O.C. Register: Here’s what the Lakers were talking about – even before they went and won in Oklahoma City:

1. The last time they won in Detroit was 2002.

2. The Pistons dealt the Lakers their first loss of the season back in November.

So have no doubt that the Lakers will be motivated Thursday night in The Palace of Auburn Hills. The thing is, the odd two-man combo of big Rasheed Wallace outside and little Allen Iverson inside that devastated the Lakers back at Staples Center will be entirely missing this time because of injuries. Richard Hamilton probably won’t play either.

So given that this game will be a rare chance to see Pau Gasol go head-to-head against Kwame Brown, this should be a third victory in three outings for the Lakers on this seven-game trip.

And here’s what the Lakers really need to start talking about amongst themselves:

No NBA team has ever gone 7-0 on a road trip.

Do you hear me, Kobe Bryant? How’s that for a little something to pour into your fuel tank for an ultimate challenge?

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  • Matt from Dallas

    wow thts pretty cool, lets hope the lakers can do

  • imfasterthanur

    I had no idea that no team has accomplished this. I’m guessing the 92′ Bulls never had 7 road continuous games?

  • imfasterthanur

    **continuous road games

  • Sean All Ivy

    I think the bulls always have a really long road trip at the beginning of the year because the circus comes to town but my friend who is a huge bulls fan told me that they never get through it unscathed. Lets do this Lake Show! 7-0!

  • lainok

    I have a better stat. I went 3 1/2 months into the future and read an artilce about how the lakers went 16-0 in the playoffs to win the championship. crazy,huh?!


    This roadtrip is consisting of mediocre teams that we should finish off and rest our starters. The Lake Show comes into every game thinking it’s a win and this late into the season most of the teams that we are going to be playing have a mainly injured starting lineup so it shouldn’t be a worry for the Lakers. If we get our bench playing like the beginning of the season then we will demolish any obsticle and basically not lose the rest of the way. Let’s get it done.

  • Tolga

    Does it really matter?

    This would be cool if it happens, but really, who cares? My guess is that many legendary teams didn’t have the opportunity to achieve the feat.

    Impressive? Sure. Meaningful? Not at all. We all know what matters, and we’ve got a little bit of time to kill till we get there…hence journalism like this. Next.

  • Dave

    “Who cares?” People reading and posting like us?

    You might was well say, “I disagree so strongly that I refuse to acknowledge or even comment, not including of course, this comment.”

  • kev

    Lakers definetly have a shot but remember even though the hawks lost against spurs with no dunncan that doesnt mean they will play the same against lakers its like when lakers lose to the bobcats that doesnt mean they gonna lose against thunder, anyways i do think lakers will go 7-0 but those games doesnt bother me now denver portland and spurs are the ones who should be worried about

  • Coooooop

    Best Road team ever? Come on. they are a nice rode team just like Boston tore it up in the regular season last year as the best road team, but as it shows the regular season doest count too much. the playoff is where it matters, the best road team i think i ever seen was 1995 Houston Rockets as a 6 seed in the playoffs with no homecourt in any series and won it all. Now thats something i dont think we will ever see again. thats impressive.