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On the heels of a wild few days in the NBA, the Lakers opened their doors in El Segundo this morning for Media Day. It was a day that Laker Nation hoped would bring some clarity to the confusing speculation being circulated, but instead, left most of us still scratching our heads, wondering what exactly would come next for the Lakers.

The most discussed rumors have suggested the Lakers package Andrew Bynum and their newly acquired $8.9m trade exception to the Orlando Magic for Dwight Howard. When asked, ‘Drew acknowledged the possibility of being included in a trade for Howard:

“If they were able to pull a move like that off, it would be great for the organization, and I’d be in Orlando, you know, hoopin’.”

Hardly the portrait of stress, Bynum later clarified his somewhat passive stance on the situation:

“You don’t let it affect you. It just really doesn’t bother me because I know, wherever I am, I’m going to be happy and playing basketball.”

While it remains to be seen if Andrew Bynum will still be a Laker on Christmas Day, what we do know is that Lamar Odom will not. Most of the Laker players expressed confusion and disappointment with the surprising news, and ‘Drew was part of that group:

“For the team, it’s going to affect chemistry. It’s definitely a blow. (Lamar) is a friend of mine, and he’s always been able to keep things light around here. A lot of laughs come from his direction, so it’s definitely going to be a different feel inside the locker room.”

I think I speak for all of us when I say it will definitely be a different feel outside the locker room, also.

  • Brendenceejohnson

    mature comments.

  • marques

    young but smart! i think he’s been going to church during the off seasons cause he seems more humble! lol

  • Anonymous

    He like to leave because he wanna become a star and key player of the team. The main problem is jim buss is try to hold byrum as long as possible.

  • Ricardo

    I’m not surprised by Andrew’s comments because I think he knows that he’s finally healthy for once in a long time and if traded, will be the focal point of that new team’s offense. I think that will be great for him to develop as the main guy on a rebuilding team. At the same time, I’m ever curious as to see how he does this season after serving the 5 game suspension. He looks good and feels very confident in himself. In all honesty, I wish we didn’t break the team up, but only to look for a serviceable PG, SG, and C to fill our weak areas. I don’t think our team was really broken, sure age was a hot topic, but I think it was more so fatigue after 3 deep playoff runs that killed us. Would have liked to see that championship core come back under new energy and system of Mike Brown, think we could have been good. However, my motto is, you make a decision and you never look back. So here’s to wishful thinking that Mitch knows what the heck he’s doing and gives us a very good shot to win it all this year. 

    • marques

      well said Ricardo!! 

    • marques

      well said Ricardo!! 

  • Izzyin2009

    clips aquire cp3 for aminu bledsoe and kaman

    • Guest

      hell yeah LA BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Biggest East Coast Fan

    We shoulda kept team in tact, and went after billups if no one under cap got him first, and the last thing we need is miami gettin him, than if we can get howard for bynum and one of scrubs than do it, if not bynum is 2nd best center in league when healthy

  • Michael A. Robson

    Really? As if Mitch Kupchak hasn’t done enough in the last 20 years to earn our trust? I’m sure he’ll do something great.

  • Devotion92

    You know what happened the last time there was trade rumors about Bynum right? He came back and teared it up! Watch him beast this season.