Andrew Bynum gets up to speed

speedL.A. Times: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar smiles when he hears the question. How many times has he been asked what’s wrong with Andrew Bynum?

“At least once,” Abdul-Jabbar deadpanned.

Abdul-Jabbar, the Lakers’ special assistant in charge of mentoring Bynum, has seen his protégé struggle since the playoffs began, averaging 4.3 points and 2.9 rebounds coming into Tuesday’s game against Houston. Bynum’s regular-season averages were 14.3 points and eight rebounds a game.

Bynum seemed to lose more confidence with every game, bottoming out with a scoreless effort Sunday against the Rockets and failing to look at the basket whenever he received a pass in the post.

Abdul-Jabbar’s reasoning?

“Playoff basketball is something he hasn’t experienced and that certainly has its effect,” he said. “Teams are targeting him now. He’s getting the kind of attention probably that he’s wanted to get all along, but he’s got to adjust to it. I think it’s all about him adjusting to the intensity and the ferocity of the playoffs. It’s another step up.”

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    Listen to the big fella. He knows what he is talking about and he will give it to Laker fans straight so you doubters out there won’t have a panic attack.

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