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The Lakers have absolutely dominated the league since All-Star break and key part to their success is their starting center, Andrew Bynum. Kevin Ding wrote a great insight to what has changed in Andrew’s approach to the game. Here’s some quotes from Bynum on his recent change:

“It’s how to focus, how always to reset,” Bynum said. “If I got bad calls before, maybe I would’ve blown up or gotten a technical or done something crazy. I mean, I was mad; I was hot. But I just walked off the court, sat down and waited for an opportunity for the game to present something for me to do. All things will work out,” Bynum said. “Just don’t react so much. Just bring yourself back to focus, and you’ll be all right.”

There is no question Drew’s new focus on the game has helped drive up the Lakers’ defense and aided them in all their victories. As the playoffs approach, it’s going to be interesting to watch everyone on this team adapt to the mentality and focus that Phil Jackson teams always posses. The Lakers have a chance to win their third title in a row this year and with Andrew Bynum anchoring the defense, they will be a tough opponent to take out.

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    Carry on with yer bad self!

  • LakersFirst

    Zen Master at work (and there are people who question his coaching abilities, even after 11 titles).