HOOPSWORLD: Trevor Ariza just couldn’t get enough. He kept going back for more and more and he looked smooth while on the floor.

Ariza partnered with Ira Newble in a rousing and never ending game of “around the world” against Luke Walton and Sasha Vujacic, and if nothing more than displaying his stroke from beyond the arc while fending off some razzing, Ariza at least showed his once fractured right foot appears healed.

Then again, Ariza won’t know anything for certain until Friday when he’s scheduled for a detailed diagnostic exam, the same day Los Angeles welcomes the New Orleans Hornets to the Staples Center. But the way Ariza glided easily around the perimeter days ago in a pre-game shooting foray with teammates, any sign of the injury that has sidelined the Lakers forward 41 games could be fading fast.

“I feel good. I need to see what’s going on Friday when I take my next test and see where I am. As far as the feeling of my foot, I feel fine,” Ariza told HOOPSWORLD.

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  • roy kim

    we need Ariza’s defense for the playoffs. without him and bynum, lakers may not win out the west and also be able to defeat the heavily rested celtics…

  • http://thelakersnation arevolution24

    We do need Ariza back in the fold. This kid will only make this team that much stronger. He and Kobe can lock down any two players on the floor. When we keep Ariza and Bynum back we will have a more powerful offensive and deffensive team. We will have slashers, shooters, post game, exterior defense and interior defense. But I will rather have both guy’s at 100% then 75% and risk any further injuries. These two guys are part of OUR next great destiny so they have to be healthy and ready to go at 100%. The LAKERS are going to be a great team to come for the next five to seven years. and one last thing THE FRANCHISE HAS MADE THE PLAYOFFS IN 55 OUT OF THE 60 YEARS WE HAVE BEEN IN THE LEAGUE.WWWOOOOWWW

  • http://myspace.com/hzm hZm

    Trev is sure to make a great impact come Playoff time. (If healthy, even playing at 75%)

  • Keep Odom

    I agree 1000% with AREVOLUTION24. I defenitely dont want Ariza or Bynum to have Grant Hill type careers. I rather them have A. Stoudamire like careers. Especially Bynum.

  • lakerz

    i miss you Ariza!


    Magnum T.A. IS IN THE HOUSE! Just rush yourself back,just come back.

  • http://letsgolakers.com Mr.81

    Maybe some good news?!

  • Geloman

    Looks likes Ariza is still healing and has not been cleared to practice:


    Looks like Lakers will be going into the playoffs without their 2 best defenders next to Kobe.

  • http://swishtheball.net Billy Kupchak

    look lakersnation, i gave you my e-mail so why haven’t you enailed my password yet

  • http://www.americanidolslive.net American Idol

    Thank you for your help!