The time may be near, Andrew Bynum back in the lineup on Sunday?

Lamar Odom, joined Steve Hartman and Chris Myers on the Myers and Hartman show, on AM570 KLAC. Odom was asked when the Lakers are expecting Bynum to return.

“Andrew says that hopefully he will be playing not this game (vs. Houston), but the next one after that (vs. Clippers)”, said Odom.

All reports indicated that the return of Bynum would be Easter Sunday vs. Memphis, giving the young center two games to get ready for the playoffs. However, If Bynum’s prediction is correct; he would get six games of action in the regular season before the Lakers started round one of the playoffs.

Odom also added, “I think it might be a good idea, for Andrew to start because our first unit is so strong, especially with shot making, having Kobe and Pau out there.”

Odom reiterated saying, “I think it would probably be a good idea for him to start, put him right back where he started, and have me come off the bench.”

Lamar going back to the bench would indeed bring that punch that the second unit has lacked since seeing Odom and Ariza join the starting lineup. This is also good news for all Lakers fans, it looks like Lamar has finally got the big picture and is ready to do whatever is necessary to help this team win a NBA championship.

Bynum was initially injured on January 31st against the Memphis Grizzlies. A return on Sunday would have given the center eight full weeks to recover. The Lakers originally predicted 8-12 weeks for recovery.

Bynum, had averaged 26.2 points on 65.3 percent shooting, 13.8 rebounds and 3.20 blocked shots the previous five games before the MCL tear against Memphis.

  • Ace

    don’t come back if you’re not ready drew

  • PhilsArmy2K9

    I think we Bynum knows wat he is doing because this is his destiny and his knee

  • Lakers4Life

    “However, If Bynum’s prediction is correct; he would get six games of action in the regular season before the Lakers started round one of the playoffs.”


  • PhilsArmy2K9

    who cares,Bynum will return in time against Portland

  • gus26

    :) wow!!.. one game back from the best record after the whole world said last week it was impossible for us to get number one.. and now bynum might be back sunday?.. all i can do is smile.. :) rejoice laker fans..

    “this is our year.. this is OUR CHAMPIONSHIP!!!”

  • David Brickley

    [Comment ID #66821 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Odom, was saying what Bynum told him personally or the team, so its Bynum’s prediction, just Odom is the one that made it public!

  • sketch

    The Lakers are going to overtake the cavs for the overall best record because just like LeHype, that team can’t stand the pressure! They’re definitely going to loose to Boston and the Lakers will be able to win out. With a tie, the Lakers have the tie breaker and therefore win the best in the NBA!

    You suck LeHype!

  • rzebeo

    maaan… I hope he’ll be in same shape like some games before injury. If he should be able to keep 80% of it – we have AMAZING go2 center!

  • AMP

    Don’t count on those wins just yet. Of the remaining six games, the Lakers have already lost to four of those teams this season. I’m just sayin’ . . .

  • Michael_23

    I rather him come back vs the Clips than the Grizzles. hahaa

  • sil

    bynum got hurt against the t wovles not memphis

  • BYnuMItefan101

    [Comment ID #66836 Will Be Quoted Here]

    that was against the memphis

  • Westlake Village Office Thug

    Chris Brown should get his ass kicked.

  • keehyon

    loving LO’s attitude. more games for Bynum the better. hey anyone see this? – He looks alright. don’t know about Sunday though.

  • keehyon
  • ricky

    if bynum were to come back sunday i would prefer he be on the 2nd unit and play roughly 15-20 mins. i dont like the idea of putting him back into the starting lineup, its too soon. i think coach even said that he is gonna bring bynum off the bench when he comes back and then if he progresses even further and feels better, then insert him back into the starting lineup and send odom back to the 2nd unit. i think this is best just to play it safe.

  • Mitch4Pres

    i’ll believe it when i see it

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  • as1084

    that game we still have up in portland is still worrying me….when was the last time we won in portland??? 6 of 7 games ago??? that game might cost up HCA unless the cavs lose to boston and san antonio which has a pretty good chance of happening the way the cavs are choking now.

  • Lakers 24 7

    [Comment ID #66836 Will Be Quoted Here]

    No, it was Memphis. Remember the first game of the 6 game road trip?

    Bynum should come back against the team he murdered (the clippers) and murder them again to gain some confidence.

  • paulpierce_best

    i really do think boston is gonna win this year.. back to back baby… andrew will come back next season. gl guys

  • Lakerfanl

    Come back Bynum!

  • gugy

    Please do not play against Memphis!

  • Chris Brown

    We will kick ass when Bynum returns, just like…uuuuuuuum


  • Ed

    I was at the Lakers Rockets game last night and I promis eyou that Bynum is ready. The guy was the first one out of the tunnel and he was out there for an hour working with B. Shaw. He was running, making cuts and dunking the ball like there was nothing wrong with him. My friend and I were yelling out “Bynum is ready, play him already Phil.” and Bynum looked at us and nodded his head. He said “You guys are right, I’m ready.”

  • Freshh


  • ewfsdgsdg

    [Comment ID #66869 Will Be Quoted Here]

    bull sh!t

  • jose


  • Ed

    I’m serious. Bynum is ready. He said so.

  • PhilsArmy.

    ROFLMAO @ ed

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