This is a great article on Lamar Odom. I highly suggest you read it! THE HAPPIEST Laker is the one whose father was addicted to heroin, whose mother died of colon cancer when he was 12, who attended three high schools, had his first college scholarship revoked before the fall semester of his freshman year, became a subject of three college investigations, declared for the NBA draft, tried unsuccessfully to pull out of the draft, was picked by arguably the worst franchise in sports, violated the league’s antidrug policy twice within eight months and after finally getting his life together, went home to New York City for an aunt’s funeral and wound up burying his 6½-month-old son, then getting robbed at gunpoint.

“That’s my book,” says Lamar Odom. “That’s my movie. It’s a big bowl of gumbo.”

As he ponders working titles for his life story—”This is L.A., so you never know,” he says—he is wearing a white sweat suit and driving a white Mercedes down Interstate 405 to an autograph signing in Orange County, one hand on the steering wheel and another deep inside a bag of potato chips. Every few minutes, he turns and glances at the backseat, where his 10-year-old daughter, Destiny, and 7-year-old son, Lamar Jr., are occupied with their own snacks.

“My grandmother was always upbeat, a naturally happy person,” he says, chomping on the chips. “I think I got that from her.” His grandmother was Mildred Mercer, who raised him when his parents were gone. She died on June 28, 2003, three years to the day before his baby boy.

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  • JV

    Wow great story, never would have guessed Lamar was anything like that, he has went through more than the average man should have to endure. Keep up the hard work big man, hope you get that contract and stay in L.A.!!!!

  • Andrew Rafner

    now THIS is GODLY

    i love lamar so much.

    he is the embodiment of everything good about humanity.

  • baltimoresbest01

    very inspiring article. a great read

  • Eidraq

    the guy has been through so much…its amazing how he can see the light at the end of the tunnel and continue being so positive about life…and not to mention a stellar player for our organization

  • Landeza

    its a great story, about a very good person, as a whole laker nation, we need to stop criticizing the man, and just appreciate him as a person, he’s a very talented individual who will prove his worth at the moment we will least expect, GO LO7!!!

  • Joseph

    ahhhhh… that explains his game. Dude was a crack-head.

  • kobe8

    ^^go suck a d!ck b!tch.

  • Margo

    [Comment ID #65197 Will Be Quoted Here]
    You have got to be kidding me!

    Any way, every time I read the story about his life, it just makes me begin to love him all over again. I have been one of the ones willing to ship him off IF THE RIGHT trade came along…but it is so rare when you get a player like Lamar who WANTS 2 B A LAKER 4 LIFE! I don’t know…I can appreciate this guy! God bless Lamar and his family.

    And the fact that he is dating Taraji P Henson, you go boy!

  • king.manu

    wow, how can u not love a guy like this…..

  • Chris Manning

    [Comment ID #65197 Will Be Quoted Here]
    You’re walking on thin ice. Odom has been through more to define him as a man than you probably ever will go through. Get out of here with this stupid, ignorant hate.

  • karinLA24

    <3 <3
    amazing guy.

  • True Lakers Fan

    Chris Manning Is Taking Action For These Ignorant People GO Chris

  • Andrew Rafner

    [Comment ID #65213 Will Be Quoted Here]

    now, i dont understand how this is funny or constructive.

    please don’t impersonate me. it is rude.

    not classy…not classy at all.

  • Andrew Rafner

    i meant to quote the person above TLF…my bad :)

    but the point remains the same…eff you, fake me. i feel violated.

  • 2009 Champs

    I will never again say anything negative about LO! Dude is younger then me and he has lived an entire life already. How can anyone go through what he has gone through an make it emotionally and psychologically through life? AMAZING! Kobe was born with a silver-spoon in his mouth and LO was born with a wooden spoon in his mouth and he has made gold out of dirt. Not to mention how much he cares about those around him. A true heroe! Can any father get up to go to work if they had gone through what he has gone through? Hard to imagine! I am defenitely a fan from this point on. Laker or not!

  • udechukwu

    great article. especially since ive always backed L.O.

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #65197 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yeah, so what’s your excuse?
    Go Cavs!

  • flobe24

    the talent and potential that lamar has arel a gift and a curse. fans and media a like have criticized him for not averaging a triple double. i’ve always felt that his greatest talent has been his the intangables he brings to the game. kobe as great as his stats have been didn’t win the mvp till he deferred to his teammates and made them better. this article not only sheds light on the player but the person that lamar is.

  • lainok

    so is Joseph going to keep coming onto this sight for the next twenty years? I mean that is the standard amount of time between celtics championships…right?

  • Lker Roger

    la mar has a sad story yes and we all have storys.the
    dude gets paid large money and dosent produce.
    he s a pot smoker and will so be washijg cars he sucks trade him. you cry babies go suck your mothers tit. la mar go smoke a joint score 2 points and foul out and
    these fools will still love you.blah this is crap