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Fresh off of being named Western Conference player of the week, Lakers center Andrew Bynum, joined The Dan Patrick Show to discuss Kobe Bryant’s role as a pseudo assistant coach on the bench, his relationship with Mike Brown compared to Phil Jackson and the Lakers chances of making it to the NBA Finals. Here are a few highlights from the interview:

How much fun are you having right now?

I’m having a lot of fun. It’s been amazing. Defensively ive really been stepping it up. Offensively im struggling a little bit with my shot…My team is playing amazing. Pau Gasol has been huge…Matt Barnes and Ron (Metta) stepping up. And obviously the addition of Sessions has been huge for us because we were getting a lot of activity in the fast break at that point guard position now so we look pretty good.”

How good of a team are the Lakers right now?

I think, especially when Kobe gets back, we keep playing hard, and we’re definitely a contender. And we’re going to be a team that other teams definitely don’t want to play.”

How’s Kobe as an assistant coach?

He’s doing a great job actually. He’s been supporting us and showing us things that we need to hear. Just directing, where to take advantage of mismatches…he’s been keeping everybody under control.”

Do you compare yourself to Orlando Magic center, Dwight Howard?

I think we always get compared. Obviously we’re both centers, east and west coast. Number one and two in the game, however you guys want to decide who is, that’s up to you guys [the media]. Obviously Dwight has done what he’s done for a longtime now and he’s only going to get better. So im aware that we’re compared but at the end of the day I don’t let that affect me or how I play the game.”

How much did trade rumors motivate you?

I don’t let that affect me. Ive been a part of every trade rumor since ive been drafted, starting with Jason Kidd, Bosh, everybody. I always have my nose to the grind and try to get better. I’m just going to keep on taking it one day at a time and try to add things to my game and get better.”

On his relationship with Mike Brown vs. Phil Jackson

I think right now it’s different in the way of communication. I talk much more with Brown than I ever had with PJ [Phil Jackson]. I never really got to be a big part of the team while PJ was here, well last year when he was here I was a pretty big part of the team but prior to that I didn’t really get an opportunity to grow because we had a great bench and I was making mistakes and LO [Lamar Odom] would come in and whoever was playing better between the two of us would get the run that night…I enjoy both coaches, I love both coaches. And Im just looking forward to continuing with Mike Brown.”

Do you expect to be in the finals?

Yea we definitely have a chance to get there and I’m going to do everything in my body to make it possible.”

Bynum also discusses who his favorite player is in one of his favorite sports (soccer), and also describes what it’s like playing against his all-time favorite player, Tim Duncan. You can here the entire interview here.