Photo: Mike Ehrmann | Getty Images

According to Bleacher Report’s Zach Buckley, an anonymous NBA general manager recently told ESPN’s Chris Broussard that Kevin Love coming to play for the Lakers, in 2015 once he becomes a free agent, is a “100 percent certainty.”

If this rumor were to be true, it’s tough to see the Lakers signing Carmelo Anthony this offseason. While having Anthony and Love to go with a returning Kobe Bryant would be the most ideal situation, this would be highly unlikely under the new collective bargaining agreement.

If the Lakers don’t sign Anthony, but do sign Kevin Love, a scenario of Love, this year’s (hopefully) promising draft pick, and another 2015 free agent joining the Lakers is a likely scenario.

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  • Stan

    Yes to Kevin Love. No to Carmelo. I really hope the Lakers don’t sign Carmelo. Let’s not forget Carmelo and D’Antoni’s relationship on the Knicks?

    • dimes

      but im sure dantoni will be fired next season

      • killer63

        Should have been months ago.

  • Joe

    I would love signing Love. He and Westbrook would be the perfect duo to carry the throne after Kobe retires. On top of that if the Lakers are lucky enough to get the 1st draft pick and get Joel Embiid, then we would be set for the next ten years. Embiid will be our true future while Westbrook and Love take control from 2015-2018. Hopefully little Jimmy Buss doesn’t F**k things up!