Now that Greg Oden is likely done for the season, will the Blazers make a drastic trade? Sound-off in the comments and let us know what you think!

HOOPSWORLD.COM: How about trading for Jermaine O’Neal? Dude’s rumored to be on the trading block, and he even has ties to Portland since the Blazers were the organization that drafted him.

If O’Neal is a little bit too big of a fish to fry, how about veteran players like P.J. Brown or even Charles Oakley who’s once again looking for NBA work?

  • Lakers724

    WOW! I…I ca-…I can’t believe it! JO to Blazers, imagine that!! Oh I hope they don’t get him, otherwize…the Lakers will have a hard time playing ‘em. Also Kobe may be a little more…oh heck, he’ll be WAY more mad if he goes to Blazers!!!!!! So plz god…don’t let JO go to Blazers…let him go to Lakers for Bynum, Kwame, Farmar, Cook & Lakers 1st round…PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WeWantJO

    Oh God HELL NO!!!

    When is the trade deadline anyway?

  • rpouncy14

    I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

  • foxxy


  • ab4sure

    It could happen…Blazers get Oneal to work with the young players and learn their system while the following year he plays mostly PF with Oden. For all you JO lovers I am sure you would not like to see this.

  • fatty

    Blazers just got rid of Randolph and took on Francis contract to make it happen. Why would they now take on JO’s huge contract with Oden being out for just a year?

    To salary match Indy, Blazers would have to give half their team. Many of their young core, that they want to build with. Why would Indy want their high priced lousy contracts of Miles etc…?

    Also consider, now that Oden is out, the Fans wont mind another lousy year, especially if it gets them a high lottery pick. Can you say Mayo? Jo coming in, might make them just good enough to be out of the lottery.

  • lakerfan81

    The Idea behind rebuilding is too get young talent and cap space so that you have money to fill in needs, maybe sign a big free agent and extend contract for you young players when the time comes. Trading for JO does not do any of those things. So it would be a stupid move. A pointless move.

  • ab4sure

    first of all you don’t exactly want all young also want exp. players such as JO…and he isn’t exactly old…28…you can also extend contracts to your young players for any price, your not restricted by the cap. Answer this question 81..Would you like a frontline of Oden and Oneal…playing with Brandon Roy..ROY???

    Fatty..same question to you…they would be giving up Aldridge, LaFrentz, and maybe Webster…they could work out something without giving up their whole team..LaFrentz contract is off the books in two years..not bad..

    As far as them wanting to get in the lottery again..your right that is possible but uncertain as well…this trade is at least sensible and possible…don’t forget they do still have a billionaire many times over in Portland.

  • ab4sure

    I know many would not want this trade simply because it means the lakers don’t get JO…but see it from Portlands or Indiana’s viewpoint.

  • lakerfan81

    Actually at this point in time if I am the Blazers I would rather have Aldridge than JO. Hes cheaper, younger and does not have the injury history. Also if you add JO does that make you a contender? No. So it really does not accomplish anything. Personally I wait a year or two, develop the talent I have, then make a trade or a splash in FA for a veteran that can take the young core I have to the next level. And make them contenders.

  • ab4sure

    81, Would you like a frontline of Oden and Oneal with rookie of the year Roy????

  • lakerfan81

    Yeah that would be a good front line but I still think it is too early to be trading away Aldridge. I think it is a better bet to develop your young talent then make a trade or pick up a veteran via FA too take the team to the next level. Putting O’neill on a team that is clearly rebuilding and is still a 3 or 4 years away from contending will not make him happy and having your highest played player not happy is not a good Idea (look at the lakers, or Utah Kerilenko is not happy and now they are going to have to figure out something to do about him).

  • fatty

    Why would Indy want Lafrentz?(24.5 mil for two years) He’s way over paid and has two years left on contract.

    You didn’t answer Randolph. They dumped him to make room for Aldridge and were willing to pay Francis’ huge contract to accomplish that.

    Bringing in Jo would be back tracking on that plan. It just doesn’t make sense. They have gotten their team salary down to manageable levels again, per owners orders. Why take on a huge JO salary, when this season is a wash.

    They need to follow the example of Spurs, who lost Robinson for a year to the Navy, and then get a great pick in the draft the following year.

    Is this discussion based on the hoopsworld speculation or are their other articles? just curious

  • ab4sure

    that is acceptable reasoning I think…I think they might still be interested in exploring a trade.

  • ab4sure

    I didn’t answer Randolph??? you never asked me about Randolph..we all know they wanted to get rid of Randolph(bad influence and not worth the risk) There is a big difference between Randolph and JO…who would you want??? Besides…there getting 20 mil in JO and getting rid of LaFrentz(12 mil and he is not worth the price)INdy would want LaFrentz because they are getting rid of 63 mil and taking in LaFrentz 24 mil close to 40 mil savings. Indy would like that…Portland wouldn’t mind with the billionaire owner. They can still sign there own players for anything they want. Remember JO is only 28 so their plan is still in place. As far as the draft next year….you never can be sure what you get in the draft or where you will be picking…You didn’t answer my question…Would you like a frontline of Oden, JO, with ROY Brandon Roy running the team???

  • ab4sure

    fatty, just this article on this site.

  • fatty

    I just dont see how this is following the plan of the owner to get the team salary down and rebuilding the team with youth. As it was said earlier, a team rebuilding needs to gel 1st, see what there needs are, before acquiring expensive vet contracts.

    The Portland owners have tried ‘spend the big bucks’ thought before and now wanted to start over again. JO doesn’t make sense with that new philosophy.

    Indy would have to benefit. As we know with us, Indy is not happy with our offers. Why would they want Lafrentz as a player? Not to mention a 24.5 mil obligation when Kwame has less than 9 mil obligation.

    Randolph? Was the main reasoning point of my post. Its part of the plan of dumping salaries, which is why Jo doesn’t fit Portlands current plan.

    Oden JO = a good front line but is costly (salaries and players)

    Oden Aldridge = a good line, (cost 19 mil less, and you still keep the young core)

    Thanks for bringing up the discussion. As you know we don’t have a lot to talk about here.

  • ab4sure

    Giving up LaFrentz, and taking in JO costs you in terms of money…8 mil for the next 2 years..20-12.. and they get JO while giving up Aldridge. If I am Portland, would I do it??? I don’t know…but I would have to consider it because losing Oden this year is a big loss and it would bring a little present day hope to their organization. Also having a young veteran would be good for their very young team and make them competitive and grow faster. Then when you add Oden the following year they can take another big leap in the conference. One reason the Bobcats got Jrich and traded Brandan Wright was for these very same ideas. The idea of getting Oneal is at the very least something that should be considered.

  • BEC

    Wont happen. The ONLY thing that matters is JO has said himself and been quoted that he didnt want to be a part of a rebuilding team. Case closed.

  • Shaq786

    Thanks BEC… there is no way portlan who is just barely coming out of rebuilding is doing that… absolute ridiculous article… I didn’t belive it for one sec

    and if i was portland i woudnlt trade L. Aldridge… he has a major upside.. J.O. is on his way down, but still has a lot of game in him