More good injury news; if there is such a thing. This time it’s an Ariza update… Trevor Ariza shot free throws Tuesday at practice, just a small step in his recovery from a fractured right foot. Ariza has missed the past 35 games and is not sure when he might return. His goal is to play before the playoffs begin in mid-April.

“Everything is going well, except that the bottom of my foot. That’s where the bone is still chipped,” he said. “We’re trying to get this healed. Once that’s healed, we’re in motion.”

Ariza, who had become a regular off the bench for the Lakers as a good defender and slasher to the basket, has been working on the treadmill.

“I don’t feel any pain,” he said.

  • bhglakers16

    “bone still chipped”
    isn’t good news.

    At all


    That’s what I’m talkin”bout! MAGNUM T.A. don’t rush,take your time. GRANTHILL’,his other nickname is “LOCKDOWN”!!!

  • lakerz

    hope hes here for the playoffs.

  • sepehr

    I think he will have a huge impact on the team when he comes back. His defense is much better than Luke and he can drive and slash which luke could not do.

  • Mr.81


  • kevin

    good!!!!!! were gonna need his d for the playoffs. dont forget what he did to grant hill on christmas

  • hernando valenzuela

    it will be hard to decide who will start at small foreward in the layofs
    and where is ira, his 10 day contrat is almost over