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Andrew Bynum of the Los Angeles Lakers has been suspended without pay for five games for making unnecessary and excessive contact with J.J. Barea of the Dallas Mavericks while he was in mid-air and knocking him to the floor, it was announced today by Stu Jackson, NBA Executive Vice President, Basketball Operations.  Bynum has also been fined $25,000 for removing his jersey and the manner in which he left the court.

The  incident,  in which Bynum was assessed a Flagrant Foul Two and ejected from  the  game,  occurred with 8:21 remaining in the fourth quarter of the Lakers’  122-86  loss  to  the  Dallas  Mavericks  in Game 4 of the Western Conference Semifinals at American Airlines Center.

Bynum will be suspended for the first five games of the 2011-12 NBA regular season for which he is eligible and physically able to play.

The above is an official release from the NBA

When you include the loss of five game checks, and the $25,000 fine, Bynum will lose $702,273.

  • Fas

    The NBA has turned into a joke. 5 games for a flagrant foul, which did not even result in a fight. All because of the announcers and hype around the game at the time. If this happened during the regular season, he would have been hit with a one game suspension. Oh wait, it did happen when he hit Beasley.

    To put it all into perspective, Raja Bell did not receive this kind of attention for clothes lining Kobe a few year back and that was against Kobe Bryant, a player that allows the NBA to stay profitable.

    • rondo

      The NBA has made the fans and the sport whimps, Most of the player would not have made the NBA when Wilt,Russel and Baylor played. Jerry West played with a broken nose.

    • Janka

      imagine this:  mavs get sweept by lakers; lakers up 24 ; kobe get injured by a cheap shot by chandler and will be out rest of the playoffs….

  • Pio2u2

    $700,000 fine, BS! JJ Barea & his family aint worth that type of money!!

  • Christi Robertson73

    Same hit. Beasley, Wallace, now barea… How many times is he supposed to be allowed to this before he gets a decent punishment? It was a punk ass foul, he is an embarrassment to the lakers, who are champions and should behave as such. I think the fine and suspension were right on.

    • rondo

      We have a goody goody here! Bynum is a bad boy go to your room.

  • Smfowler26

    I ain’t even gonna stress on what Bynum did. Cuz come 2012-2013 season, Shannon Brown will have to get a new number on his jersey so Dwight Howard can wear his number 12.

    • rondo

      Don’t bet you life on that happening.

  • Woodeye

    Does anyone hear remember the last time they met in the regular season? Everyone acts like the Mavs are angels. Here is the video: See if this sounds familiar and then listen to the announcers remarks. March 31, Lakers up by 17 late in the game, announcers say Mavs are getting angry for getting humiliated and are losing their cool. Nowitzki elbows artest in the back of the head. Technical. Barrea, technical. Finally, Blake is driving on the basket, Terry fouls him, the ball is stripped, he throws a hip and wraps up Blake, Blake is uncontollably and dangerously falling to the ground head first and Terry lunges forward and with both hands violently shoves Blake in the back causing him to hit the floor and tumble off the court. Both benches nearly empty, Barnes at first jumps in and then as he tries to return to his bench a Mavs coach grabs him from behind and won’t let go, even as Barnes tries to make his way back to his bench, eventually the Coach falls to the ground. Has Terry apologized for trying to injure Blake? Has Barrea apologized for throwing a shoulder in Blakes throat on Sunday? After the March 31 game Nowitizki was pretty proud of all the ejections and the elbow to the back of the head and Terry’s attempt to injure Blake. The announcers describe it as “Playoff style ball” and everyone seemed to act like this was a sign of hunger and competitiveness, which I did not. I thought it was what one of the announcers described, the Mavs losing their cool because they were being beat. Listen how the world views it when the Lakers are on the receiving end and now with the Mavs raining threes in a 34 point game 4, Odom throws a body check to a trash talking Nowitzki and you’d think Seal team 6 was going to repel from the rafters and rendition Lamar to an aircraft carrier. Then Barrea, after swatting players arms away throughout the 3rd and 4th quarter and mouthing off, he runs at Odom, near the scoring table and starts screaming like he is the grand inquisitor, and to his credit Kobe tries to calm Barrea down and Barrea stomps off with a chip on his little shoulder. 30 seconds later Barrea takes that same shoulder and shoves it in Blakes adams apple knocking him back 4 feet. A hit easily as hard as Odom’s. No foul call, then he turns and decides he is going to drive up the lane and fly in the face of Andrew Bynum as if he is owed a free glide path? Bynum should have thrown a body in front of that punk, not an elbow, but just as they said of the Mavs in March, his emotions got the best of him and he made the right choice to tap him but carried it out in a sloppy and dangerous way. So did Terry back in March. And this garbage about how it was unfair because of Barrea’s size. Bynum was going to tap anyone that did what Barrea did, its not Andrew’s fault that Barrea chose to be so small. Before the game J.J. was listed as 6′, suddenly Laker hating reporters everywhere declared him the 5’10” Guard. How did he lose 3 inches? Bottom line, if you want to play with Giants and you want to poke them in the eye and you want to be Mr. “I’m gonna retaliate against Blake” and then tip toe past Bynum, Don’t whine when you get blow back. Bynum carried it off wrong. He apologized. Can we get some perspective here? I’m sick of every Laker expert and ex Laker substituting their hurt from this humiliation with a holier than thou lynch mob. And James Worthy saying that Laimbeer never did any thing like this? Huh? I’m going to vomit. Nowitzki knocked Landry’s 3 front teeth out and sent him for emergency room surgery and nobody acted like the game of basketball had some how been cast in to a pit of everlasting shame. Barrea plays international ball so He laid on the floor lifeless for 4 seconds, then magically popped up and skipped away to the bench. He did not have surgery like Landry did. Lets be honest. The Lakers embarrassed the Mavs in March to send a message. The Mavs got mad and picked a fight. Come May they got even. In game 4 they ran the score up and trashed talked up and down the court to the very end. We should all be surprised that another brawl didn’t start, but since it was the Lakers, who everybody east of San Bernardino wants to see whooped, the media pretends like a terrorist attack occurred. We got whooped. How we looked as we got whooped was not going to be pretty regardless. As a fan, deal with the loss like all the other NBA teams do instead of being all high and mighty on Odom and Bynum. Losing hurts, Welcome to Life.

  • Drake Ramoray

    Steve Blake, Derrick Character, and 1st round pick for to Denver for Raymond Felton who wants to start. Then Bynum, Shannon Brown, Walton, and Vujacics trade exeption for Dwight Howard and JJ Reddick Why would Orlando take Walton you say? Well they for
    sure won’t take Ron Artest and while Waltons salary is bad, he’s only owed about 11 million over the next two years while we take back reddick from them who is owed about 22 million over the next three years they can plug Brown into his spot. After that kind of exit, it’s pretty much assured that Dr. Buss will do whatever it takes to get back to the top even if it means taking on more salary. Resign Barnes and give him another shot and bye bye to ratliff and Joe smith. Felton can then start and bring Fish off the bench. Felton is that quick PG we need. Dwight adds the athleticism and beastly defense to play with Gasol and reddick gives us that spot up shooter that we are desperately dying for who can spread the floor.

  • Drake Ramoray

    If Orlando insists that Lamar be part of the trade we have to insist on them taking Walton also and that could also work and we would have to take back Hedo which wouldn’t be so bad and I’m sure Orlando wouldn’t mind getting rid of his contract so it would be a win win. I would hate to part with Lamar but if we could plug Hedo into our starting SF, that might actually make us better. We could pick up a cheap backup PF and maybe sign Michael Redd to backup Kobe since he’s washed up and no one would pay him the kind of money he wants. Artest could then be the primary scorer for our second unit. The Raymond Felton deal has to be done though. He’s the only PG available that I can see who would fit our PG need for speed, defense, and good shooting. He also went on the record to say he doesn’t want to backup Ty Lawson in Denver next year and wants to be traded and with the Lakers, he would definately start over Fisher. Denver was also high on Character also and they get Blake who played for them
    before and did pretty well as their starting PG.

  • Anonymous

    I liked the foul. NBA has becoming to soft of a league and boring. Bring back the bad boy mentality and Bynum will lead the way.

  • JJ

    The NBA, Stu Jackson and the LA Lakers are a joke to other NBA teams and fans. The way this team gave up on the fans of Los Angeles, themselves, and the fans of the NBA is beyond defensible. Anyone who thinks that Artest, Odum, and Bynum will stop their idiot ways based on a couple of days suspension and a few dollars is nuts!!! These 3 low life skum need to be taught a real lesson, but the panty-waists in the NBA offices are too weak to seriously address anything.

  • Jeremy Lingo

    Bynum should have been suspended for at least 10 games for this foul. @f9c37a5436dc408a2c249fc0df0bed97:disqus is dead on with the comment about how this is the third time. has a great article and has a link to each foul. They all look exactly the same. Elbow to the chest or ribs. Just a cheap play.