Great news from the big guy. Have a speedy recovery ‘Drew!

L.A. Times: Lakers center Andrew Bynum had successful arthroscopic surgery on his right knee Wednesday to repair the meniscus. Bynum’s brother, Corey Thomas, said Bynum will rehabilitate his knee for six to eight weeks. The Lakers start training camp Sept. 25, which is earlier than usual because they will play exhibition games in London and Barcelona in early October. The procedure was performed by Dr. David Altchek at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. Thomas said the doctor “found nothing surprising.” “He was in good spirits,” Thomas said. “He’ll be ready to go when the season starts.”

  • BeYoung

    Good News a healthy Bynum is a better chance to 3-peat

  • gugy

    I just hope he can finally have a FULL season healthy. It’s about time.

    • Reality Check

      In the 3 peat with Shaq, he never played a full season. Just sayin!

  • kobebyrantfinalmvp

    i hope he dunt get hurt again man

  • Kobe 279

    not to be negative but im gonna speak the truth he will get hurt next season

    • NBAmazingKB24

      knock on wood…

    • BigSal

      You are being negative. Now I am speaking the truth. Sorry your crystal ball is not perfect.

      • Kobe 279


        • KwameMVP


        • Reality Check

          Kobe279 is clearly being a bit sensitive.

  • RonRonGq

    old news, this news came out 5 hours before u posted this up

    • 242LakerFan

      This is not a news gathering operation. If you want that go to ESPN. What they don’t have, they’ll make up. This is a fan site, where we discuss the news and share our opinions.
      The news here is usually second hand. It gives us time to think about it and form an opinion.
      The “News” sites have discussion boards, too. If being first is that important you could hang out there. I believe they’re free.

      • BE_A_LakerFan

        Thank you! I’m tired of people making stupid comments about this site being late. Go to a news site if you want your information faster. ESPN is usually late with their news too. I tend to get sports updates faster on Twitter lol.
        Anyway, this is good news about Drew. I look forward to him having a great season and maybe making the All-Star team. He might not get voted in, b/c of Yao, but maybe he can get selected.

      • OaklandLakers

        For real, all this “First” BS, with people trying to be the first comment non sense only tells me you need to not sit in front of a computer for a minute. I know we’re kinda goin through a heat wave in America but shit…

        • ThEMVP

          Tru dat.

  • laker warrior

    He has gotten more mature. Plus he knows how to be better prepare for the season. Bynum is going to have a good season.Watch

  • PRLaker

    get well drew, we need you

  • rondo

    I never seen so many negative people in my life. I think most of you negative fools go through life being negative about everything.

    • LakErS 3 pEaT

      Well he hasn’t prove to anyone that he can play a whole season yet? It’s not negativity it’s the truth. Let’s just see because all these news about him getting injured and having surgeries is like a broken record.

      • 242LakerFan

        That is negativity. Being healthy for a full season is not an ability or a skill, something you can practise or work on in the off-season. Except for this last one, Drew’s have all been contact injuries. That’s more a matter of luck than anything else.
        I just saw an article that said John Stockton mist 18 games one year and then didn’t miss another game for like 5 years until he retired. You don’t know what’s going to happen. Drew could be healthy for the next four or five years straight.
        Assuming he’d going to get injured again is nothing but negativity.

        • OaklandLakers

          I completely agree with that first point. All Bynum’s injuries have come from legit hard contact with another force. I don’t see how one could give Bynum an injury title when 200 Ibs. man in Bryant falls directly into his right knee . Thats where Stockton’s injury differs with Bynum’s situation.
          All though Stockton’s frame compared to a 7 ft. mans frame is a much different situation on a medical and rehabilitation note; I can only hope the outcome will be as good of story and much more.

  • Lakers=beast

    every time a laker has successful surgery, it is always positive news

  • LakErS 3 pEaT

    Watchout Bynum, Cousins is going to laugh at you if you get injure again next season. Are you gonna let a rook talk trash on you?

    • LakErS 3 pEaT

      Remembered what he said about you earlier this summer? That should be enough to get yourself into the gym and workout and make yourself better man and kill him on the court.

  • http://lakernation gwforum


  • rondo

    Maybe you need to put down the beers and get in the gym yourself. How can you say go Lakers raging their players?

  • gwforum


    • 242LakerFan

      Yeah, I don’t drink Bitch either. It’s too bitter.

      • gwforum

        shut yo fat ass up

        • 242LakerFan

          That’s my face, but then I’ve been told it’s hard to tell the difference.

  • 242LakerFan

    Glad to hear the surgery was a success. I hope the rest of your summer plan to rehab and work on your core strength goes as planned. I love what you do when you do it. Got to be there to go get that third ring, baby!!
    Oh and please kick DeMucus Cousins’ ass!!

  • cjm

    maybe we could use sasha as a kind of spare parts source for ‘drew.

  • not6not7not8not9

    Andrew will be as dominant as any center in the league, name a better CENTER RIGHT NOW??

    you couldnt. you wouldnt. you shouldnt.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    i heard he got hurt getting his leg repaired…talk about a FORD!

    • 242LakerFan

      *** Laughing hysterically ***
      Happy now?

  • Ryan Rod.

    This will be a break out year for Bynum next year. I feel it. And I know he wants to prove it as well. I can’t wait for the 3-peat journey.

  • KM

    Good, get on track Bynum-

  • joel Lawrence

    PART 1 of 2

    I think the lure, to Mark Gasol, to win a championship with his brother will be

    great. He is young enough that he can come here for a year or three..and still

    start elsewhere. He is a starter everywhere else…so i realize that might be

    what he wants. But he can get the rings first, and money second. How much would he

    pay for the memories of winning championships with his Pau? A lot im gonna

    guess…esp since he is young and can get the money later in his career.

    However, i will accept any young Center (3rd string) for a one year contract to

    suck up minutes from Drew and Theo. Saving them for the playoffs.

    My bigger question is…Everyone thinks we need a guard for perimeter shooting.

    That’s good for us….but it will not make or break us. If Bynum goes down we are

    SO SCREWED. So the next move is a young gun 2nd string center to suck up minutes.

    Its worth both 2011 draft picks (esp if we keep both rookies).

    Again…if we get a ‘Luke IR exemption for this year we can find a great SG in

    Europe without loosing draft picks.

    PART 2 0F 2

    If BYNUM does go down this coming year (God forbid), if we secured Mark Gasol this

    year we can give him the starting job next year. Or platoon it like wewill this

    year with PG and Steve Blake and Fish.

    I think 3 peat swings on BYNUM’s health.

    Next piece… young 3rd string Center from Timberwolves for Sasha and a pick. If we

    can trade up for a better Center after that (Gasol?) …great…if not… a back up

    shooting guard (sasha or otherwise) will not deny us a 3 peat. BYNUM goes down with

    out a 3rd string…we will not 3 peat…and Bynum has little trade value next year.

    Miami will be off an rolling if they win first year.

    We can get another Center with trade with Sasha (if possible)….Or…
    With the IR excemption from Luke not being able to play in 2011…

    3rd string Center is the next piece!!!

  • joel Lawrence

    PART 1 OF 4

    Fellow Laker fans… Please tell me what you think?
    Please be kind….of course itsa brain storm…
    …or course i dont know ever cap rule!!

    Id love to hear you ideas and comments….
    I think Mitch has a few more big moves in him this summer (I hope) …:)

    Remember…The miami gang will only hang together if they win either ONE of the

    next two. Otherwise Riley is gonna start loosen ‘top’ players who came lookin

    for a ring. So we should go all out in these next 2 years to build a MONSTAR!! Go


    In my mind the biggest impact player player we could get would be
    Mark Gasol…. (or any strong back up Center) . I think we should be willing to
    give up several draft picks for Gasol (1st and second rounders). Its his last

    year with his Memphis contract. And couple players and a couple picks. might pry

    him loose..? If not we end up with a lesser 3rd string Center and some trade able

    parts for mid season.

    In my mind the end result of a series of trades should net us
    another back up center (Mark Gasol!?) and ..if lucky…2 shooting guards (one

    second string defensive/veteran (NBA), and one third string offensive/youth

    (Europe?) ).

    My reasoning is thus….. The more minute away from Bynum to give him a full

    healthy season; the better. This 3rds string Center, in my opinion, does the most

    good of any single move.
    That ‘Big Man” advantage is where we will win.

    The other two SG guards acquired in many ways.

    PART 2 OF 4

    Variables to consider befroe the trading begins….

    A…..To Consider: …If Luke Walton can be considered ineligible for the season,

    get 2/3rds of his salary back to replace him, and he is not counted against our
    roster. This gives us about 3.7 million. This would help if possible.

    B….To consider: Pick up Shannon as a PG to provide leadership to the 3rd string.

    Tempo change, taco time, young guns…

    C….Do we pick up the rookies? I hope we will take them both.

    D….How many players to carry this year…I am in favor of carry 15 (and Luke on

    IR). Gives us trading options, youth, and 3 complete strings. 1st string

    (offense/experience), 2nd string (defensive veterans), and third string (young

    guns). Gives us many looks, many options.

    PART 3 OF 4

    Trading begins…!!

    1st Move…Make sure we don’t lose Shannon.. (wait if possible, but move)

    2nd move ..Trade Sasha to Timberwolves (with a pick?). For A Guard (Dante west?)

    and/or a Center (2nd String). Or any other player that Memphis would want. At

    this point, even if we dont get Mark, we are still better off with any good 2nd

    string center than with Sasha.

    This is especially true if we can pick up a shooting Guard in Europe with the

    ‘Luke exemption’.

    3rd move.. Players from Timber wolves to Memphis (with 2011 1st round and 2012

    second round picks?! ) for Mark Gasol.

    4th Move [One or more of the following till 2 need guards aquired.

    ….. Pick/player to Portland for Rudy…or…
    ……. Euro League Guard with exception from Luke…or…
    ……. Rookie with promise (extra rookies to training camp)
    …….. Mid season trade (hold extra ‘trade able’ players

    5th Move ……Hold 15 on roster this season (13 plus the rookies).
    ……More options mid season when the mid season trade run
    for play offs begins.

    PART 4 OF 4

    My own Comments about strategy…

    1. I know Theo is now our current 2nd string….and he is great(keeper). But

    another center and will suck up 18 minutes a game …and Bynum is that much fresher

    for the play offs. Plus BYNUMS value to the team, confidence, trade value, and 3

    peat, all hinge on him being healthy (otherwise cant even trade him) . We need 3

    Centers this season. We have our defensive/veteran, lets go and get some young legs

    to suck up minutes.

    Of course we want him to resign for us. If Mark Gasol resigns for a few
    years..after this next year. That will be huge. If we cant get him this year we

    should be patient and get him next year when his contract is over…

    2. If this move only got us Mark it was worth it. These picks, next years

    actually, are useless for the Lakers. A team forging a 3 year championship run,

    that already has 2 rookies(if they sign) can not place more rookies on the team.

    At least till these two pan out, or are traded.

    At the risk of being redundant…. :)

    The miami gang will only hang together if they win either ONE of the next two.
    Otherwise Riley is gonna start loosen ‘top’ players who came lookin for a ring. So

    we should go all out in these next 2 years to build a MONSTER!!

    Go Lakers!!

    • Reality Check

      You lost me at “fellow laker fans”
      Damn, dude……..if you want to write a book, there are better web sites for that. There are already enough editorials on this site.

    • ThEMVP

      E-soap Opera?
      Many points you gave are flawed, for one, Marc Gasol is a kid with a ton of upside that they received from the Lakers during the P.Gasol trade in good faith (they planned on him becoming a cheaper P Gasol replacement at the time they couldn’t afford Gasol and went with MGasol and JCritt, and also benefited from getting OJ Mayo) Grizzlies are basically done rebuilding, in losing Marc who will they get? And the Lakers will end up losing draft picks. It’s a LOSS-LOSS situation. Second point is Rudy Fer, he wants to start, and Portland won’t trade within the conference for overpaid players. Some teams will trade with the Lakers for Sasha because he has a desirable contract that could free space up for them in the short term future. Luke is 1 yr longer than Sasha’s deal.

      3rd point-
      Odom is the leader of the bench- Blake, Barnes and Theo in a similar order. Shannon if he returns (which I think he likely won’t for pennies on the dollar when he can start elsewhere, better system, more minutes, and more money, see: Knicks they would love his highlight dunks at the MSG).
      Marc is earning 3mil a year, but he will be worth around $13 mil when its all set and done when he becomes a FA (Lakers can’t afford him and we already have Bynum, so no need to have Marc, and I doubt he’d like to be sitting on the bench).
      It’s Marc not Mark.

    • ThEMVP

      Actually not many points- but upon further review: ALL Points are flawed. – Had to clarify.

  • rondo

    Andrew Bynum haters Bynum or Greg Odon?

  • Rudemander
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