Although the random three-pointer that Bynum threw up in transition against the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday seems like a thing of the past, it may have been just the beginning.

In a win against the Hornets on Saturday afternoon, Bynum had some interesting things to say in his post-game interview. Bynum’s comments to reporters could be described as a “passive-agressive” way to speak out against head coach Mike Brown and possibly his Laker teammates.

Here is some of what Bynum had to say in his postgame interview (via

Question: What was Kobe like in the huddle in the 2nd and 3rd quarter as he was missing shots?

Bynum: I don’t know. I don’t take part in the huddles

Q: Is that True?

AB: Yes!

Q: Do you do that for a reason?

AB: No, im resting…getting my zen on.

Q: How were you able to only score two points in the first half?

AB: Man! Thats a great quesion! I need some more shots I think

Bynum would go on to say that he got enough looks. He said that he was looking to pass more as he wanted ten assists. Some may think he is joking or simply playing around with the media. However, a report from the Daily News on Thursday said Bynum has been “erratic” in the Lakers locker room in recent weeks:

Bynum’s shot was the latest in a catalogue of items that have annoyed Brown, his staff, the players and team management over the past few weeks. Brown had seen enough and decided to sit the 7-footer for all but 5 minutes, 17 seconds of the second half.

The 24-year-old Bynum has played loud music in the Lakers’ locker room, which has been frowned upon over the years. He also has been disrespectful to members of the coaching staff and to his teammates for about the past three weeks.

Bynum not taking part in huddles has to be taken as a sign of disrespect to first-year head coach Mike Brown. The Lakers won’t get too far without everybody on the same page, and by the looks of things they simply are not.