We’ll miss you, Trev. No matter where you go, you’ll always be a Laker for life.

nottobeESPN: The Houston Rockets have answered the defection of Ron Artest to the Los Angeles Lakers by quickly reaching an agreement to sign Trevor Ariza away from L.A.

NBA front-office sources told ESPN.com that Ariza made a verbal commitment Tuesday night to sign a five-year deal with the Rockets on Wednesday — the first day free agents are permitted to sign new contracts — not long after the Lakers and Artest reached terms on a three-year deal worth an estimated $18 million.

ESPN.com’s Chris Sheridan reports that Ariza, according to sources, will receive the Rockets’ full mid-level exception, which is being projected to come in at $5.8 million for next season. If the exception for the 2009-10 season is indeed set at $5.8 million Wednesday when the league announces next season’s salary cap and luxury tax, Ariza’s deal would be worth $33.5 million.

The Rockets shifted their focus away from Orlando Magic restricted free agent Marcin Gortat on Thursday when it became clear that Gortat was on the verge of reaching terms with the Dallas Mavericks and when it became known leaguewide that Ariza was determined to leave his hometown Lakers — in spite of his vital contributions to L.A.’s championship run — because they were unwilling to start his new contract higher than the mid-level exception.

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  • sasha vujabrick

    money whore!! but sad that hes leaving at the same time so we have luke famrar and vujabrick all staying and now ariza is gone?? oh well best of luck!!

  • same-as-last-season


  • Wilt

    Ariza = greed because he leaves his hometown championship team for money. Artest= championship hunger because he takes a pay cut to win a championship. Have fun being on an 8th place team trevor and watching another laker parade! You can spend the extra time getting another tattoo with birdman. A laker for life? He spent less then two years with the lakers and he would have gotten pretty much the same money with the lakers!

  • laker fan who hates flukes

    way to go ariza, you played hardball with mitch kupchek and look what happened. you got the same mid level exception with houston….the same offer L.A. offered you. too bad bad you got greedy in the state of this economy. let’s see how many open shots you get this year without KOBE dishing the ball to you!

  • http://yahoo.com eddiethemonster

    trev damn it y u couldn’t do tha talking insted of ur money hungry bizntch azz agent now ur on a team that won’t make the playoffs here n tha near future fuk trev good luck n sorry azz houston fuk them & u 2 cuz u aint a laker ne more so fuk u 2 u greedy azz bizntch

  • ilikebasketball


    and no yao ming.
    and tracy.

    good luck trying to make the playoffs next year, ariza!

    loved ya while you were here and i’m sad to see you go

    but you bleed green. if houston doesn’t work out, maybe you can go celtics. at least the color’ll be right

  • disgrace

    trevor you got the same money with houston?!?!? you should fire your agent for talking all that nonsense how you were gonna get more than the mid-level but then you didnt… wtf man you could’ve 3-peated and now you won’t win another ring. please fire david lee, what an idiot

  • Lakezilla

    So let me get this straight. This deal with Houston works out to an average of barely over 6 mil a year (5.8 for the first year) and the Lakers offered 5.6mil. I guess that 200-400 grand difference is a lifestyle changer huh. LOL bonehead move. Ariza should’ve fired this Lee idiot. He’s one of the worst agents out there. Have fun being stuck in Houston…..no Yao, no Tracy, no team, no more rings. The Lakers got him off the bench from Orlando, gave him Craig Hodges (one of the greatest shooters of all-time) to work on his shot and an opportunity to play for a championship. Players always b-i-t-c-h and moan about loyalty but it goes both ways. Mitch played this one perfect. He waited too see what the market value was and made the right offer. He learned from his mistakes with Sasha and Luke.

    First, it’s all about the money, now his agent says it’s not about the money. Yeah right, you screwed up.

  • lakers1fan

    Dear Ariza,

    I would give you a two thumbs up if you 1) Would of gone to Cavs for more than the MLE or 2) if Yao and T-Mac were healthy in Houston. But dude, you went to Houston for the same amount of $ L.A. offered you. With a Yao-less & T-Mac-Less houston??? Why? I would love to know? Besides looking for a new home at houston you should also start looking for a NEW AGENT cause David Lee screwed you ova big X. Another thing I wish you the best of luck at houston and hope you get a few more rings there! I would love for the Lakers to play against Houston when the league does the ring presentation next season and now I would like to give you my big middle finger!

  • BringDFishBack

    First lets set some things straight. He ended up signing for the same amount that the Lakers offered him, the MLE. The reason the numbers conflict is that the actual amount of the MLE won’t be set until July 8, but speculation is that it will be between $5.6 and $5.8 million. Also, he wasn’t the money hungry one. He said over and over he wanted to stay in LA because he felt they had something special going, his agent was the one who said the Lakers needed to step up and pay more than the MLE. In the end Ariza was making the final decision and I’m 99% had it turned out to be only offers of the MLE, he would have stayed in LA.

    Now, I (and I hope we all) wish you the best in Houston. You did a fantastic job in LA and were a key part in bringing this franchise back to the top. I can’t blame you for looking for the money, this is a career and sometimes the smart career-wise decision isn’t what will make the fans happy or what is the easy choice. You made a good choice in Houston where there is a good, young core in Brooks, Battier, Scola, and yourself. Hopefully the Rockets can move T-Mac for a pick or 2 and in a few years with the help of some high draft picks and hopefully a healthy Yao, you should be on a contender again. You grew into quite a player here and I hope you can find similar success in Houston.

  • lakerferlife7

    ha good job ariza and ur agent…u wanted to test the lakers and see if theyd fold..well instead of folding they went out and signed a player that does ur job better..ha what a dumbass have fun in shity houston..hope those steers and queers dnt fuck wit u..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha…..DUMBASS

  • http://yahoo chris

    wow ariza is full of crap he just ruiend his chances to win another title now he might see the lakers sweep his team nevermind they might not even make it to the playoffs!!!

  • Russ


    after hearing about Artest, I thought MAYBE…JUST MAYBE, trevor would come to his senses and come back to LA. but i guess he got really hurt that the Lakers are gonna sign Artest

    I can’t believe he’d go to a team that will not have Yao, JUST got rid of their PF, AND has someone already that plays his position (SHANE BATTIER). I mean, come on Trev.

    I think Mitch knew that every team was gonna offer him around the mid-level. Then, when his agent acted stupid and talked crap about mitch to the press, Mitch found Artest and signed him.

    If the lakers really wanted Trev, they wouldn’t have signed Artest. They play practically the same position. Once Trevor found out about Artest, he knew he had to leave LA. That’s the truth.

    Is he really gonna get around 5.8 mil next season??? and we offered him 5.6??? wow. wow. wow. I guess Loyalty doesn’t mean a thing to Ariza.

  • lakerschamps-09

    UMMM IMA MISS ARIZA BUT THAT RIDICICULOUS.. UR GOIN TO A BAD TEAM FOR THE SAME AMOUNT OF MONEY WOW THATS JUS STUPID THO.. IF U GUNA LEAVE FOR THE MONEY LEAST GET FU KIN PAID I MEAN PAID.. WOW it was jus verball maybe he can get out of it n go elsewhere cuz he was one of us i dnt want him to rot in houston.. but if ur in houston kobes gunna out up atleast 50 on ya.. but thx for ur help for helpin gettin us a ship thank u.. but u left us not cool

  • Drake Hunter

    Ariza you and your greedy AZZ can kiss my purple and gold AZZ!!!!! Never turn on the Lakers because the Nation will turn on you. How you’re reality check going for you right now. From Hero to Zero! You left on bad terms. You might as well be wearing Celtic Green! That’s how much I could care less for you! You think you got it bad in Portland? Damn you ain’t seen nothing yet til you visit Staples Center next year wearing that ugly red jersey! Peace Homie, may your career flounder on the bench. At least you’ll have a friend in common when you get to Houston. You and B-Cook can talk about the good old days and how much fun it was playing the Lakers!!!!!!Cry Me A River!!!!!!

  • Lakersfan9

    I dunno about calling him “A Laker for life”, but definitely got to like the dude while he was on the team. Hope things work out well for him and his family. That being said, he forgot that Kupchak plucked him out of obscurity and saved his career, that Kobe got him to work harder, that Craig Hodges taught him how to shoot, and that Phil made him a starter on a championship team. He thought the Lakers owed him, rather than the other way around. His prick agent first says the Lakers offer was too low, then he takes the same offer from a worse team, and now he says they made no offer at all. I’m glad Trevor got his money (and I’m so glad the Lakers got Artest), but I hope he learns his lesson and finds himself a legit agent instead of this douchebag.

  • kb24bestever

    i have a question can the lakers match the offer.

  • Mr. WoodCock

    Check out his twitter page, he just changed his background to the Houston Rockets. I hope everyone is telling him to fire his agent. Maybe he was thinking that he would get more value in Houston cuz of the cost of living?

  • Mr. WoodCock

    Anyone remember when Ariza broke his foot and the Lakers were paying him to sit his azz on the bench all season. Way to repay us buddy!!! Then when he got back, Fluke gave up his starting role to give him a chance to showcase his skills.

    I just don’t understand his reasoning. This is why I believe that if you are not a superstar, you don’t need an agent. He could have done his own negotiating without an agent and got the same deal.

  • Drake Hunter

    “We’ll miss you, Trev. No Matter where you go, you’ll always be a Laker for life.”

    Who writes this crap! I can understand the makers of this website being kind and loyal to players who are unwillingly traded or released from the team, but this guy chose to leave and go in a different direction. He wanted to get paid and he ended up getting paid the same amount the Lakers would have paid!

    He’s not a Laker for life and neither is Caron Butler. During our three championship runs from 2000-2002, we used like 4 different power forwards. AC Green, Horace Grant, Samaki Walker, and Robert Horry. I can understand saying Green and Horry are Lakers for life but not Grant and Walker and they both helped us win championships also. Just cause Ariza played his part for one season during a championship run doesn’t cement him in the hearts of Laker fans as a Laker for life. CARON BUTLER IS ALSO NOT A LAKER FOR LIFE!!!!!


    Let’s not put (ALL) the blame on his agent. Ariza’s agent was just doing his job trying to get his client the best deal but he still needs to run by the numbers to Ariza who does have the final say!!

    If Ariza really wanted to stay and knew he couldn’t get a better offer, he would have taken the MLE. He gambled with the front office and tried to bluff his way into a bigger contract and got screwed. He tried using other teams as bait but the Lakers wouldn’t bite. He never had the upper hand and the sad part is that he didn’t know it. No he’s F-U-C-K-E-D playing for a sorry team! I have no pity for him and HE IS NOT A LAKER FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Harlum

    GREED KILLS…..simple as that , now you are playing on the Clippers of Texas…LMAO ..note to Bynum fire Lee asap…

  • Robert

    OK, here’s how it ‘really’ went down: Ron Artest really wanted to play with the Lakers (has, for years). Ron contacted his buddy Kobe (yes, they’re not enemies – just competitors). Ron also let Lakers management know he would play for the Lakers at any cost. MK (Kup) had to then decide what to do, after free agency day started (June 30/July 1). Buss (and MK) are thinking: ok, we keep Trevor, we have a future power forward. We get Artest NOW, we have a few more championships left. Buss family wants more rings, while Kobe is still in his prime (yes, still in his prime – just needs to rest a little after this 2 year run w/Olympics, 2 Finals, etc.). Need more rings than Celtics (for Lakers), and for Kobe (> MJ).

    So, MK offers Ariza MLE only – gives him a chance to find more $$ elsewhere, if that’s what he wants. Ariza’s idiot manager plays poker w/Buss – can’t beat Buss, he has a royal flush (or, an extra Ace in the pocket = Artest). So, Artest says, “OK, it’s time – I’m going to the Lakers”. This does not give Ariza (or his idiot manager) a chance to ‘think’ about it. Too late. Done deal.

    I think the ‘salary cap’ is bogus, by the way. It’s set up to protect owners, and nobody else. Otherwise, we could have held on
    to Ariza AND gotten Artest. But, that’s life.

    Ariza was a Bruin and a Laker, an LA native, and was part of this ‘special’ team that helped Kobe win it w/o Shaq, win it ‘instead’ of Prince James, and throw 1000 monkeys off his back. Ariza is the poster boy of this year’s championship (well, also w/Kobe), so please give him his props and best wishes as he leaves for Houston (he and Von Wafer will make a great running team!).

    The basketball business (esp. slimy agents, and Stern’s corrupt salary cap guillotine) screwed ‘him’, he didn’t screw us here in LA.

    So long, Trevor. Thanks for the Championship, and have fun in Houston. We’ll see you next year, and cheer for you.

  • Drake Hunter

    I wouldn’t cheer for Ariza if u pointed a gun to my head

  • http://LL.COM race





  • Robert

    I believe that one of the ‘sticking points’ was that Ariza wanted a multi-year contract (i.e., ~5, and not 3). He wanted to stay with the Lakers for a long time, but they wouldn’t go for that. He’s going to do that in Houston.

    Again, it’s not quite as simple as “Ariza pulled a fit” and just demanded more $$. The whole basketball business is a bit more complex (and includes ‘slimy’ agents). Look at what happened with the whole Baron Davis/Elton Brand debacle. It just got ‘fouled up’. (Baron came to LA, and Brand bailed). That’s bound to happen.

    I believe that Ariza would have stayed, but his agent was playing the waiting game. Unfortunately (for him, not us), Artest stepped in and said, “I want to play here, and I’ll play for nothing”. Hard to beat that. Timing is everything.

    Ariza had a higher market value at LA, than (apparently) elsewhere. That’s his agent’s fault.

    Anyway, many here are being too hard on him. Take into account all the confoibles of the basketball business, and his inept agent. I’m sure he wanted to stay, but played a bad Poker hand.

    Then again, you ‘current Ariza haters’ should actually be happy that he did that – now we have Artest.

  • http://yahoo TONY32

    lol Is it ariza talkin or is it his agent MR. Lee? HMMm. Were going to miss you, but all good things come to an end. But not for us we’re prob going to win again maybe you guys in houston could at least get the 8th spot. how about ditchin the agent and staying with the purple and gold where u belong!!!!!!!!

  • Nabil

    I have nothing but love for Trevor. He deserves a standing ovation from the Lakers Nation when the Rockets come into town. Let’s not be a bunch of Jazz fans. Recognize that we don’t really know how things really went down, we only know what the media told us.

    I think when Artest offered to play for the same money that the Lakers had offered Ariza, the Lakers decided to go in that direction and PULL THEIR OFFER TO ARIZA, who was probably at the time being told to hold on and see if another team could offer more then the Lakers (even if to just drive up his price to stay in LA). Can you hate Trevor for that? I can’t.

    Give the guy some appreciation for a good season and a great postseason. Do you really think that with just Luke and Vlad Radd we would have even made the Finals?

    If the Lakers were still offering the same amount to Ariza after deciding to go with Artest, I would be surprised.

  • LifeLongLakerFan

    Huh?? What?? Doesn’t feel appreciated?? What is he talking about?? Anyway Trevor we hardly knew yee. Cya though! Oh well.

  • http://youtube.com/MvpGoesToKobe LakersNewDynasty08

    wow guys stop being jackass’s…this guy was a huggggeeeeeee part to our championship…sure he made the wrong decision and went to houston for the same amount of moneyy but come onnnn nowwww..im really pissed about losing him and picking up artest, ariza was a nice young talented player and we gave him away for a 30 year old bum that has the most overrated offense in the league? did i mention hes selfish..i dont want his ego ruining kobes mentality here and there.so lakers fans…cuss him out as much as u want, but me as a HUGE laker fan as well am gonna give him the benefit of the doubt…ill be laughing when this guy is putting numbers like 20 5 and 5 in houston
    Best of Luck Trev…always loved ya! now go do your thang in houston ma man ill be cheering you on!