Ariza registering to UCLA; to remain a Laker this offseason?

    This is good news. Ariza was recently registering at UCLA for classes. Is this a foreshadow for him to remain a Laker? I know we as fans want that! Get better Ariza.

    DailyBreeze: Ariza is going to hit the books again. He was at UCLA the other day arranging for classes.

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    • LakerNation1

      smart man! best of luck trevor

    • king.manu

      i would love to see him in la next year!! hes verry important

    • daboss1848

      Summer Session – no indication of what happens . . .
      Money talks!



    • LakersFirst

      From I’ve read, Ariza has one year (next year) left on his contract paying him $2.9M (he got paid $2.7M this year).

    • Michael_23

      The thing is, NBA players should get their degree cause you never know what will happen. For example Shawn Livingston’s knee. We wont know what happens when he comes back to the court. So as a back up, players get their degrees while their in the NBA.

    • Neo-Laker Era

      [Comment ID #34514 Will Be Quoted Here]

      I agree. I also believe that a player MUST have a degree from a four-year college to be able to play in the NBA. Like a lot of career paths out there, a degree is required. Hell, even to be an executive at Target requires any degree. The college experience is important in the maturation of anyone pursuing a professional career. Way to go Trevor. Keep raising that bar.

      Oh, and, come back soon and 100%!!! :-D

    • MINES

      this is should be laker’s summer: KEEP EVERYBODY

    • west213

      lol the injury bored him so he hit the books…

    • Majic “Big” Johnson

      Once a bruin, always a bruin.. You go Ariza!

      Go Lakers!!

    • Young

      i do think his injury sort of spooked him. he didnt anticipate having to sit this long. im sure all that time spent injured made him wonder if he could play at the same level he previously did…esp for a guy who relies on explosiveness so much. i wouldnt be surprised was trying to get a degree in response to that injury.

    • kevio2000

      Yeah I love the fact that he will be back next year that will take a lot of pressure off of kobes legs and do your thing riz get that degree make momz proud as well as us laker fans!

    • butteryazz

      yo Ariza! pay for my books next quarter!!