It seems that Bynum is now more dedicated to improving. This is a good sign!

L.A. Times: Back when Ron Artest was still introducing himself to his new teammates several months ago, Andrew Bynum declared a personal goal. He wanted to make the All-Star team this season.

It didn’t happen, which disappointed the 22-year-old, but perhaps led to some resolve.

“I’m going to go out there and keep balling the way I am,” Bynum said Friday. “It’s just given me the same goal to strive for next year and something else to push for this summer when I’m working on my game.”

Earlier this week, Bynum was worried there wouldn’t be a true center on the Western Conference team, a possibility that became reality when the reserves were announced.

Phoenix’s Amare Stoudemire was voted to start at center by the fans, and Pau Gasol and Tim Duncan are power forwards who probably will play some center at the Feb. 14 game.

“I pretty much knew what was going on,” said Bynum, who earlier called the process of selecting reserves “political.”

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  • Sopi

    He just lack of domination. and he is still scared of NBA players, really, and i dont know why. He always duck down, spin outwards from the basket when he cought a pass or got an offensive rebound under the basket if theres opponent player next to him. and thats why he got blocked so many times in his first 2 seasons by other players who are shorter than him. Gasol, unlike bynum, always in ready mode when he is under the basket, he never duck away from basket. Although Bynum has improved this season bout that duck down problem, but you still can see this happen every now and then……. Buff up andy, just dunk the fuckkkkin ball will ya? Make the crowd heat up, make the fans happy, and you will be in all star every year

    • rondo

      Can you dunk the ball? all you freaken critics can’t play a lick. always got something stupid to say get a life scrub.

    • B Holland

      You really don’t know the game of basketball. The guy ducks down and faces up his man toward the basket. His first two seasons? he was 17 years old. LOL WOW some laker fans are too stupid.

  • Joselio Nimasaja Anicar Tado says:

    talk is cheap

  • KindSir

    All I see is him saying he’s going to keep playing the same :/