We’ll keep an eye on this injury…

Twitter: Andrew Bynum suffered a sprained right elbow prior to his final trip to the line. He will be reevaluated tomorrow.

Here is some more from Kevin Ding’s Twitter

Bynum couldn’t even lift rt arm to put his clothes bk on. Said it was hyperextended on last play. Called a sprained right elbow for now

“Wow, that’s pretty sore,” Bynum said abt elbow as he tried to dress himself. MRI tomorrow: “I gotta go get checked out.”

Bynum seemed optimistic it wouldn’t be long-term. Asked how hard it was to make FT that way, he laughed and said: “F’n hard”

  • Sako


  • http://www.ld2k.com Chris Manning

    MRI tomorrow. Let’s hope this will heal quickly, I think he’ll be out about a week or so…

  • Mitch4Pres

    god damn it

  • matthew

    it was either landry or someone else who fouled him hard… but he’ll be fine.

  • shannon4mvp

    Guys it won’t be serious i had that same injury 2 weeks ago and it took me 2 days and was fine, according to him he couldn’t even put his clothes on, i had the same thing too, i couldn’t even lift my arm, it hurts like hell for a day but he’ll be good for friday.

  • Salty

    Look at the plus side, he might not have to go against Memphis.

    • pricelesst

      wow yeah thats a big PLUS seriously I’ll take that

    • http://www.michaelserna23.com Michael_23

      Amen to that.


    Yeah well im just thinking if this somthing serious he is surely injured prone

  • Gino

    injury prone or what not. did landry really have to take a swipe like that? that seemed totally unnecessary. when i saw that, i just wished fisher would level the guy like he did scola.

    i’m w/ shannon. i had same thing and it’s not as serious as hyperextending the knee. i think he’ll be fine if not for friday, perhaps sunday.

  • lakerman1

    Some really bad officiating last night’ after reading Donaghy’s remarks i have to believe everything he says. I know Kobe gets a lot of calls but he was getting hammered last night and that blatant hit by Landry should be reviewed you can’t take swings like that at players. Still the lakers showed the tenacity to win it in OT. Its going to be Tough but the Lakers will win it all again, GUARANTEED.

  • desecrator93

    Great, there goes our season…..

    • WifelovesLuke


      Someone just hit the panic button…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1460601006&ref=profile OaklandLakers

    He seems like he’ll be good. He had better range of motion today a report had said. You guys have already heard that though. Not such a serious matter but Mem. is gona be difficult.