Doesn’t sound too good from his agent.

Press Enterprise: Trevor Ariza’s agent emerged from a lengthy phone conversation with Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak on Wednesday afternoon convinced that the team isn’t as interested in re-signing his client as it claims to be.

“I had a long conversation with Mitch, and I don’t think it’s going anywhere,” agent David Lee said. “I think I’m being optimistic when I say it’s not going anywhere.”

Lee said Kupchak did not make a contract offer, nor were salary parameters discussed in the ballpark of what he believes Ariza deserves. Ariza already has “several” firm offers from other teams, according to Lee, and will begin speaking with opposing coaches on Thursday.

Asked if he could envision Ariza accepting a deal from another team without speaking to the Lakers again, Lee said, “Yes, we have no choice. That’s the position they’ve put us in.”

  • Eternal

    This doesn’t sound good at all. =(

  • 007

    well wth does that mean

  • Banzai

    I don’t understand why Mitch would not want to resign Ariza? He was such a big part in the Lakers winning a Championship. He hit key 3 pointers against the Magic. Is Mitch more focused on Odom? Or is Arizas agent just being a drama queen trying to raise Arizas value?

  • lakers2009champions

    Fuck David Lee!!

  • Drake Hunter

    Ron Artest….Ron Artest!!!!!

  • lakaluva

    First of all, Lee is asking way too much for Ariza, and no other team will meet the offer Lee wants for himself and Ariza as well. Odom is the piece that must be signed. Ariza can be replaced in a heartbeat… for much cheaper.

  • 2EZ

    I Think Ariza’s Agent David Lee has alot to be blamed for the way things are turning out..lakers letting Ariza blosom as a player, giving him a starting position . Then his agent sayin no home discount and demanding all that money too much for only one good season.. I love Ariza but things not looking so good

  • kobeftw

    i doubt artest would take a pay cut to come here…

  • Purple and Godl for Life

    First off everyone needs to Chill the F out! Has anyone ever been part of a business negotiation? This is how it goes. Hasn’t everyone noticed how there are these so-called high offers for Ariza but his agent won’t say what thos offers are. Now, as a Mitch should do he is trying to probably feel out to Ariza’s agent to find out how much those offers are for so he can get an idea of Ariza’s market value. This is not a game this is a business and Mitch’s main interest is the Lakers organization. If Ariza wants to go elsewhere then let him. No team that can afford him will win a championship. The Lakers could just sign LO and Artest much less than Ariza and call it a day. Let’s not blame Mitch for giving in. We have blamed him for doing just that with Luke and Sasha so let’s take it easy on the guy. He got us a ring the least we could do is show some faith the guy. Are we to believe everything Ariza’s agent says? His opinion is biased.

  • what will be

    This means maybe, just maybe, Kobe has been talking to Artest, and wants him to join the squad…Kobe talk to Jason Kidd while you’re at it…

  • BringDFishBack

    Don’t put too much thought into this. If you take a look at the other sports news that site puts up, it’s almost all facts, none of it is rumors. That means 2 things. First, they don’t have experience in rumors so they really do not know what is reliable and what is not. Second, they were probably just trying to make a splash with “breaking news” even though it’s entirely possible the entire thing was made up (not necessarily by them, but by the source they got it from). The quotes from his agent are pretty bland, and this was not posted on any other website.

  • BringDFishBack

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    While I agree with almost everything you said, even if Ariza does have other firm offers as he said (not saying I believe it, but its definitely possible), he obviously isn’t going to say what they are. That’s how it always work. That way the Lakers have to try to guess how much they are for and possibly over bid. Also, if it’s from a team they know Trevor has little interest in playing for, they won’t take it too seriously. However, I think his agent contradicted himself when he said he’d start talking with opposing coaches on Thursday. What team is going to make a high offer to a player (he said it was firm, so it must be fairly high because he said he is looking for a lot of money) when they haven’t even met with the coach of their team? A coach is going to have to know how they will fit in their system before any firm offer is made. Not buying this for a second.

  • lakers1fan

    What happen to “Ariza’s agent: “He bleeds Purple and Gold”

    Ariza loves L.A. And while it is a business, Trevor bleeds purple and gold.

    O.C. Register: “If Trevor falls down and bruises his knee, he bleeds purple and gold,” said Ariza’s agent, David Lee said Tuesday morning.

    I confused?!

  • k1on

    david lee is an idiot, mitch kupchak wants ariza, if he didn’t want him, why did he trade for a then 12th man from the magic and let him blossom into a wing defender and three-point shooter.David Lee needs to get his head checked

  • BringDFishBack

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    He also wasn’t going to cost the Lakers $15-$20 mil a season when they traded for him.

  • Sean All Ivy

    [Comment ID #77891 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I mos def agree. We got to trust that Mitch will make the best decision for the Lake Show. If that means not breaking the bank on Ariza then so be it.

    Also this agent is overselling his hand big time. I love Trevor and I think he fits our team and system very well but if he leaves just for more money he’ll find out real quick that his numbers from last year are much harder to put up without Pau and Kobe on the floor with him.

  • eddiethemonster

    man will all u people talkin about artest 2 lakers stop 4 a min & think with ur laker pride we don’t need a tickin time bomb n r locker room & ne wayz kobe doesent even like tha guy so who do u want 2 make happy artest or kobe I rest my case

  • BringDFishBack

    [Comment ID #77899 Will Be Quoted Here]

    [Comment ID #77899 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Why does everyone want to see him fail if he goes to another team? He was a fantastic player here and if he chooses to leave, so be it. The Lakers are in a position where they can’t pay him the money he deserves (they obviously want him back, so the only reason he’d leave is if the Lakers couldn’t give him the money). I wish him nothing but the best and hopes he continues to grow into a great player.

  • 123kid

    pretty much business is a game of who cracks first. just like buying a car, you want the opposing parties to fall for your offer. obviously lee is tryna get the most as possible for ariza and that also includes his cut. on another note, the market for this season is on shakey grounds and a lot of teams are lookin for bargain moves to put their teams over the top. only a few teams have enough to sign ariza and other free agents, but it just comes down to who gives that extra penny or dollar. but F*CK LEE!

  • lakaluva

    Ariza will be lucky to get a Sasha deal in this market…lol

  • what will be

    [Comment ID #77900 Will Be Quoted Here]

    man I’ll make this real simple for you…Think PJ and Rodman… PJ knows how to coach free spirts…he just does. And Grant Hill with Artest would be a good combo…

  • Mitch4Pres

    F UCK. if we cant get trev back then go after artest

  • eddiethemonster

    so if u think we should get artest & g hill who we gonna get ride of keep the team like it is we won a ring with this team so y break it up

  • BringDFishBack

    [Comment ID #77905 Will Be Quoted Here]

    And where do you suggest they get the money to sign not only one of those guys, but both? You don’t know what you’re talking about so please just shut up.

  • eddiethemonster

    fuk artest ill take tha matrixs instead if we can’t get ariza

  • Sean All Ivy

    If Marion can hit the open 3s that he’ll get in our system (Which he usually does) I think his legnth and D would be a great match for us. I think Artest can bring a lot too as long as he doesn’t try to create offense because when he does he tends to take very bad or contested shots.

  • Diggah_dalakerfan

    wtf????? Mitch dont blow it….please dont blow it!

  • T-Dub

    let Ariza’s a$$ walk. He had a good finals series, be his A$$ disappeared in the the other playoff series. He’s OVERRATED! Has no Handle, No midrange game , can’t create his own shot. His claim to fame was hitting open 3’s against the Magic. He can’t even guard one on one, gets his steals from playing the passing lanes. He’s not worth more than 4yrs…20mil. We’d be better off with Marion or Artest and resigning Odom.

  • garret

    Seems like the agent is just blowing smoke and trying to put more pressure on Mitch.

  • Drake Hunter

    Do you know how many players would love to switch places with Trevor Ariza right now? I can assure you if this guy threatens to go somewhere else because he feels the Lakers aren’t paying him his fair share, the Lakers will move out of his way and let him walk. Remember he got paid just to sit on the bench 2 seasons ago because he broke his foot. He’s had one good season with the Lakers. You cannot break the bank for a player who may be a one hit wonder. I would take Shane Battier, Artest, Posey, or Petrius to replace Ariza in the lineup and we’d still win! Again all those players are great defenders but I put Artest higher than all of them because he’s proven himself in the league. I wouldn’t pay Ariza more than Artest or Battier. If he wants more than $6 million, let him walk. Artest and Kobe are boys no matter what happened in the playoffs. Artest is also flamboyant and has a swagger and we lost that when Shaq left. If Ariza and his agent drag this on much longer, the Lakers should look else where because the Lakers have the upper hand and I’m sure Mitch Kupchak knows that!

  • Freshh

    Yeah we’ll see what other teams what to pay 9 mil ballpark for a role player.

  • Mr. WoodCock

    Lee needs to put the crack pipe down cuz whatever he’s smoking I want some. Dude is asking for $8-9m/season. Ariza is only worth $5-6m/yr. If Ariza wants to save some money, he should fire his agent, who would take a chunk of his $$$ from commissions. With Ariza’s greedy agent, they will never come to an agreement. What’s scary is that Detroit just picked up Gordon & Villanueva and they still have a $hit load of $$$ left, cuz they are still under the cap.

    Honestly, there is not much of a difference from $6-8m. Would you rather play in LA for $6m or go to a team that won’t make the playoffs and freeze your azz off for $8m? Just ask Fisher, who took a $3m pay cut to leave Utah and join the Lakers.

    This may be a reason why the Lakers are quietly talking to other veteran free agents. We need a backup plan. KB needs to help us do some recruiting. Get on the phone and start calling some of your buddies.

  • LakeShowFan

    People stop panicking! This is merely ‘agent-speak’ – especially when he’s already gone on record saying his client wants to stay there. Trevor probably very well does want to stay, but all that his agent caused by stating that very obvious fact was lessen his own clients bargaining position. Not very smart, this guy is definitely no ‘super-agent’. Anyways, this is about the only way that he can gain enough leverage for the Lakers to raise their offer, as we all know they have 2 main free-agents to sign, one of which deserves a raise (Trevor) and the other will need to take a slight pay-cut (Lamar). Each one wants as much of the pie as they can get. Not re-signing both (and Shannon Brown too!) would hurt, especially Trevor because of his age. But when client and agent have already stated how much he’d like to stay with a team, this is only merely ‘damage-control’ for agent to employ to get team to raise their offer!

  • aquilan

    Isn’t David Lee Bynum’s agent also? If so, that f ucker is doing the same thing he did during negotiations for Bynum’s new contract. He uses the media as leverage a lot and blows off a lot of smoke to put pressure on Mitch. Maybe he really sucks at negotiating that he feels he has to resort to these tactics to get a hold of the negotiations. The period to negotiate has only started yesterday, and already its going nowhere? Give me a break.

  • Pistol Pete

    Need to think present and also into the future. Ron Ron can be fun experiment and maybe win a ring but I would rather see Trev grow wit this team and in five years be a stellar combo with AB. Regardless, it is silly when he plays the disrepect card with regards to how mitch treated him and agent. Cmom Trev don’t mess with the karma.

  • Anon

    I’m pretty sure a team would sign Ariza just to make the Lakers weaker with under the table negotiations between diff. teams.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Man, f*ck Ariza’s agent. Let Ariza do the talking. This niggas out here talkin’ out his ass.

  • Demoney2291

    Ariza wants more than t mid-level hmmmm Villanueva averaged 16.2 points and 6.7 rebounds per game last season and is gtting 5 mil from Detroit . Ariza had a nice playoff finals but averaged 9pts a game nd he is looking for more yeah i say let him walk and sign with Clevland then when they do not win the title next year watch Bron and Shaq walk and leave him there . Ariza was a nice fit to the puzzle but dont think for a minute he was the puzzle . if he walks dont think for a minute that there want be more proven players ready to tak the mid , so Mr Ariza and Mr Lee go ahead and find you more money and i will bet you that what ever team you land with will be trying to trade you next year because ou want have Kobe ad Pau to playoff to put up your numbers .

  • Pistol Pete

    looks like Ron Ron going to play with king james.
    Oh shiiiiiiiiiiit.

  • Laker fan 323

    If anybody on TLN thinks that a team will grant Trevor Ariza “$9 Million a year” is CRAZY!! He’s not Hedo Turkoglu!!

    And have you guys forgot about Shawn Marion and J-KIDD???

    (Amar’e.. do it Mitch!!)

    L_O coming off the bench.. WOW!!

  • Taylor

    It looks like Reez is outta here. Sign and trade Lamar for AMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Taylor

    If u look at Trevors stats, they arent that good for that much money. Also Trevor was awful on all the other teams he played for, so he might play bad on another team

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    Uh we are not gonna be the same team without this guy. He’s the biggest hustler on the team, hate to lose him. If we do…and mitch uve saved us b4 do it again…theres no choice we need to sign a HUGE free agent deal this summer.

    Pay the luxury we won the champ. Stop playing poker Buss!!!

  • Anon

    Don’t worry we got Adam Morrison LOL.

  • 949Mike

    Jul 1st, 2009 at 8:10 pm
    let Ariza’s a$$ walk. He had a good finals series, be his A$$ disappeared in the the other playoff series. He’s OVERRATED! Has no Handle, No midrange game , can’t create his own shot. His claim to fame was hitting open 3’s against the Magic. He can’t even guard one on one, gets his steals from playing the passing lanes. He’s not worth more than 4yrs…20mil. We’d be better off with Marion or Artest and resigning Odom.

    I agree!!

  • Demoney2291

    My bad Villnuevea got 4 years @ 40 mil averaged twice the numbers as ariza get a grip dude

  • Mr. WoodCock

    Whoever says to add Stat is nutts. Dude is schedule to make $16m this season and $18m next season. Our goal is to try to cut costs, NOT the other way around. We can probably sign LO for around $7-9m. We are already way above the cap space and we would be paying players double the salary because of the luxury tax situation.

    This is not the Olympics where you can pick 5 of the best players and throw them on a team. Save that for the fantasy league.

  • demoney2291

    late here in Atlanta 5 years 40 mil

  • Roscoe

    [Comment ID #77900 Will Be Quoted Here]

    fucken idiot.

  • BringDFishBack

    Here’s a positive sign:

    Bynum and Ariza share the same agent, David Lee. When the Lakers were working on an extension for Bynum, Lee said “discussions with the Lakers were ‘few and not significant. I just don’t get it,’ he said. ‘I do not understand certain things that happen. Andrew has taken everything the Lakers have thrown at him, including criticism. He doesn’t do anything to respond other than go on the court. He just goes on with his business.’”

    Bynum and Ariza are Lee’s only 2 big name guys, so he doesn’t have much of a track record. However, we can learn a lot from how he handled the Bynum situation. First of all, he wanted a max contract for Bynum, which didn’t happen. Second, he criticized the Lakers in their efforts and acted insulted, but in the end the deal still got done. Lets hope the same will happen with Ariza.

  • BringDFishBack

    [Comment ID #77928 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Fish’s stats don’t look too good either, but there’s a lot more to the game than stats. Ariza hit clutch 3s and played outstanding defense. Also, he didn’t get much of an opportunity on other teams, nor did he have a 3 point shot. Sure he won’t get the looks he got here on a bad team, but most of the other teams he’s looking at are contenders.

  • Russ

    yeah, Ariza’s agent must be crazy to think that teams are gonna offer him 9 mil a season

    Ariza thinks he’s that good?? does he not remember he was NOTHING before the Lakers??

    no one even knew this guy before he wore purple and gold

    the guy needs to understand how LUCKY he is. he’s playing in him hometown, he has a chance to get more rings.

    Yeah, i admit, the Lakers should bite the bullet and just pay him a little more, but Ariza has to understand they can’t do that right now. He should wait a year or two and then get a big money contract

    trust me, players do this. they go sign with another team because they want the big money. and look where that gets them

    EX: Ronny leaving LA for Golden State?
    Baron Davis leaving GS for Clippers?
    Elton Brand leaving Clippers for 6ers?

    I think all three of those players regret that decision now. COME ON ARIZA. BE SMART ABOUT THIS. YOU KNOW U CANT WIN A TITLE IN PORTLAND, HOUSTON, or the CLIPPERS.

    is money really worth it???

  • BringDFishBack

    [Comment ID #77938 Will Be Quoted Here]

    The dude is 24 right now, he’s got plenty of time to win. He has to get a big contract while he can. This is a business first and foremost.

  • demoney2291

    Te deal with Andrew got done basically because Drew told My Lee to shut up and g the deal done he wasnt going no where , Lee will play it out in the media which is what he does but other teams are offering you the Mid same as the Lakers ut ou are insulted , thats a slap in the face to him , if he finds some one that is willing to give him 8-9 mil more power to him ,its just hard to imagine him getting that from any one but hey you never know . truth of the matter is we will still be just fine without him as long as we sign LO we are good anthere are other players available to fill that void so its all good

  • mike

    This is Ariza’s agent trying to create a ruckus to get fans(like us) to pressure the front office into paying more money to Ariza.

    By saying Ariza has multiple offers in hand, he is trying to increase the demand for Ariza and also raise the price for him.

    Until there is word from the Lakers confirming a stall in contract talks, or another team publicly offers Ariza, there is nothing to worry about.

  • dawg




  • Mr. WoodCock

    per ESPN… looks like the Lakers are only willing to offer him the mid level $5.5m, but he wants $8-9m. Cleveland already contacted him, but they are only offering the mid level, so that wouldn’t make any sense to leave. The only teams that can offer him the $$$ he wants are Portland, Toronto, and Detroit cuz they are below the cap.

    Looks like the Lakers are holding onto LO. I hope his agent is more reasonable. This means the Lakers will go after a veteran free agent that will accept the mid-level. If this happens and we can sign LO for cheap, we could also sign Brown.

    Our total payroll is going to probably be around $93-95m this season.

    Current payroll $77m

    resign LO $8-9m
    FA $5.5m
    Brown $2-3m

  • BringDFishBack

    [Comment ID #77941 Will Be Quoted Here]

    If that is indeed what happened (Lee bluffed, Bynum told him to shut up and get it done), it’s still good news. That means that Lee has been doing this without consulting Ariza and this is just him talking. Bottom line is I highly doubt Ariza will sign somewhere else for the same amount of money. This is his home, he said he feels in place here, and he has a chance to win, it just wouldn’t make sense. I also don’t think the Lakers will stick to this offer though, I think he’ll end up signing with the Lakers for $7-$8 mil per over 3-4 years.

  • BringDFishBack

    Also, his agent is clearly lying. The midlevel offer is supposedly an insult, yet of all the other teams supposedly interested only 2 can offer more than the midlevel, Portland and Toronto. Now he said he already had several firm offers, which must be above the midlevel if that’s an insult, and even Portland and Toronto made offers above that already, 2 is stretching the word several. However, Portland has been focusing entirely on Hedo so I can confidently say they have not made an offer to Ariza. Toronto may have, although it’s doubtful because they were never associated with him, but either way 1 team isn’t several.

  • RJ

    where the fuck is everyine getting a sign lakers gonna sign artest you think kobe gonna play with him they got in mini fight and he wants alot of money so he cant come to lakers u guys r dumb