L.A. Times: The Lakers looked a bit flat Friday night against the Dallas Mavericks, as if they needed to be energized.

Forward Trevor Ariza gave the Lakers the jolt they needed, his boost of energy helping them pull out a 114-107 victory over the Mavericks at Staples Center.

Ariza had a season high in points (15) and field goals made (seven). He took only 12 shots, and had five rebounds, three assists, one blocked shot and one steal.

“I guess I’ll start with the fact that he made a lot of tough shots tonight, which really isn’t something we rely on him to do,” Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said. “But he was able to get the ball in the lane, make the tough shots after he got the ball in the spot where he could convert. He made a number of open shots that were important to us to have at that time of the game.”

Ariza took all of his shots in the second half.

He entered the third quarter with 9:48 left for Vladimir Radmanovic and never left the game.

The Lakers trailed by 12 points when Ariza went to work.

His put-back dunk and a layup got the Lakers started.

“I just took the shots that were open,” Ariza said. “They were playing off me and I was open and I was shooting.”

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    And the important thing is is that he is showing consistency.


    Scottie Pippen part 2?

  • http://myspace.com/sonicussj Whatsa

    I freakin love Ariza..

    But.. he’s only playing good cause it’s his contract-ending year lol, like Lamar Odom. I bet once we give him another contract/extension, he won’t be as good. ALTHOUGH, I do want him to stay consistent..

    It’s just business though, if you got your money, you can care less how you perform until your last year.

    Look at Luke and Sasha. :P

  • sketch

    WTF!!!! come on ariza, how can you miss that absolute gimme underneath the rim last night? then you go ahead and make that crazy circus shot in the key. LOL!!!

    hey, is it me or is ariza falling down on every play? i love his energy and anticipation for the play. he gets so many steals for the minutes that he plays man. keep that $hit up ariza, i need your production on fantasy team!



  • ignard

    What was Orlando thinking???