fans.jpgFans – Zambezi Ink is shooting a video to be played on the big video screen during a Lakers game that highlights team’s biggest fans. We are casting for this video now and have already shot some celebrities talking about why they love the Lakers, how they became fans, etc.

If you’re interested in being part of this video, send us a photo of yourself along with a description of why you are the biggest Lakers fan to:

This is not a joke…some people from this forum will be chosen to be a part of the video…so if you’re interested and you are in the LA area


  • left

    Does out in the IE count as the LA area?

  • MILO

    left, im sure it does because the Lakers have mad love all over the world, thanks to Kobe ofcourse!!!Even in Boston where the Lakers are supposed to be the bigest rivals, i cant wait for Kobe to go and dominate on KG and the rest of them…

  • Faith

    The biggest fan imo…is that guy/gal out of the country, that can only watch like 1 game a week…and it was from a tape of a game 2 weeks before. That’s hardcore! lol. Of course the passion, the investment and all that.


    I am the biggest fan at 635lbs. beat that!!!!