Hoopsworld informs us Ariza is looking in the 8 million dollar range… how does this affect us and possibly resigning both Ariza and Odom?

Hoopsworld: Trevor’s’ camp is said to be looking for a deal in the $8 to $9 million per season range, which in and of itself may price Lamar Odom out of the Lakers’ budget, as Ariza is considered the most important player to retain this summer.

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    Im not saying that he dint earn ever penny of 8-9 million per year. But I mean damn these guys know that we our owner likes to stay under the lux tax he can go to other teams and make more but will he be as good.

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    Bye. Have fun with the Pistons.

    Re-sign Odom and sign Artest or Mario for the MLE.

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    What is his current annual salary?

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    Anything more than 5 million is overpaying for Ariza. I’d rather sign Artest or Marion with the MLE instead of overpaying Ariza.

  • kobe4ever

    he is not an 8-9 mil player, ship his @$$ out.

  • Lakezilla

    You guys are crazy. Ariza is worth it. He was our best three point shooter this year, go figure. His defense, athleticism, determination and hustle every game, makes him worth it. Plus, now he can shoot. We don’t advance past Denver without his 2 critical steals in crunch time. The Lakers aren’t stupid. They saw the same thing and it has been reported that he’s our priority, which he should be. He’s young and is only going to get better.

    Everybody keeps saying we should keep LO instead, lol. That disappearing act, please. He vanishes more times than he shows up and I’m sick and tired of that attitude. All i keep hearing is, he’s a walking mismatch…..yeah when he shows up and u don’t know when that’s going to be. It sucks when you have a player and can’t depend on him because of his mentality. Plus, he’s older anyway so if the Lakers have to chose one, they’ll go with youth……just like they did with Kobe over Shaq.

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    Dont let the door hit you in the ass Ariza. He worth no more than 6mil, and thats stretching it.

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    yup go for odom and artest if he not willing to make a deal with us fuck him let um walk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! atleast artest will get his own shots getartest.com a true lock down defender

  • dan

    of course he asks for $8-9 mil, but he doesnt expect to actually get that much

    gotta start the negotiations high, work from there

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    ariza was a big part of the championship! odom only showed up a few games in the finals; with that being said..they both are not above the team! we will see which one really wants to be a team/laker player or move on to the scrub teams who are willing to pay for a previous winner!! artest has to be the choice to replace one of them; because who ever leaves of the two (odom or ariza), the team still improves with artest in the fold!!!

  • LakersFirst

    Now I’m not saying that Ariza is worth $8M -$9M per year, but for those of you who have said he isn’t worth that much – remember Ariza is a starter on a championship team, who do you think the Lakers can REALISTICALLY get to replace Ariza????

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    I’d say Ariza is worth that much, but if the Lakers DO give him that much, then he has to continue to play like he did, and even better. I don’t want him to take the money and play like garbage. Dude was hittin’ a better percentage behind the arc than our true outside shooters.

  • Sopi

    Greedy biiiitchs
    with that kind of money i rather sign artest

  • Mike N

    Dear Trevior,
    You have turned Into a great young player that only 3 years ago nobody wantted.You came home to LA and you fit In nicely and won a Championship.Keep In mind winning Is still the key,whats the difference between 5million now or 6 million.You are very young and could sign a 3year $15million deal now,and still not be In your prime. We want you to stay,but we are not going to wreak our pay structure to keep you.Remember you are the 3rd option here,which means no pressure. Sign and get It over and enjoy your summer.

  • dawg

    OH NO :(

  • Edward

    Ariza is not worth that much. He is a key ingredient to our championship and without him we’d be hurting. With that said, don’t call Ariza greedy. EVERY NBA player will do this. Turiaf did this, but every athlete has to look out for themselves and their families formost. If he’s greedy for wanting financial security that he CAN get, then you could say the same about anyone asking for a pay raise… if he gets it good for him. I hope he stays, and maybe Kobe takes a paycut.

  • eric1lakers

    ok first of all ariza is great defender and has a great attitude but hes a 4th or 5th otion when bynum develops..at 6 mill ok mid level but 9 is way too much for a role player that gets wide ooen shots via gasol or kobe and he cant really create his own shot ..hes a product of the tringle offence if he leave to detroit he wont [get wide open 3’s but hes gotta make his money hes young .

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    I think all players should fire their agents. Its all their faults anyway. you really can’t get mad at Trevor. Remember last year when Bynum said he’s willing to take a pay cut? But instead he got a raise to $56mil? and it was allll his agent doin that talkin.

  • wookie

    I don’t understand something. Ariza said that he loves LA and he can stand even for less money. I don’t imagine him in other teams. I wanna se him back in lakers jersey!!!

  • Ariza 4 THREE!

    I think the $8-$9 mill per year figure quoted was a way of saying to the other 29 teams “I want to stay a Laker, but this is what it takes for me to leave”.

  • Getrasheed.com

    Ariza is garbage if he thinks he is worth that much. We should sign Artest and let Ariza walk. I hope he has fun in Toronto with Chris Bosh.

  • Vibe

    Luke, sasha and now him…PLZ!!!

  • Jayswun57

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    He was great from behind the arc in the post-season. But, lets get real for a second. He’s not a 8-9 million dollar player. He’s still got some flaws in his game.

    Ball-handling (needs lost of work)

    He can hit the open 3, yes, but when someone is running at him or is within 2 feet of him, he tends to brick the shot.

    At times, he can be an offensive liability. I mean, when he isn’t hitting, he goes for about 2-15 from the field.


    His plus side is that he’s a great defender.

    He’s knows when to jump into the passing lane and get the steal.

    He’ll work hard, as he has shown this past season (but who knows what’ll happen next season? Many players work their asses during a contract ending season)

  • what will be

    Ariza is nothing more than a great role player, since Kobe, Pau, and Bynum, are always double team’d hell Kobe has 3 guys on him a lot of the time, and kicks it out to Ariza for the wide open 3… however Artest can fill Ariza’s role in a easy way… Thing is I don’t see any team giving Ariza the kind of money he is seeking, but if you ask me who is more important Odom or Ariza,,,It’s Ariza… I still think it would be best to let Ariza and Odom go, and bring in Kidd and Artest, and re-sign S. Brown… But it looks like NY and Dallas want Kidd… But remember if Bynum goes down again next season, Ariza would become very important to keep…

  • RJ

    If we lose Ariza we drop a step down on repeating unless we sign a star player

  • garret

    8-9 million is a little over how much he’s worth. I would say he is about 6-7 mill

  • soysuace24

    I really hope we can get both odom n ariza back. and if it comes to choose ariza or odom, i;ll pick ODOM because, hes long n now he can shoot threes like crazy. but again i want them both back odom and ariza :D

  • RJ

    ARIZA 4 THREE said “I want to stay a Laker, but this is what it takes for me to leave”.
    Hes not a lakers fan, hes a ariza fan ARIZA 4 THREE your not a true fan

  • Jimmy

    Ariza is very important, but come on guys! Lamar is definitely worth more at this point because of the match ups both on offense and defense. I’d say offer Ariza $5-6M a year and if he goes then so be it… some other team just signed our 5th best player (Yes, because I’m implying that Bynum is more important) to big bucks.

  • Drake Hunter

    Ariza is worth double of what he makes now. James Posey makes $5,585,000 – Petrius makes $5,300,000. Like I said when the season ended, I wouldn’t pay Ariza more than what any of these guys are making. I would go as high as $6 million and that’s it. If Ariza wants $8-$9 million, goodbye and have a nice career somewhere else. Please remember before this year, Ariza was an average player, and just only recently stepped up his play towards the end of the year and into the playoffs. Yes he means alot to us but you know what, we can get Artest for the mid level exception of $5 million and I’ll take that and at 29 years old, falls in line with Kobe, Gasol, and Odom, who are our core players!!!!….Ariza if you’re reading this I hope you’ll understand, there are players out there that we can replace you with that will be cheaper and don’t even think we couldn’t win a championship with Artest or Shawn Marion because those are the guys we’d go after if you don’t oblige with your demands. I only heard Kobe say Lamar is going to be back for sure anyways. To be honest, Artest would be an upgrade and he’s cheaper. Let’s just hope you make the right decision. Remember Vujabric playing in his contract year, he doesn’t deserve that $5 million now. He doesn’t even deserve $3 million. The Lakers won’t over pay for Ariza if they don’t have to!!!

  • lainok

    ariza will re-sign with the lakers for $6-6.5 mill. And he earned it. Without him, who know what would have happened this year? but he needs to look out for himself. If he starts his bid to low, then he is missing out. If he starts it at 8-9, then he knows it going to be bargained down, but to a price that he is still really happy with and he was hoping for realistically anyways. and if lamar has to take 1-2 mil less to keep both of them on, then he will. because he’s just that cool.

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    wow.. literaly no middle ground.. either you say he is worth it.. or like me you say 8-9 million?.. if he is serious.. if his camp is serious.. let him walk.. if someone will pay him 8-9 mil.. thats good for him.. resign lamar.. at least he seems like he was going to be realistic.. and go for artest or marion.. can you imagine we get artest or marion and get to keep lamar.. that would be irony.. all the trade talks the last couple years has been should we trade him for artest or marion.. lol

  • J

    If he’s a real team player, he’d take a paycut to get LO in LA. Ariza makes the Lakers a really really good team, LO puts LA over the top. Ariza’s 2 steals in Denver were caused by Odom’s long arms distracting.

    Jerry Buss might not dish out as much cash (or he might if he wins the WSOP) to keep the team intact. He didn’t in 2004 when he signed Kobe to a 7 year contract, and traded away Shaq instead of paying his old a s s $30+M.


  • LakeShowFan

    Ariza was big time in the playoffs but remember this…he was getting WIDE open 3 point attempts with the Kobe & Pau double teams. Ariza would be a slightly above average player on a team without stars around him. He is a complimentary player. You can always find a defensive minded wing player who can hit the WIDE open 3, espescially at the full mid level exception. Ariza is not worth 8mil plus…no way

  • kwame4mvp

    I love Ariza but this is scary, remember what happened when we gave big money for a good playoff performance? *cough cough* sasha..

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    SIGN ODOM……………..++ARTEST!!!

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    man ariza said it is lock that he would stay but not 4 that much ariza noes that he loves his hometown and wants 2 stay so stop being fukn greedy & let u & l.o. stay n la & win some more rings please


    Most of you guys are dumb saying stuff like have fun in detroit or just any negative shi t that you guys are saying. Did you all not watch last season and what he did for us in the POST SEASON??????? I know that 9mil. is a lot but we just won a championship with these groups of guys. I say do whatever we need to do to keep this team a championship team. We won it this year (which I think about everyday on how great this feeling is) but we are not done. We still have more left in us. And with all that said at the end of the day it is up to MITCH. He built this CHAMPIONSHIP team and he is not going to let this team break.

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    every1 sayn 2 sign artest r u people fukn crazy or what we don’t need a tickin time bomb n r locker room he could explode at ne time r young team don’t need that and ne wayz he don’t deserve a ring so fuk him ill take the matrixs better he is a team player

  • basketbolista

    if he wants 8-9 million don’t sign him let the other teams sign him.
    we will see if he will be to continue to be a good player with other teams.
    to ariza: remember you’re just a mess in your last few years with the other teams. without kobe and phil you won’t be a good player now.

  • Fred A.

    I would sign him to 2year/14mill contract and if he continues to produces lik he is been doing and get even better then move it to the 8 to 9 million dollar range for his next contract.

  • Tess

    Happy Birthday Trevor!

    May all your dreams and wishes come true!

  • Drake Hunter

    8 to 9 million is way too much to pay for a defensive minded wing player who only compliments the core guys the Lakers already have. Trevor needs the Lakers more than they need him and he needs to understand that. If he signs with someone else, he’ll fall off the map. I can understand Ariza being in the same situation as Ronny Turiaf was. They are both looking for their first big payday and Turiaf did what he had to do. I’m sure he’s not as happy playing with Goldenstate as he was with the Lakers and he’s not putting up as good a numbers with Goldenstate as he was with the Lakers.

    The choices you make dictate the life you lead. Sometimes in life in order to be happy, you have to make sacrifices. Is 2 or 3 million really going to make a difference. I can understand if this is the last contract he signs as a professional but it isn’t. Ariza isn’t even in his prime yet. He plays out 4 more years with the Lakers and then when he’s 28 or 29, he’ll get one more big contract ala Hedo Turkoglu! Sometimes you gotta gamble in life. If he stays with the Lakers and continues putting up big numbers and continues to be a big part of the Lakers success, his next contract will justify it. If he takes a 5 year deal with Detroit who is rebuilding and they suffer and his production is down, his next contract will be worse.

    It’s all in your hands. All I can say is Artest for the mid-level exception if you don’t decide to return and I’ll still be happy and Artest is in his prime and a savy vet! The choice is yours!!!!!