kwamonsterL.A. Times: Lakers center Kwame Brown will undergo ankle surgery next week, a move that casts some doubt over his playing status for the start of next season as well as trade possibilities for the Lakers during the off-season.

Brown will have bone spurs removed from his left ankle and will undergo reconstructive surgery if doctors deem it necessary, said his agent, Mark Bartelstein. Ankle specialist Dave Porter will perform the surgery in Indianapolis.

“We’re not sure if it needs to get reconstructed or not,” Bartelstein said Friday. “They’re going to go in and test the strength of the ligaments and see if they need to repair them. He also has some bones spurs he needs to get cleaned out.”

If Brown needs reconstructive surgery, he would face several months of recovery time. The Lakers begin training camp the first week of October. If his ankle does not need to be reconstructed, Brown’s rehabilitation would be significantly shorter. “Until they get in there and see what needs to be done, there’s no timetable,” Bartelstein said.

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  • Julius Norman

    Who cares about Kwame Brown he can’t even catch a ball

  • Ryan Toobian

    No Kwame Brown is an important player for the Lakers, we need him at full strength next season

    KWAME FOR MVP!!!!!!!!!!

  • Julius Norman

    What are you talking about he f!@#ing sucks

  • Kobe_Rizvanolli

    we only needed him to make a trade, now that his is undergoing surgery, no trade will happen. the same thing with lamar. our only chances are chasing free agents.




    We cant get Artest :(

  • punkjones

    Why is this a surprise? He’s been talking about this since the end of the season. The only really bad scenario I can see is if he has to get reconstructive. If not, he should still be trade bait. We’ll find out soon I suppose.

  • Papihitman

    WHAT A SHIT, SEND THIS CRAP TO BOSTON FOR A 2500 2nd Round Draft Pick

  • bigbadjames

    what do you guys mean he sucks. did you not see game 3 in the first series?!?! plus, he’s probably our best big man, without him in the season Kobe would have to average like 45 points for us to make it where we did. i really don’t think you guys know any basketball.

  • darkice18

    kwame can still be traded….as long as the Kings are willin to get rid of Artest and “supposedly” ruin our team cause Artest ruined the kings then why not…trade garbage(kwame) for goods (artest)…the trade is still posible only if kwame doesnt need reconstructive surgery….GET WELL SOON KWAME so we can TRADE you !!!!

  • saipanlakerfan

    Actually, they are right. Kwame sucks, period. He doens’t care about the game, and he doesn’t lace ‘em up tight and come to play night in and night out (or even once in a while).

    Regarding game 3. Yeah, one nice moment for Kwame in a year. Wow Kwame, thanks for the memories. I’ll always cherish the time you had a boo-boo and then the defence left you wide open under the basket, and you didn’t drop the pass, and you didn’t miss the wide open dunk. Gee, I get misty when I think about it.

  • ahmed

    I still think Kwame will be traded.. everyone knew this was going to happen him going under the knife. But i want to change subjects.. Did anyone of you guys see that elbo by LeBron on C-WEbb. That was more blantant than the kobe elbows and there is no suspension. iM sick of the nba and there discrimination against the lakers and against Kobe. Something has to be done. For all ya’ll who dont know what im talking about. heres the link…

  • ahmed

  • rmeazy82

    Lets get Kwame some wide receiver gloves I bet he will average 15 a game if he can catch the ball. If we can trade him for someone better lets do it, but he is our best best defender. He is the only big man in the league who will take himself out the game for a hangnail.