Here’s a small blurb from Yahoo! Sports, if the Lakers should make a push on Nocioni. Uh, yeah…

Yahoo! Sports: Chicago Bulls’ power forward Andres Nocioni is telling contacts in Argentina he wouldn’t be surprised to be traded this summer.

The San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Lakers are two teams that long have admired Nocioni’s style of play.

  • lakersforlife77

    hell i’ll take him. If it was a sign and trade with mihm why not?

  • kisofdeath

    again another good role player but dont know who to trade for him

  • LAKobe4Life

    Hell yeah let’s sign Andres Nocioni, this guy is one hell of a shooter. Everytime I see this guy play, he doesn’t miss. This would be an amazing pickup for the Lakers.

  • kgmvp

    I´ll take nocioni anytime trade him for mhim or aaron mckie then chicago well have cap space to get a low post scorer

  • lakerfan81

    I like his play but I don’t know what spot he would fill. We have plenty of wing players. Actually I think Mihm fills more of a need than Nociones does, especially if Odom, Bynum, or Brown are involved in trades. Besides Nociones is probably looking at 6-7M contract and Mihm will get about 2-3M or a short 1-2 year contract at 4-5M. I’d do that Offer Mihm a short contract that offers him more money in the short term than other teans than the lakers would not be stuck in a multi year contract if he does not come back strong from his surgeries. And if he does the lakers would hold his early bird rights to sign him to a longer one.

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    Yeah. Anything we can get for Mihm is good with me. Does anyone like COOK. I don’t like him for some reason. Lack of defense. His not aggressive enough.

  • kb24

    sign and trade mihm and sasha for sign and trade duhon and nocioni

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  • lakers24


  • Ricky

    i think nocioni would be a great fit for the lakers. he is aggressive when attacking the basket and he is a very good shooter. i think a sign and trade for nocioni would be the best thing. the bulls have expressed interest in chris mihm, and the lakers have towards nocioni. therefore, it would make sense for both teams to make a sign and trade. i like chris mihm, but he may be asking too much (full MLE), but he is good offensive player, underrated defender, and the lakers will need him if kwame, bynum, or lamar is ever traded away cause there are not many centers out there that are as good as mihm was a year and a half ago when he had career averages of 10 ppg, 6 rpg, and 1 bpg. however, if a sign and trade could be made, then i would push for nocioni to join the lakers.

  • punkjones

    Chicago won’t let him go. Sorry. Nice fit but we also have 2 small forwards already with long term contracts, too.

  • darkice18

    how about this we sign and trade Mihm for Nocioni…since Nocioni is a SF we can now trade Luke,farmar,kwame,bynum for JO (waaay more apealing cause young and cap space from kwame) then we sign D-fish for vets min and webber too

    Fisher/Javaris/Yue Sun
    Kobe/Mo Evans/sasha

    guys this can happen?!?!?! AGREEEEEEEE!!!!????