Playing bad is coming at the wrong time right now.

O.C. Register: The Lakers either don’t care enough or aren’t good enough to stop other teams from making their stretch-run statements against them.

The San Antonio Spurs gave themselves a confidence boost Sunday at Staples Center with a 100-81 victory over the defending NBA champion Lakers, who might draw the Spurs in a first-round playoff series.

The Oklahoma City Thunder seized a similar opportunity nine days earlier, routing the Lakers to fuel the belief that they can beat the Lakers in a potential first-round playoff.

“Huge win for us to stay where we’re at,” said Tim Duncan, whose Spurs team came in percentage points ahead of Portland for seventh place in the West.

San Antonio was further motivated by its home loss to the Lakers on March 24, when Duncan looked non-threatening and shot 2 for 11 from the field despite the Lakers then missing Andrew Bynum, too.

On Sunday, Duncan offered a reminder he’s not done yet with 19 points and 11 rebounds through three quarters as the Spurs took a 67-59 lead into the final period.

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  • lostinla

    if the lakers don`t win a championship in the next 3 years ,bryant should return those millons buss wasted on him………..

    • trufan24

      wow some fan…it takes a team not one guy…

    • airkobe

      buss did not pay because of the trophy, maybe the second loves to see bryant so as long as kobe made it to the play off every year, he will earn back those millions, and if you don't want to give buss those money back by watching live on staple, you can stay at your home and watch the game live for free…

  • Robert

    Don't know if they're ready, but I do know this: if they think they were exhausted last year (remember when Kobe expressed this at the end of the Finals?), wait until this year's playoffs! They're going to be stretched to the limit. They will have to play MUCH HARDER this year than last year – the competition is bigger, and the rest of the NBA is hip to the Lakers playing style. So they have to come up with MORE EFFORT, or some other piece of magic to overcome their opponents. Good Luck Lakers! Time to 'get busy', or else you may 'go fishing'. (I think Kobe and Ron-Ron have a few more technicals in the bank before the playoffs. They should use them and start making a statement NOW).

  • BJ

    “Are The Lakers Ready?” ONE ANSWER…..HELL NO!!!!!! All the pieces are there…but mentally they are not! Complete breakdowns on defense and slow offensive sets are killing us. Not sure if Kobe is HURT or trying to save his body for a playoff run…hard to admit but his shooting and offensive decision making has been outright ATROCIOUS lately!!! The bench has been non-existent for 2 months! Pau and Bynum still do NOT play with balls for at least 50 percent of a game! Don't get me wrong….I BLEED PURPLE AND GOLD and I think they'll reach the finals!!! But we better be hoping for Orlando or Boston (not likely) cuz Cleveland's gonna kill us in 5 or 6 games.

  • airkobe
    i miss this kobe bryant it looks like a ballhog but if this is the only way for them to come back i'll be fine. but I know it will never happen again.

    • KindSir

      Ah man, seeing Kobe absolutely destroy Nash with that dunk makes me sad :'( I wish he could still do that. Oh to have a healthy Kobe again :'(((((((

  • lkaokbeer2010

    dont know…is it just me or the lakers cant just wait for the playoffs to start?
    like odom has said around 3 weeks ago, they playin a lil sloppy cuz the guys are lookin forward to the playoffs
    and kobe doesnt isnt showing the sense of urgency…
    we barely beat the wizards around 2 weeks ago, kobe said he's happy where they at right now, he said he has seen enough, he has seen what he wanted to see
    maybe these last games they not givin it all…cuz they just regular season games
    all that matters are the playoffs and finals, we one win away from clinching west anyways
    come on guys, kobe wont let us get embarassed

  • airkobe


    none of the issues here. but who do you think has more entertaining on this part. who is more magic alike? who has more wows?