The Playoffs have arrived. With that, we take a look at what unites a Nation of Laker fans. Welcome to our new home. Laker Nation!

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    Great video

    • LifeLongLakerFan


      • LifeLongLakerFan

        Damn, skippy i’m a Laker

    • dave24

      fantastic as always guys– the site is great too…now let’s suck it up and get through this series!

  • Lukas

    Wow. That made my morning

  • Christian


  • Anonymous

    Oh man you guys gave me quite the scare this morning. I was all “wth is up with TLN? I hope it isn’t hacked or something.” The link was going to a search that said it couldn’t find the website for like 20 minutes even typing in the link manually. But then all was well, I got through, watched the video, and felt the love!


  • LC09

    great video!!! awesome job n ill get used to laker nation from tln lol…i am a LAKER!!!!

  • LudaChris_PauLw24

    That was awesome

  • ♥SINdee♥

    I’m a LAKER!!

    Awesome video..woohoo LAKER NATION!!

  • Joshua Herrington

    This new format should be EASY to get used to. I love it! Great video, guys. Great work on the page. This will be a great playoffs!

  • bbz62

    LakerNation is Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeling this vid. soild

  • bbz62


  • LakerLiker

    Awesome job guys. I like the new look and name. LakerNation baby! Keep up of the great work! I’m a Laker for sure! Wait since its a singular now does this imply I like lakes too? Never mind. Loving the new look and feel. Your design team ROCKS!

    Kam I met you a while ago at the T-Mobile James Worthy meet and greet and you are one of he nicest guys. You never broke your smile. It was nice meeting you.

    Go Lakers! Let’s bounce back on Wednesday!

  • Daboss1848

    Could use some better looking girls in the video. Those are all skanked out!!

  • Anonymous

    I am a Laker.

  • APAR814


  • Justinjohnson88 Jj

    Agree with the video LA is the BEST LETS GO 3peat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dominic bracalente j.r.

    3peat we are hear again push it as hard as u can!!! 3peat 3peat 3peat

  • xtro

    hope we can pull a houston rockets 2004. never underestimate the heart of a champion

  • kenneth jenkins

    we can win 4 game because the lakers are true champions lets go 3peat

    • MPSewell

      Not only can you not win game 4, you guys couldn’t even lose with class. What a disgusting, pathetic franchise.

  • Marky

    When we win this series….

  • Nickcbrooks

    @3e938a5b7e41447248425c7f17550e9a:disqus How can you call them a disgusting franchise when they won the championship 2 years in a row? It was just stress that brought this around. Phil Jacksons retirement probably added to the stress. This is the second time since this has happened since they got Phil Jackson, the first time since 1990. Your just upset that your team didn’t go to the finals 3 years in a row, and the playoffs 4. Screw you and your team. Lakers all the way!

  • Scervantez81

    lakers needid rest we all saw that  la will be bak but with more hunger  see u soon mr howard

  • Fanstephanie

    I love the Lakers.  You win some, you lose some, that’s the nature of the game.  You all did good and you still have it.  I would like to say to those who feel we did not win the championship because we are not good that part of the problem was the fans booing the team during the first game at home against the Mavericks.    After you strip the team down like that, how do you expect them to win for you.   If you are a Laker fan, then be a fan through the good and the bad!!!!!!  There is always next year.  Go Lakers, I love you!  

  • lakerfanfrom+63


  • Anonymous

    we need to make changes. D Howard and CP3.

  • Lilmannyfresh4X

    i think the lakers should get D Howard and  raymond felton

  • rondo

    Kobe’s replacement!