Ariza ready to go for game 6

    More great news from Ariza…

    DailyNews: I definitely feel like I can play, but it’s not really my decision,” Ariza said. “It’s a good feeling. I just want to come in and play if I get a chance and see what happens.” Ariza proclaimed himself healthy but said he wasn’t sure where his conditioning was and wouldn’t really know until he played in a game.

    My foot feels fine,” Ariza said. “I don’t feel any pain.” Asked if Ariza would play today in Game 6 in Salt Lake, Jackson said, “probably not.” But Ariza could be back soon enough.

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    • Thuggishdeer

      freaking PHIL!!!!!!! let him

    • vida8

      Now that sounds good….

    • RD

      conditioning might be a factor. if he can get back into shape, play him…. ALOT!

    • Banzai

      Why would Phil play Ariza? When Phil has an opportunity most often he says NO lol

    • laketown

      i guess farmars dad (newble) won’t be seeing action any time soon.

    • lak4life

      Well, its not Andrew but will take em

    • Paul

      When I read this post I said………OH SHI- YES! And then I felt butterflies, no homo.

      But yeah dude that would be sick.

    • BringDFishBack

      Is he dressed for the game? I didn’t think he would be but when they did that wired thing w/ what PJ said in the lockerroom he was sitting there with b-ball shorts on and no shirt, so I am not sure if he was dressing for tonight?

    • Mamba2410

      I think that Phil should activate Ariza for tonight if there is a possibility for a blowout, so that way he (Ariza) can get some rust off, but he doesn’t have to drive through the lane, just get him used to playing some on-ball defense, then when he’s ready, let him get used to slashing and driving to the rim and dunking on guards, fowards and big men. He should get used to doing all of that in 1 1/2 week-2 weeks. Remember, getting off all of the rust from not playing for like 3-4 months is not as easy than getting caught up in your schoolwork and getting back to your school brain after missing a month or so, not even including projects or reports or anything like that, wouldn’t all of you students at any grade in school agree?

    • jay

      NEXT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

    • http://Yahoo Jcritt

      Do you guys think ariza will get some playing time over LUke?