ESPN: NBA vice president Stu Jackson decided Tuesday that Lakers forward Trevor Ariza would not be penalized further for his hard foul against Trail Blazers guard Rudy Fernandez, but the league was still taking a long look at whether Lamar Odom’s actions merited a suspension under the “leaving the bench” rule.

  • babak

    Odom is most likely going to be suspended… thank god ariza wasn’t. it should have just been a flagarnt foul 1.. if Rudy was able to get up and walk away it would have been a flagarnt foul…

  • Pintu

    I watched the replay but I did not see Lamar leave the bench…he simply stood up if you would like to see the highlight go see it …. he did not get into any altercation..He should not get a suspention

    Highlight of the foul:

  • Anthony

    It was probably worth the flagrant one, but the two was only called because of how Fernandez ended up (which sucked).

    I love how there is zero discussion about Roy and (was it Aldridge?), getting any kind of suspension as they further incited what happened on the court. I understand why they did, just as I understand why Odom would get up and move to Ariza’s aid.

    On another note, I wish Ariza had popped Roy right in the jaw. We’ll be back in April (hopefully with Bynum), to bust their asses.

  • Margo

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    I really did not think it warranted any flagrant foul, because he MADE a play on the ball. That’s the bottom line! As far as Odom, I can’t say, because I did think that Odom walked away from the bench, but ROY is the one that incited the “ruckus” by stepping to Ariza, which also brought with him 2 other players, leaving Ariza there to defend himself, and in front of the LAKERS BENCH! Aldridge actually put his hands on Ariza, so what is to be said about that?

  • Chris Manning

    I could live with a flagrant – whether or not he was playing the ball he did get his head; which warrants a flagrant imo. Flagrant 2 – hell no. Ejection – nope. Suspension, nope.

    However, the Blazers feel they have their self-induced sense of superiority… big mistake. We’ll see you in three weeks.

  • lakers2000



  • LakerLoverCelticsHater

    I am still hurt by last night’s loss. To overcome the grief, I decided to write a poem. Just wanted to share it with The Lakers Nation..

    Oh My Lakers – By LakerLoverCelticsHater

    Oh My Lakers,

    If Dodgers Are The Prince,

    You Are “THE KING” Of LA Nation…

    Oh My Lakers,

    Stronger Than Ever,

    From George Mikan To Kobe “Jelly Bean” Bryant…

    Oh My Lakers,

    You Gave Us The Joy With 3-Peat,

    But How Can We Forget When You Didn’t Make The Post-Season…

    Oh My Lakers,

    Loyal Celebrities At The Games,

    From Leo DiCaprio To Jack Nicholson…

    Oh My Lakers,

    Some Fans Might Dislike You,

    But How Can They Ignore Your Presence…

    Oh My Lakers,

    We Have Purple & Gold In Our Vein,

    But Can’t Stand The Green Playing At The Garden…

    Oh My Lakers,

    The Loss Against The Blazers Was Brutal,

    But I Know You Will Step It Up Against Houston…

    Oh My Lakers,

    What The Fans Would Do,

    Without “THE LAKERS NATION…”