing but good thing happened to him since he came here (aside from last seasons injury).

    Hey Ron Ron, take number 3 as your number. You know LA has love for ya.

  • markco2

    good luck to trevor.. like ronny turiaf.. :D

    there are certain players play good on a certain team..
    there are certain players play good on a certain system..

    ariza played well last season because of the lakers system, which is the triangle…

    he gets his shots when kobe is being doub and etc..

    he gets a steal when our defense is on a high gear…

    plus the playing time phil gave him, in which he didnt get the previous years..

    i doubt if he’ll those chances in houston..

    hope for the best trevor.. ur still a laker..

  • Jai

    His agent Blew it! Trevor your going to a team that will be in the lottery. as you see your beloved Lakers win championship after championship. your stupid ass should have taken what the lakers offered! the Lakers offered you the same amount the rockets gave you! Next time dont try to play poker with Dr. Buss and the Lakers! you will surely lose.

  • kobesnumberone

    ariza was a big part of the reason why the lakers were the perfect team along with rest of the guys. it broke my heart to hear that he left because he was a reason why we even made it this far. i think the unappreciated thing is BS cause we all loved trevor! I really wana kno why he left cause who cares if ur gettin payed a lil less then u wana be… ur playing with KOBE !! & you jus won a ring and have the perfect chance to win nother one this year!! what more can u ask for? Well good luck to trevor i still love him. Ron Artest better do us good!!!! I think he can cause he plays good D like trevor did and hell take a lil pressure off of kobe. I wonder how Kobe feels bout his new teammate hahaha ill ask him at camp (;

  • jtothemfj

    can you say james posey? from hero to zero. come on trevor, pull your head out.

  • rissa missa

    sounds to me that Ariza’s agent is talking from both sides of his mouth. he’s obviously trying to save face. he totally screwed Trevor over. no athlete in their right mind would go from a winning team to another team whose future is in question for virtually the same amount of money. David Lee=JACKA$$! serves you right for negotiating through the press, SCHMUCK!

  • Drake Hunter

    You want the Truth….I don’t think you can handle the Truth!!!!
    For everyone who keeps giving love to Ariza who chose to leave, here is the truth.

    His agent spoke with Mitch and the Lakers offered the Full MLE. His agent said the Lakers weren’t gonna get a home town discount and Trevor felt disrespected with the offer. Mitch then tells him to go test the market for your value and see what you can get and bring it back to us and if we deem it’s a reasonable offer we’ll match it.

    As soon as that conversation took place, Ariza went on his way and Artest swooped in through the back door. I’ll take the MLE, he said. Bam!!! Artest is a Laker and Ariza is an after thought.

    For the Lakers to get Artest cheaper than Ariza is a crime. Mitch should get life in jail with no parole for stealing Gasol and Artest.

    Ariza basically F’d himself and the Lakers got better. Ariza and his agent tried to save face by accepting the MLE from Houston instead of taking the offer from Toronto which was supposedly $9 million more! Now they can say it wasn’t about the money but about respect and try to make the Lakers look bad to their fans for not resigning him. In the end, Mitch and Jerry Buss, as well as myself and alot of other fans couldn’t be happier!!!!

    Ariza and his agent can say all they want now but it won’t get them anywhere because they’ll be talking to deaf ears!!!!

    You both made your bed now you can sleep in it and spoon each other!






    For the money that is being reported, acquiring Artest is a no-brainer for all of the 30 teams in the league! …He earned $7.4 million in 09.

    …Given their circumstances with Yao and McGrady, The Rockets panicked at The Lakers acquisition of Artest, reacting angrily and succumbing to a Boris Scott wannabe agent in David Lee!
    …Houston F U C K E D up Royal…!!!!!

    …Trevor still could have signed for the same MLE with the Lakers, staying in his hometown, but his agent’s deflated ego skewed the entire scenario! …Painting the falsehood that the Lakers were not appreciative and therefore not very interested in Trevor! …Don’t let this BS fool ya; this agent has his own best interest in mind, not necessarily the Player’s!

    …Ariza is now going to a SORRY situation in Houston! …I can only wish he pull a Hedo Turkoglu and possibly get out of this losing proposition, created by his cynical agent!

    …Bynum with all of his youth did not allow this Dip Shyt to ruin his Lakers Career! …Kudos for him!

  • What Will Be

    Ok Mr. Lee I guess now Ariza is underappreciated by each and every team in the NBA being he got the MLE???? What a joke you are… It was you who disrespected the Lakers…

  • cjm

    looks like the reason he didn’t go to toronto is because turkelou beat him to it. poor trevor, everyone’s second choice. no one said you have to be smart to play basketball (but it can’t hurt).

  • dom1020

    A simple, “I F*cked Ariza over” would’ve done just fine Mr.Lee.

  • themachinesgotgame

    traitor ariza

  • T-Dub

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

  • marco

    David Lee is such an idiot for making up that excuse of not being wanted and appreciated. Lakers gave him everything and the fans gave him nothing but appreciation and thanks for everything he did for the lakers. David Lee is just mad he made the mistake of messing up ariza’s career, and especially for artest?? he’s a crook and is only gonna bring trouble to the lakers.. i do not agree with this decision at all. lakers won a CHAMPIONSHIP with the team we have now, why would you even consider ripping apart any talent that we had! it was perfect, now its just ruined. thanks mitch, david, fuggers.

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