Lakers will need to step up and pay Ariza to keep him here. Will Lamar, who has already been paid, take the paycut to keep this team together? Tough decisions lie ahead.

Press Enterprise: Trevor Ariza’s agent David Lee said Monday that the Lakers won’t receive a hometown discount from his client.

Lee declined to reveal how much of a raise Ariza will seek when he becomes an unrestricted free agent, but he said his client should make him the most coveted wing player on the market.

Among the teams Lee expects to pursue Ariza are Detroit, Portland and Toronto.

“It’s a question of how committed the Lakers are to competing again,” Lee said. “If everyone else stood still, you could see what happens when a piece is missing, but the reality is teams out there are positioning themselves to be competitive. When other teams are getting better, you can’t afford to rest on your laurels.”

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    Looks like Ariza is on his way out.

    Re-sign Lamar and go after a defensive specialist through trade or free agency.

  • Sean All Ivy

    Shawn Marion would be a good pick up if we lose Trevor

  • imfasterthanur

    I hate the business side of basketball =(

  • real_talk


    IF we Do lose ARIZA which i think we are…..we need an ARTEST, Marion, or maybe Turkoglu!

  • dominoeffect

    dynasty over!

    Ariza…GET >>>>>>>Artest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dragon

    Well cause money is important too when you make millions you always want more. If it were you probably do the same you can’t just turn down money. Especially in this economy if they pay you that much you would take it. I think Kobe should take a pay cut he already made his money he got all the money he needs to take care of his fione wife keeping that booty fresh and the kids happy. But if we lose Trevor is not the end of the world we still have a great team all we need is pick up some pieces here and there we can still do this again next year.

  • RJ

    Come on ariza the fans in L.A. love u and you got a ring and money do u need more money, i know deep down u want to stay with lakers
    we wont want to lose a key player who helped win the championship

  • Raphael Rossellini

    Doesn’t Lee also represent Bynum? If so, he was pressuring the Lakers before and the Lakers gave in. But then again, Bynum never hit the open market.

    I wouldn’t be TOO worried because agents always try to overvalue their clients and when they do it, sometimes it scares away everyone, which may help the Lakers in this case.

  • MANDoe

    if its like that f u c k him get artest if they gonna go top doller get some one that can create there own shot

  • Michael

    I really don’t think The Lakers will get Ariza, or Shannon Brown. Both will get big offers from another team. Both did great under Phil Jackson, and both had Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, and Lamar Odom so we’ll see how they do at another team.

    Odom, he’s a possibility, He stated before that he’d take a pay cut, but that was before the ring. He’ll get big money and a starting position on any other team. but who knows with Odom, if he doesn’t care about money, he’d stay.

    But come on, its a business, they should go to the team that will pay them the most. wouldn’t you?

    I’m one of the people who believes that Adam Morrison will be a factor next season at small forward. I loved watching him in college, and I hope he can learn how to defend in the NBA

  • lakerschamps-09

    ok fine if ariza wants to leave that suks big time.. fu k that tho damn man.. yall gready mofos

  • LakersFirst

    My guess (and it’s only a guess) is that Ariza wants Tayshaun Prince-like money (slightly less). Tayshaun Prince was awarded a 5 year $49M contract before the 2005-06 season, so I’m thinking Ariza will want something similar. I’m thinking Ariza wants $9M to $10M per year for at least 5 years.

  • sketch

    I hope that signing Ariza will still be a priority for the Lakers, but it just may not happen. And if for some reason Ariza slips through the Lakers finger tips, I hope that the bad news in Houston with Yao will prompt either Artest or Battier to leave that Hell Hole in the desert!

    Go Lakers!!!! Make the right decisions and the right deals!!!!!!!!!!!!! Continue the Dynasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr. WoodCock

    No one knew who this guy was when he was playing in New York and Orlando. He didn’t get any real exposure until he joined the Lakers. I don’t think he will have the same performance on a different system/team.

    Another example was Brown. KB never heard of him until he joined the Lakers. These guys will be bums on other teams. I understand it’s a business, but I think it’s their greedy agents, not the players. I think all players should use the NBAPA (no commission) and dump their agents if they want to save some money.

    There are a number of good veteran free agents that would play for less, especially if they get a chance to win a ring…

  • Mr. WoodCock

    One more thing… look at Tyronn Lue. He got a lot of exposure during the playoffs and finals and teams wanted to pay him max $$$. Look at him now… he’s a bum. He’s not even playing or getting any minutes.

  • YellowPurpleFever

    Another douche bag agent talking. Ariza will come to senses when Mitch gives him the numbers around 7-8 mil/year, totaling
    38-40 mil/5years. LO will get 45-50 mil/5years. Brown will get about 3mil/year or 10mil/3years. Kobe can extends to 100 mil/5years.
    PJ should also take a pay cut 8-10 mil/year.
    I still think Dr.Buss over paid for Andrew.
    If worse scenerio, there’s also Artest or Battier.
    These guys are proven warriors. I’d love to see Artest in Yellow.

  • matthew

    i believe its his agent that firmly believes that ariza should be paid alot of money.

  • ilkin

    Guys this Agent is the same guy that represents Andrew Bynum, and last year he was talking about how bynum wants a max deal and everything but acouple days later bynum says that it does not have to be max, so all im saying is that this guy kind of a really pushy type agent and he lies so i think its fine.

  • Mr. WoodCock

    There’s no loyalty in sports. His agent doesn’t care that we’re well over the luxury tax threshold. If the Lakers pay him $6m, they are actually paying him $12m because of the luxury tax issues. I don’t believe he is worth anything over $7m.

    Don’t over pay this guy like they did with Bynum. They pulled the trigger too soon with Bynum. They should have waited and matched other offers.

    If he leaves, I hope he goes to Toronto where he can freeze his nutts off in the winter. Toronto has not made the playoffs in the past few years.

  • jonathan

    [Comment ID #77553 Will Be Quoted Here]
    This is just agent rhetoric, trying to raise Trevor’s value.

  • garret

    this is a ploy by the agent in order to get the Lakers to overpay and virtually bid against themselves in order to keep Ariza instead of keeping him at his actual market value

  • FarmarAllStar

    Don’t worry guys there’s no way Ariza is going anywhere. Agents are suppose to do this. When you negotiate you have to high ball and the organization has to low ball and meet in the middle. So both look good in the end like they gave up something.

  • jonathan

    [Comment ID #77586 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Finally someone actually thinking! David Lee is just doing his job, and blustering is part of his job. He only has 2 people who have him as their agent in the NBA those 2 players are Andrew Bynum, and Trevor Ariza. Its pretty simple, David Lee needs to put food on the table for himself!

  • basketbolista

    that agent is such a gold digger!!!!!
    i think he will ask the lakers 60-65 million for 5 yrs deal.
    look what he ask to lakers for them to get bynum.

  • basketbolista

    if the lakers can’t sign ariza it’s now the time of morrison to show up and also sun. haha.

  • dawg


  • Rich

    Ariza is not going to be that good without Kobe and Pau. If anybody has noticed all of his threes were wide open because teams were collapsing on those two. I think other teams should keep that in mind before they overpay for him, unless they are just signing him to take him away from the Lakers.

  • Ariza

    LIke seriously, he should stya, but if he getsl ike a lucrative deal, who wouldnt want to get traded??? but still ariza would be foolish to leave lakers he could get another chamion ship and get bonuses………..ARiaz is juss anotha greedy niga , remember bynum??? he siad he didnt care about paycheck, juss wanted to be a laker, and he ened up wit 80 mil 5ys…….dats juss fkced up….bynum suxxx cus hes incosostent, def doesnt deserve all dat $$$

  • What will be…

    I kind of thought this may happen, that it would come down to keeping Ariza or Odom. Artest anyone? Would Ariza want to come off the bench if Artest comes to town? Maybe not… Again, since Kidd and Kobe play well together, and Ariza prices himself off the squad… ARTEST + KIDD – Odom – Ariza = upgrade

  • What will be…

    [Comment ID #77576 Will Be Quoted Here]

    If they could get Battier it would have to come in a trade and I would be all for that in a second… But it would be tough to pull off since no one wants to help the Lakers, but Farmar and maybe Luke for Battier would be Jackpot gold too…

  • tj

    That would be an insane line-up

    Kidd, Kobe, Artest, Pau, Bynum. With D. Fish off the bench…

  • Myself

    I blame the agents, they get all up in the players ear and tell them that they may never get a big money contract and the player starts listening and that’s it.

  • T-Dub

    I’m sorry but Im not sold on Ariza. Still very inconsistant and unproven. I’d rather re-sign Odom, and go after Marion or Artest or Villanueva with the MLE( which is all I would give Ariza). Ariza has not earned more than the MLE! Then try to get a vet pg for the league minimum.

  • Young Im

    i hate bynum and arizas agent… hes just a greedy bastard that wants to juice the lakers out of as much money as he can. he should burn in hell for the bogus deal we got for bynum and what hes doing right now with ariza!

  • Big Dick Nick

    Anymore than 5 to 6 mil a year for LO or ARiza is stupid. Mitch is known to over pay average players. Both are easily replaceable. Now that Yau is out Houston is done. Artest maybe will take less to get a ring you could realistically let Lo and trevor go if we got him. Just need a better big than Mbenga to back up Bynum.

  • xtro

    Greed is not good. Get Artest. Adios Trevor.

  • p a

    Love TA. For his hustle, demeanor and team concept BUT he ain’t that good nor irreplaceable as his agent make him sound. Let him try to play for another team and system. Just remember Turiaf, Fish and Madsen when they left the LA fold. The big money goes first to LO.

  • e-bucher

    damn you david lee…stick to playing bball in ny…he punk’d us with ab now he’s trying to do the same w/ ariza…

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #77604 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Well you also said that this very same Laker team wasn’t going to win the championship, so your GM skills aren’t very good.

  • lakers101


    SIGN ARTEST+KIDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 007

    man i hope ariza stays. i really liked him on the lakers. but i agree that his agent is only saying this to get max $$$ for his client. i mean think about it… this story was just released yesterday!!! and today (at 9:01pm PST) is when he becomes a free agent! ariza will stay because let’s face it, LA is where he became someone and got his first ring and its his hometown. on the flipside, i agree that ariza is replaceable. he got all of those open 3’s and was able to slash to the basket because everyone pays more attention to Kobe and Pau (and maybe LO). his defense is what we would need to replace because he was able to let kobe conserve his energy on the defensive end by guarding other’s team perimeter players. but really… ARIZA STAY!

  • 007

    ANNNNDDD… the only reason i bought tickets to the USA minicamp game was to see Ariza! i better not be going to that game knowing he’s going to another team and not the lakers next season.

  • Sean All Ivy

    [Comment ID #77600 Will Be Quoted Here]

    With Kidd and D-Fish sharing minutes at point we would get lit up by all the good point guards. Kidd is good and I love D-Fish but they both have slowed down on D considerably. Any quick point guard would tear us up.

  • RoWyN

    ariza and lakers on the same page… but somebody forgot to give ariza’s manager the memo.

    Ball is on ariza’s court. I think lakers should offer most they can and let ariza decide. If his agent insists no, its on ariza to fire his agent or not.

  • what will be

    not if they re-sign S.Brown, he plays good D, and should get better a year in the D… Also with that line up, it would have to be a pretty great PG, to drive to the basket, and they’re not that many good PG’s is the league…

  • will

    Those basketball agents make a percentage of the player’s salaries they negotiate… So it’s in the agent’s best interest to persuade Ariza to go to another team since it means more money for the agent

  • Geloman

    I’m not sure how willing other teams are in offering Ariza a large contract based on his potential and age. There’s no guarantee he’ll play well elsewhere once he gets paid. I think, in this economy, teams will only shell out big bucks for guaranteed all-star caliber type performances every night, not on potential for the next couple of years.

    Look what happened to Ronnie. The Warriors offer him a hefty contract and ended up playing very limited minutes.

  • Anthony

    I think Ariza and Odom will be back with the Lakers this season.

    This is surely agent talk (it’s his job, or did some of you guys forget that?), but it’s partly true. Ariza is very young and an amazing player. He deserves to get paid does he not? I’d say 8 million is worth it. I mean we’re paying players like Sasha and Luke plenty for what? (well maybe not Luke all the time, but Sasha should have been pro-bono.)

  • ilikebasketball

    no respect for ARIZA F THAT PIECE OF CRAP!!!
    now even if he resigns he’s a laker but he ain’t no laker like odom or kobe or fisher.

    what a whore.

  • ilikebasketball

    DAMN I’M PISSED!!!!!



  • Al The Laker fan you should meet

    dont trip Ariza will return…Sum Laker fans will SH!t themselves if it start raining…sheesh calm down.

  • Sean All Ivy

    [Comment ID #77630 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Didn’t you watch the Houston series? A sub par point guard drove to the basket at will.

  • Drake Hunter

    F’him….if he wants to get greedy and get paid and demand a ridiculous amount like $8 million a year in this economy, he can go somewhere else. Get Artest Get Artest Get Artest…..everyone say it with me, I know Kobe sure as H-e-l-l wouldn’t mind and we all know Arest has wanted to play for the Lakers for the last 2 years!!!!! spread the word!!!!!!!!!