trevorL.A. Times: Trevor Ariza is a tough guy to slow down, but it happened Tuesday, during the first moments of our chat, when I told him what I thought about him before he became a Laker.

I thought five years ago, when he left UCLA after just one season there, it was too early, he was not ready, and we would never hear from him again. I thought when he played for three coaches in New York, then became stuck on the bench in Orlando, he would soon disappear altogether. He was traded here for good guys Brian Cook and Maurice Evans. He was averaging 3.3 points and 2.2 rebounds. I thought he was a bust.

Ariza stared at me a second, smiled wide, and patted me on the back.

“Thank you,” he said.

For what?

“Everybody thought that,” he said. “Somebody has finally admitted it.”

Quick, name the signature play of the season.

A Laker chases a ball from midcourt to baseline, leaps ahead of his opponent to save it from going out of bounds, and swats it to a teammate for a layup that becomes a three-point play?

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  • zgum

    keep it up!

  • whats up with pescado

    trevor has become part of the core of lakers you just don’t want to see go, the others are kobe of course, pau, and bynum. i don’t mind seeing anybody else go, but this guy is a keeper, he reminds me a lot of a younger scottie, hard nose defense, can throw it down, and his shot is improving, if we win the championship or championships it will be because of the little intangibles that trevor ariza brings to the court. if you were to ask me who would i want to keep between trevor and LO? i would take trevor in a hearbeat.

  • chaunceyp

    dont even make me decide between trevor and lo. ariza off the bench has turned into a menace for opposing teams, guy can do it all and hes tall and long so he can match up about anyone too.

  • sketch

    love the dude! what a great addition to our team! mitch basically hit a grand slam on this one. he unloaded both cook and evans to get this gem. cook a no D, overrated offense player who hurt us way more than he helped us. and evans, nice player on both sides of the floor, but just too injury prone!

    love ariza’s intensity on defense and his no fear attitude cuttin towards the basket and most importantly…his hustle and his belief that he always has a shot at the ball no matter who’s in front of him. that’s why he’s on my fantasy team. rackin up the steals because of him!

  • xtro

    the new michael cooper!

  • LakersFirst

    Where is the love for Mitch Kupchak making the Ariza trade, or will people give the credit to Jerry West? Mitch has built a strong team.


    WOW what a great article. It is all so true too. He always puts on a show but he lets his game do the talking. And how this guy said when TREVOR throws down his monster ducks he hustly backs down the floor and doesn’t say a word. And that tat story……. wow what a great dude TREVOR is. This article made me have love for this player even more.