Photo courtesy of Harry How, Getty Images

Andrew Bynum ladies and gentlemen. If he is not making the headlines for his hairdos, racing around in Ferrari’s, bowling, or sitting out an entire NBA season then everything must be okay, right?

6 weeks ago Bynum had orthroscopic surgery, again, on both of his knees. That surgery ended his 2012-2013 season as a Philadelphia 76er, one in which he never played a single game in. You would figure that with his knees being operated on recently and his name still be a lightning rod for critics he would rest up and prepare for the 2013-2014 season. No, not really. As Zach Harper at CBS reported, Bynum was dancing the night away in Spain on his annual European off season trip.

In a year of many hairdos for the Philadelphia 76ers‘ center but zero minutes on the court, he collected a big paycheck and made his upcoming free agency even more confusing for potential bidders.

But anyone hoping to ink him to a big contract might want to check out this video. Bynum is apparently in Madrid, he’s dancing, and he’s moving like a guy that can cha-cha his way to a max deal.

Here is to Andrew Bynum and his knees, as he will continue to not care what others think.