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In Game 4, with 8:22 remaining in the fourth quarter, and the Lakers down by 30 points. Mavericks back up point guard, JJ Barea drove down the lane, and was intentionally elbowed in mid air by Andrew Bynum, causing Barea to violently fall to the ground, luckily avoiding any injury.

Bynum remained un-apologetic in the locker room in post game interviews, and the replay and his non-apology has been national news since the incident occurred.

Bynum officially came out Tuesday before he took questions at the Lakers exit meeting and said the following:

“[The flagrant foul on JJ Barea] does not represent me, my upbringing, this franchise, or any of the Laker fans out there that want to watch us, and see us succeed. Furthermore, and more importantly I actually want to apologize to JJ Barea for doing that, you know I’m just glad that he wasn’t seriously injured in the event. All I can say is I have looked at [the replay]…its terrible, and it won’t be happening again.”

Bynum reiterated his comments later on in the exit interview saying. “It won’t happen, that’s it. It won’t happen again.” He also said he would reach out personally to JJ Barea to apologize.


    Apology accepted!!! All is good Drew, reach out n touch someone. Next time…play the ball not his chest.

    • ilikebasketball


  • Monchophm

    That was a cheap shot that has caused a shame in all of basketball fans. This only demostratae your icnompetence as a professional player. I just hope that they trade you som,where else!!, because it;s not an effective investment with your injury issues. BYE!!

    • rondo

      You and all the punks who called Gasol soft now you wanna rag Bynum! When you are little and go in the lane you need to be careful and not be a macho man. Also in my years i saw worst hits then that so whats the shame wimp!

  • Monchophm

    My excuses for the typos drive and texting don’t mix

  • Jeff

    Bynum should be abducted and taken to Klan territory and dumped there so that he may be taught a lesson. Maybe then, these violent hits won’t happen.

    • Cecil

      You are an idiot. Do not even try to compare what Bynum did to those racist who burned and tortured Black people. Once again you are a complete racist idiot.

    • Tristanspartan

      You r a fucking idiot jeff

    • rondo

      Jeff: Bynum need to smack the shit out of you punk azz!

  • D_Mavs

    Once a bitch always a bitch. Have fun with this guy, Laker fans.

    • Sir

      Thanks, we will.

  • Anonymous

    He should had apology right after the game, instead he blame the team trust for the losing the game. He only apology after he realizes he got hit in the bank. that is nothing probably a week of pay for him. Just trade him for Howard and we can forgot about byrum.

  • Velasquezjc24

    Every bodyis over reacting barea through a little elbow at blake before the drive that little punk shouldnt have come in the paint anyway .Ooo

    • trade bynum with howard

      How about if you’re in barea position… most likely you will not get up and play again… What Bynum did is unnecessary and considered battery in the real life…

  • rondo

    Jeff Bynum needs to put his size 18 in your punk azz, That why they can’t pry it out of you stupid azz

  • Rahul_60565

    you did prove that you are just a another thug and  nothing but uneducated street  basketball player,
    u should be band from NBA

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