trevorTrevor will become the third Laker SF to get a run as a starter this season. He can bring some defensive tenacity to the starting lineup, but will bench production suffer?

Lakers: Prior to L.A.’s win against Houston, Luke Walton approached head coach Phil Jackson with an idea: why not see if L.A.’s flow worked better with Trevor Ariza starting and Walton coming off the bench?

Jackson concurred, and both players were effective in L.A.’s 102-96 win. Ariza scored eight points with six boards, three assists and two steals in 29 minutes, while Walton logged eight points alongside five boards and two assists in 23 minutes.

Jackson said the team would stick with that lineup for the foreseeable future.

  • Magic “Big” Johnson

    Now that is a good team mate. Great call Luke!

  • Margo

    If it’s not broke don’t fix it! Trevor seems to be doing a great job in the starting line up right now, so let’s go with it! Lamar has “proven” what he CAN do when in the starting line up, and so has Luke and Trevor, so let’s go with this as longs as it continues to bring WINS!

  • Paul Garnett

    Ariza is garbage. Pierce will light his a$$ up in the finals, if the Fakers get there.

  • mr.clutch101

    Well, as long as we get the W its all good. Ariza is a hustler, and is more active than Luke–I’m not sure how our bench will do now, but I think Farmar and Sasha really need to step their game up, playoffs are around the corner–THEY BETTER BE READY.

  • kbfan24

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    The Lakers will get there and beat the Cavs, not the Celtics.

  • sketch

    What’s with the concern? Of course it’s better to have the defensive presence in the starting line up. Are we to think that it’s better to have Kobe come off of the bench because we need scoring from the 2nd unit? That’s just ridiculous reasoning! We want LO to come off of the bench before because his offensive skills would be better served on that unit. There’s already Kobe, Pau, Bynum, and Fish…LO’s offensive skills wouldn’t have been missed on the 1st squad and would be a huge boost in the second. So, the way I see it, you need to have as much defensive presence in the 1st unit as you can to stop everyone else’s starting 5!

  • Banzai

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    Remember it is ok to be insecure. Why are you so worried? Are you afraid?

  • LakersFirst

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    Of course the Boston Suckdic fan is afraid. Ariza didn’t really play in in the Finals due to his injury. He doesn’t know the defensive damage that Ariza can do.

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    im not sure about yall, but i like Luke in the starting 5. He spaces the floor nicely and makes quick passes that make it easy for Odom and Gasol especially to score.

    Ariza is a great spark off the bench, and his athtelicism is needed there, for it would go great along with Farmer, Powell, and Vujacic. (possibly Odom when Bynumite comes back)

  • Jason

    I’ve always felt Ariza in the starting lineup was always our best line up. He brings what the first unit needs and that defense, hustle and a good cuter that can receive passes from kobe and pau when they’re comanding double teams. Walton is perfect off the bench because he can run the offense just as good a LO can(which is why he was moved to the 2nd unit). Ariza can score 10+ pts consistently in the starting line up, it’s perfect and something I’ve been waiting for all year. Lakers are making their adjustments for the playoffs right on q.

  • dawg


  • Pb2000

    Okay, once again Luke’s basketball IQ is on display with his call to move to the bench and let Ariza start. As redudant as it sounds it is the truth. With Lamar Odom being forced to start due to Bynum’s injury, it was obvious that the second unit was lacking a playmaker, someone with the knowledge of the triangle to help it run smoothly. As good of a hustler as he is, as good of a defender as he is, Ariza is not someone that helped the second unit with the absence of Odom. Ariza is a slasher and a hustle player.

    With his brilliant call, Luke Walton has been able to stabalize that second unit. This is pure unselfishness and smarts. With Odom’s absence in the second unit, Ariza will play a lot better with the starters. However, I do not think he will be as effective as Luke when Bynum comes back. Luke’s passing skills and overall knowledge of the triangle are the intangibles that makes him a must to the starting lineup.

    The beneficiary of Luke coming off the bench and Ariza starting is not the starting lineup but rather the second unit!!! When Bynum comes back, I believe that our starting 5 should be: Bynum, Gasol, Kobe, Luke, and Fisher.

    Just my humble but rational opinion

  • Pb2000

    >>>Jason, you can bet your bottom two dollars that Ariza will not be starting come playoff time and with the return of Bynum! He doesn’t have the skillset to mesh with the first unit better than Luke. He will make that first unit stagnant. The offense cannot be run through him the way it can be run through Walton.

  • Smush Walton

    Good job Luke!

    By moving yourself to the 2nd string you have helped the starters tremendously. Now how about doing the same thing for the 2nd string by moving yourself to the 3rd string!

  • joseph

    gaysoft, colorado mamba, crynum, odumb and ariza are all garbage too much hype and drama plus all guys are overrated and that includes vujad!ck sorry azz..

    thinking again that the championship is in the bag huh?! fakers, just eat sh!t fools.

    the fakers ain’t sh!t until they dethroned us… hahaha

    the 24pts comeback and the 39pts massacre still lingers huh?!

    banner 18 raise it up!

  • Banzai

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    you are afraid.

  • LakersFirst

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    How’s the curse of Marbury. Averaging 3 ppg and shooting 30%. Good pick up Suckdics. HAHAHA

    Haven’t the Lakers beat the Suckdics TWICE this year, once without Bynum. You know what he comes back, it’s going to be even worse. You and the Suckdic fans realize that right

  • Lker Roger

    luke sucks why dosent he offer to carry phils luggage. Dude if you cant hang get out ask to be traded. You farmar Mobenga and Sasha go get out of here please.

  • LakersFirst

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    HAHAHA – The Suckdics lost to the Bucks. F’n f*ggot losers!!!

  • Lker Roger

    joseph In case you did not know this a Laker forum,
    your a idiot. Celtics are lucky if they even get to the finals

  • Joseph’s dad

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