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I think we’ve all seen the countless articles that circle through the Internet about who is the better player. It seemed as though after the Lakers played the Cavaliers in January, every sports fan was going out of his way to give his own two cents on who was the better player to whomever was willing to listen. I’m going to give you guys a little treat and just tell you, so you don’t have to think of it on your own.

It’s Kobe.

Look, Lebron James is an incredibly gifted player. He passes with the best of them, he is almost unguardable most of the time and his size gives him the defensive advantage on most small forwards. For the record, I love James. I think he’s a great player, but I don’t want you to be confused by the difference between ability and efficiency because players understand the subtleties but it seems as though a lot fans don’t quite get the nuance.

When you describe a player as “good” or “great”, you are describing his abilities and skills, but when you describe a player as being “effective” or “productive”, you are describing efficiency. And this is where there is a huge difference between Bryant and James. “Good,” “Great,” and “Best” imply all of the different skill levels and abilities when it comes to the game of basketball. “Effective” or “Productive” have to do with the impact a player leaves on the game. If you ask for the best player, you are asking for who has the highest abilities and skill level, not necessarily who is the most effective, and if you think in terms of skill level, James really doesn’t come close to Bryant. I watch a ton of both players and I can tell you where the differences are in their skill level.

Offense –

Post: Despite James’ size, he really doesn’t post a ton. Kobe on the other hand posts quite a bit because of the design of the triangle. Every time he has a height or size advantage, Kobe brings it down low and calls for the ball. His speed on the blocks is astonishing and while they say every post player just needs one move and counter, Kobe has an array of different moves because his footwork is so solid and he has decent recognition of when he should put his shot up.


Long Range: James is shooting a very respectable 48% from the field this year, but this is in spite of his three point shooting. He is only converting on 30% of these long range jumpers. Scouts report that he either takes the three or drives the ball, but if I had to choose, I would make James take the three.

On the other hand, Kobe is shooting a decent 35% from the line, but I would have to attribute that percentage to the fact that Kobe takes way too many 3s with people in his face. When he’s unguarded, he knocks them down with quite a bit of regularly. But because we’re only interested in ability, I’d have to say Kobe.


Mid-Range: This is similar to long range. Lebron is actually a lot better in the mid-range than people give him credit for and I feel as though if you leave him open, he’ll hit 8/10. But that said, the mid-range shot is Kobe’s bread and butter. This is what makes Kobe so great, is his ability to rise up and make contested mid-range jumpers.


Dribble and Handles: Kobe has great handles and seems to have remedied that problem he once had, where he would get picked often. But the problem with Kobe is he’s too often stripped while rising to take a jumper and this is where he starts to lose his edge. Although Lebron does commit slightly more turnovers a game, he is pretty solid when going to the rack. His strength plays a huge part as in why players can’t strip him when he goes up for a shot or when he’s finishing at the rim.


Drive: If you don’t remember, Kobe had an amazing drive at the beginning of his career. But like Jordan, he uses his drive less and less because of his age and his lack of quickness. Don’t misunderstand, Kobe is fast. He’s one of the fastest 29 year olds I’ve ever seen, but his drive really isn’t as good as Lebron’s. It’s understandable because he is getting older. Lebron is too fast, too strong and too skilled in this department to be denied.


Finish: This one is really a toss up. Both players are fantastic when it comes to finishing, regardless of situation. But the difference is both players use different techniques to do it. Lebron uses a lot of his strength when he finishes, he’ll hit you and then while you’re falling back he’ll have a wide open shot and finish nicely. He’s also fantastic at taking the best angle to the basket or using idle players as screens. If there are people occupying the area around the restricted area, Lebron is fantastic at coming from the strong side and using those players as a screen and then finishing on the weak side.

Kobe is a finisher who uses more skill and less contact. Although he does love contact to settle himself, he’s very good at stopping quickly and letting his defender blow past or slipping the ball up quickly before a shot blocker and reach it.

Both are great finishers.


Floor Vision: This is where a lot of people would give it to Lebron, but I’m not so sure. Lebron is very good at finding players on the floor and feeding them in places where they can finish or take an open shot. This is a simple version of floor vision and Lebron is very skilled at it. But if you look, Kobe is really like the Peyton Manning of Basketball. Although he doesn’t make the same passes as Lebron as often, he reads the defense well and adjusts his play to it. For example, if he has the ball up top and sees a seam on the right side between his man and the defender on the outside, he’ll drive every time. If he sees the lane is blocked, he will pull up for a jumper. He’s really good at reading the defense and making their plays work to his favor.


Pass: Both Kobe and Lebron are very good passers. Lebron often makes a lot of fancy passes and a lot of very good passes, but the problem that a lot of people don’t see is that he takes a lot of risks with the ball. And a lot of the time he gets away with it. He banks possessions on the fact that defenders are not looking at the ball and that can occasionally cost him. His skills of passing between defenders on a pick and roll are almost as good as Nash’s.

Kobe on the other hand is just as good, even though he doesn’t always give the ball enough of a bounce when slipping the ball on the pick and roll to a big. You could see that early in the Suns game that he made decent passes but the ball just didn’t bounce high enough for Gasol to reach. Regardless, Kobe is a very good passer, but he doesn’t always feel like he should pass it (and there in lied the criticism).


Rebound: This might surprise you guys. Lebron is a 6’8 forward while Kobe is a 6’6” guard, so you might naturally think that Lebron is the better rebounder. The thing is that he’s not. That might sound crazy because Lebron averages almost two rebounds more a game, but if you consider a few things you might agree with me.

Kobe has always been a pretty strong rebounder, despite his position. When you play as a forward, you get more rebounds just because of position. The two plays farther away from the basket. But there was a portion of this season when Kobe slid down to the three out of necessity and there he averaged double digit rebounds every game. It wasn’t a fluke either, it was like 10 games straight of high rebounding numbers. There was a season he averaged 7 boards a game so it’s not out of his nature. He’s smart with the bounce of the ball. If Kobe played the three on a normal basis, he would average 10 boards a game. He just doesn’t play 3.


Ability To Create: Both of them are great at creating for their teammates, but I feel like Lebron is probably better here. Creation is really rooted in the drive because when you drive you can kick. And Lebron’s drive is more of a threat than Kobe’s.


Defense –

On Ball Defense: Despite what we saw in January, Kobe is a much better on ball defender than Lebron. Lebron was able to stop Kobe a few times, but it really had more to do with fatigue in Kobe. Earlier in the game when Kobe was fresh, he slipped past Lebron a few times with the drive and was able to hit a few jumpers over him. On the other hand, Kobe is known for just straight up suffocating defense. When he wants to play on ball defense, he can stop whomever he wants. From McGrady to Allen to Wade, Kobe has proven he cannot just slow, but stop them all.


Steals/Gamble: Lebron is averaging a little over 2 steals a game right now and Kobe is a little under two steals, but Lebron is playing a few more minutes than Kobe so I’d have to say it’s about a tie statistically. But Lebron seems to game a lot and that leaves one of his teammates out in the cold. Lebron makes most of his steals off of intercepting passes or picking up other people’s deflections, Kobe has amazingly fast hands. It’s not uncommon to see him “pick the pocket” of a relatively capable ball handler and a lot of the steals his teammates get are from his quick hands deflecting the ball. He always seems to know where the ball is going to go and like Chris Paul, he likes to attack the second move instead of the first. He anticipates the dribble well. He’s not completely innocent to gambling, but he seems to gamble when there is not a huge chance he could get burned.


Help Side: Neither of these players really play a ton of help defense in comparison to the four and the five, but still it would have to be Kobe because he is very “Jordanesque” when he roams. A lot of the time you will see Kobe coming from the help side to swat shots away or to trap. He’s not much at deterring players away from the basket though, this is where James might have a slight advantage. But overall, it’d have to be Kobe again.


Block: Lebron almost doubles Kobe’s block total, and although he is better, it’s not by as much as people might think. Lebron blocks shots because of his ability to explode off the floor and his decent anticipation. He’s a scary blocker because of his size and length. Kobe on the other hand, has a lot of Jordan in him. Jordan was a very good blocker for someone his size and Kobe is no different. Kobe’s strength though lies in the surprise. He normally helps on an isolation on the post where the center is playing one on one with the opponent. Kobe is very good at sneaking behind his center and anticipating when the shot will go up. (YouTube “Kobe blocks”, and you’ll see one of Yao, Duncan, Shaquille, etc) But in the end, blocking is a size game and Lebron would win it every time.


Random –

Decision Making: Lebron and Kobe both handle the ball so much on their respective teams that they make a lot of the decisions as well. Kobe is a great decision makers, but there are still places he can improve. A lot of the time he will sit behind the arc and allow the offense to become stagnant. Then he’ll take an ill advised 3 that bricks more often than it goes in. He also can get sucked into one on one games, although that has greatly decreased. But that being said, he showed examples of that when he played against Lebron. He was playing a perfect game and the Lakers were winning, but because Lebron challenged him to play one on one, he took the offense of its flow and ruined the chemistry. Lebron on the other hand makes a lot of very good decisions, when to take over and when not to take over.


Clutch: As this year has progressed, we’ve seen Lebron become a much more clutch player. He is leading the league in points in the fourth and is regularly bringing his club back from a deficit to win in the fourth. As he claims, the fourth quarter is his quarter. But the reality of it is that there is no player more clutch than Kobe. He has been hitting game winners for years and shows no signs of slowly down in that aspect. He continuously hits dagger after dagger in big games and takes over when he feels he should.


Footwork: There’s not real contest here, Kobe has the best footwork in the game.


Count them up, Kobe 9 Lebron 5. Kobe almost doubles Lebron’s total, and I felt I was being generous with Lebron’s “wins.”

But the real point I want to make it that Lebron is very effective in games. He is super effective and he leaves a huge impact on the games he plays in. He provides a lot of intangibles that raise his game closer to Kobe’s. Although Kobe is very effective in games, he is only really effective because of his skill. Lebron is effective because of his size. So while they may both be just as effective in games, Lebron has a few blemishes he needs to strengthen before he can be considered the best (like long range, mid range, and on ball defense).

So if you ask me who the best it, I’d tell you who is the most skilled and has the most ability. Every player agrees and every coach will tell you the same person. As Carlos Boozer said recently, he has no flaws in his game.

It’s Kobe.

  • SpeyerD

    I think that Steve Nash makes some of the most dangerous passes in the game, much like you say about Bron’s. If defenders would just be smart about it they could control some of those stats and quit handing players ridiculous assist totals on passes that would surely have any lesser name back on the bench.

  • http://realballers.com dM

    Wow, extremely useful article lol.. I’ll be using your points to back up Kobe in all those Lebron comparisions lol, good shit.

  • bc18

    i agree with the article on most of the topics but i have to say that passing definitely goes to lebron, but mainly because of his decision making, which you covered in the article. However, Lebron is a better passer because he takes more risks and they pay off more than kobe. Another thing i disagree with is rebounding. I dont think that position plays a role. I think Lebron goes after the ball and he rebounds in traffic while Kobe usually just gets the easy type of rebounds or he will get them in traffic near the end of the game, but not all throughout a game. Many times Kobe doesnt even box out. I also slightly disagree with floor vision because more than a few times Kobe has a speed advantage over people (such as forwards or centers), but he settles for the jumpshot with a hand in his face, whereas Lebron takes advantages of his advantages more. However, I still agree a tie in that aspect. And the last thing i disagree with is finishing. Kobe isnt a one man fastbreak like Lebron. Also, Lebron could finish with so much contact and he could literally reach over defenders blocking hands. Also, Im pretty sure he has the most “and 1’s” in the league. Kobe, however is a great finisher if the defenders arent too strong. He also dunks fast(before defenders have their hands up) so he doesnt get blocked. However, I still give it to Lebron because he also has bigger hands on the ball than Kobe. And thats all I have to say lol. By the way, Kobe Bryant is my favorite player ever and although Im his biggest fan, Im also his biggest critizer, but it doesnt mean I dont like him haha =D LAKERS FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! (oh yeah Im 18 yrs old people so if you think Im dumb, maybe its because Im young lol =D)

  • bc18


  • Brett

    Lebron can never be mentioned in any comparisons. lebron has never dreamed of the immense pressure that kobe has suffered in his career, such as: rape trials, playing under critique of latimes, teammates,and coaches. Being nicknamed ballhog, being accused for the reason shaq left… Throw me a frickin bone here article. All i have to say is – 81. Comparisons are over.

  • BleedsPurple-N-Gold

    Kobe has more handles than LEBRON! Kobe crosses people over, dances with the ball, and splits doudlbe-triple-the whole team. I think you got confused with driving and dribbling.

    Lebron = athleticism
    Kobe = pure skills & Fundamentals

  • Lakers4Life

    81 BABEE!!!

  • Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    Kobe Bryant deserves to be the M.V.P. of this league, not only this year but the last 3 years running….Do you remember the Lakers team roster of 2006? The media does not want to acknowledge how he carried this lottery team on his back, to the playoffs, the last 2 years. They also tend to forget how the Lakers should have advanced in the 2006 playoffs, if not for the usual low basketball IQ decisions made down the stretch by certain players in this otherwise lottery team, as they had the Phoenix Suns dead in the water in 5 games of the 2006 playoffs. But due to the low IQ of the 2006 Lakers team roster, making terrible decisions and allowing the Suns to rise from the DEAD! What a difference having just smarter players let alone more talented make…If Lebron is voted the M.V.P. instead of Kobe this year, it will be because Lebron kisses up to the media like a poster b1tch and Kobe does not! Kobe is nobody’s b1tch, but Lebron is like where are the cameras and how cute do I look, I gotta look good! It will be a continued travesty if Lebron is voted M.V.P. instead of Kobe “The Man” Bryant this year.

  • Kobe08-09

    Lebron is gifted player, i bet all he had to do is pick a basketball and he made it to NBA
    Kobe had to work hard on his skillz thats why he is better and if he was gifted like lebron he would of been a WAY better player

    O yea Ab4sure did you read this yet?

  • http://lakers.topbuzz.com Lakers2410

    LeBron=Strength, athleticism, power
    Kobe=Finesse, athleticism, clutch, defense will, fuel to his fire (fule to my fire was a title for a famous Kobe video, also Kobe plays better the more the criticism rises against him, LeBron on the other hand, has no criticism, 0% criticism whatsoever!)
    LeBron can have strength and power, but finesse, clutch, defense, ability to play while under pressure/criticism, all belongs to Kobe!

  • Kris

    Are you kidding me – LeBron is the way better passer, rebounder, help side and finisher. Come on, try to show a little objectivity. And as far as clutch goes, for Kobe’s career yes, but since the second half of last season it’s LeBron.

  • Michael_23

    Hey Nugget, can you make one with Kobe vs. Michael Jordan if you have time?

    Thanks! I’ve love to have that!

  • lakers fan 22

    lebron will be better than kobe.

  • http://www.thelakersnation.com Fred A.

    Labron cant really hold a candle to Kobe.
    I feel that Kobe is better in all cataglories except size and strength.
    Who’s better?
    Shooting=Kobe, cause Labron can even shoot correctly.
    Passing=Kobe slightly better
    Scoring=Kobe way better, cause he lead his team to 3-championships
    Stealing=Kobe, I really never hear or see Labron stealing the ball and taking it down for a dunk or two.
    Blocking=Kobe, cause Labron just stands there on defense
    Dribbling=Kobe he rarely turns the ball over.
    Rebounding=Kobe just a little bit better.
    Size and strength=Labron
    The best player period=Kobe Bryant

  • Shaq786

    When you talked about “dribbles and handles”… it was really about one player’s ability to penetrate… not dribbles and handles…. because both would be equal in that. If you talk about the ability to hold the ball in penetration, sure, give the advantage to lebron

    I would also like to see 2 other MAIN categories in regards to MVP… leadership… and the ability to read other teams plays… kobe is a better general than any in the game… he is quick to counter the other teams strategy and is probably the best “student of the game” we have today…

    Lebron has better stats because their style of play is almost through him in every single possesion… while if kobe tries to make it a one one game, he gets benched (see kobe vs. lebron, the last time they played)…

    Kobe has also been able to get his players to another level now… he can drive his teamates better… no player has carried a bunch of rookies to another level like kobe has with his young team…the only player than can do it like kobe is kg and chris paul has been great at improving the stat lines of his player as well.


  • lalball81

    Sorry guys, but I feel like some of these responses are a little bit biased. I love the article though, but I do think that LeBron has an edge in finishing, floor vision, and passing as well as rebounding. Other then that, Kobe trumps him in all other categories.

    And as far as scoring goes, it’s a tie to me. LeBron is averaging about 30 ppg this season and shooting at a better % then Kobe. However, Kobe’s done around 30 ppg for much longer then LeBron has. We’ll see how that pans out over LeBron’s career.

    In terms of clutch, LeBron has improved this year. He leads the league in fourth quarter scoring, and has led his team to the most comebacks in the league. I can remember at least three game winning shots he’s made too. I’m going to have to give Kobe the advantage in clutch, but only by a small margin.

  • daboss1848

    A wonderful opinion piece – but, again its just an opinion piece with no substantial facts or figures to make a solid argument…I’m sure in CavsNation, there is a mirror article that makes the same arguments to come to a Lebron is better conclusioon. Some of those conclusions really go out of their way to make a tie or give the advantage to KB.

    My personal opinion is that I never dreamed to consider Lebron anywhere near KB – until this year’s last matchup. I disliked Lebron immensely just because he was anointed w/o ever setting foot on the NBA floor. He was a good player, but he was missing important skill sets – outside shot, killer instinct and defense. Much like KB – although I’m sure not to the same length or degree – he has worked on his game. So although I dont think he is consistently near KB at this time, at least I can foresee in the not so distant future.

    This year’s matchup has shown that the missing skill sets are no longer as glaring. Although KB outplayed LBJ on every level and in every aspect for 42 minutes in their matchup, the last 6 minutes determined the game . . . and in that sense, LBJ outkobe’d Kobe in every aspect (clutch shots, lock down D).

    It is only one game – but, for me, it showed that maybe LBJ does have the desire to be great and not just anointed great.

    Time will tell . . . it’s easy to make arguments for your favorite player or for the player that is hot in the moment (recall Wade’s ship run – he was adjudged “better” than melo, lbj, kb by most pundits; and today?). Be objective and give respect. It’s a great time to be an NBA fan – and, more importantly, a Lakers fan.

    For those trying to compare KB with MJ, there is a wonderful site out there called kb24overrated.com – despite its disrespectful name, its content is facts and figure . . .

  • nyla

    I hate the argument that LeBron’s the best closer in the game, or at least this year, just because he leads the league in 4th quarter scoring. Yea, its great and all, but the stats don’t tell the whole story. Had we not had so many blow outs I almost guarantee you Kobe would be leading in that category.

  • http://thelakersnation.com kb24 4life

    [Comment ID #27351 Will Be Quoted Here], get out of here, you dont deserve to be in the LAKERS nation, go and create a cavaliers nation… lets see who follows you…

  • foxxy


  • Brett

    A little off subject, but Whatever happened to pussy dwayne wade fans. How he was ever mentioned in comparisons to kobe, i don’t know, but he freakin SUCKS dong!

  • foxxy

    [Comment ID #27361 Will Be Quoted Here]

  • Brett

    Bytheway, all lebron is to kobe is a little poo floating in his toilet. Lebron is kobe’s poo.

  • T-Dub

    Lebron…Best closer? all that means is that he’s been shooting the ball more in the 4th qtr. All he has on Kobe is size and strength! period. People fail to realize that Lebron handles the ball alot because they have no PG. If they had one, he doesn’t handle it as much, fewer assist. Two different offenses. It comes down to skillset and winning, and Kobe has him by a mile. Not even close. Now that kobe has a squad, in 5 yrs, they’ll be saying he’s the best ever like Mark Jackson keeps saying when it’s all said an done.

  • Tsiry

    [Comment ID #27367 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Hilarious!!! And true.

  • drake hunter

    I think what gives Kobe the advantage over Lebron besides what the article covers is the following

    1. Hunger and will to win. We’ve all seen it countless times, the man just wants to win, and often times gets criticize for it. He’ll do whatever it takes to win whether he shoots 30 times in a game or just 2 times. He puts in the effort during the offseason and tries and bring something different to his game every season, which is hard when players and coaches in the league has said the man can do it all. This season he has concentrated more on defense, like coming from the weak side and blocking shots and more of a stopping his man one on one mentality.

    2. His ability to play through injuries or sickness. Kobe gives it is all no matter what. This man really does earn his contract, he’s currently playing with a hand injury that was worse then Lebrons ( who sat out 6 games that his team lost) and still doing so effectively while winning. He played while he was ill countless times while most players would sit out. When he gets hurt in a game, he may take the rest of the quarter off to get treatment but rest assure the man comes back to finish the game. The man has played through a groin injury, thats toughness right there. The league wants to give everything to Lebron, why?, when they still have kobe who understands that some fans in other states gets to see him only once a year so he’ll do whatever it takes to show up and play through injuries for them. The man just has no quit in him.

    3. He has no fear. This can be good and bad. This off season to alot of players and fans displeasures, he threw the FO and team under the bus,and demanded a trade. Lets put ourselves in his shoes. The FO promised us when we signed our new contract that they will build a champioship caliber team around us (the greatest player on the planet) butwho do we get, Kwame as our center and Smush as our starting PG. The center and pg is two very important position to be filled by someone who will be working at mcdonalds next year, and another player who his current team is paying him just to stay at home. I would be pissed, so kobe did the unthinkable and got criticized by everyone, he put his reputation, which he was slowly restoring, back on the line and was hated and scolded by his peers coaches and fans. He did it in order to win, now look at us the lakersnation. I havent been this excited in a while, every Laker game is a must see. After Kobe got what he wanted the man is giving his all to bring a championship back home. Lebron on the hand is just taking the easy route, basically he’s just saying the right things. It was easier for him because the east is so weak and he just got to the finals, imagine him not winning it all the next 2 seasons with basically the same team, what would he have done.

    4. Lastly people always say a true great players makes everyone around him better ala lebron and nash,which they do. However I feel Kobe doesnt get enough credit for it. Kobe just does it in a different way. He sets the example of working hard and then continues to work harder. Look at Bynum Farmer Sasha Turiaf Caron,they all have improved drastically because of Kobe, Caron became an all starjust by working side by side with him. Another example is Michael Redd who played with Kobe on the USA team and coming into the season was feeling more confident then ever because he learned from Kobe.

    Kobe is really the best player in the league, Lebron would be unfortunately for him he play in the sam league as KObe. Kobes been great for 10 plus years now. Lets not try and maker harder then it is. Kobes the best period

  • e

    in regards to handles, kobe is definitely better bcuz like everyone else here is saying, he dances with the ball, penetrates afterwards and the rest is history

    now for steals and defense, lebron rarely steals it on one on one situations, he stands around in defense and when someone loses the ball, he’ll have his way by picking it up (its like, oh look what i found)..kobe gets steals playing one on one defense

    i agree with most here…

    lebron = majority of his game power and athleticism while he’ll show some fundamentals and skill.

    kobe = majority of his game finesse, skill, athleticism and fundamentals while he’ll show some power every now and then

  • lakerzzz

    Whoever made that pic of bron and kobe props to u cuz its sick. But as for the Kobe Lebron debate, as of TODAY Kobe is at another level, I would have to say that this is probably the best season so far he has played because his efficiency is through the roof and his teammates are feeding off that, and his only other season that he was displaying MVP qualities that deserve an MVP is probably in 2000, but he has been great for many years and never had a done year individually, and should’ve gotten more MVPs, but 2000 he shouldve gotten and this year should be Kobe’s no matter what. But back to Lebron, if you compared when Kobe was 23 and Lebron now, Lebron was much better, even though I love Kobe, but Lebron was built at a much younger age than Kobe and that has definetly worked as a huge advantage. But Kobe at 29 and Bron at 23, Kobe holds a larger advantage, not physically, but mentally. Also skills wise Kobe is a much better dribbler and an amazing shooter, I know Lebron has a higher shooting percentage, but that is only because he takes it to the rack about 90 percent of the time, and Kobe shoots from all over the court. But until Lebron can get a jumper like Kobe’s, he cannot be considered as a better individual player because he does not have a complete game like Kobe, but when he does he will certainly challenge Kobe’s individual game, but he will also have to produce championships when does, as Kobe will produce more soon enough

  • ab4sure

    “I’m going to give you guys a little treat and just tell you, so you don’t have to think of it on your own”. Nugget this statement suggest that laker fans are mindless robots. I am glad to see that alot of laker fans aren’t.

    On your article you need to ask why and not be an apologetic.. Why does James not post up??? because he plays more Pt. Forward not PF. Apologetic… kobe shoots 35%?? not bad.. you said would be better if he didn’t shoot with a hand in his face.. well then kobe should drive to the basket. You need to have the “ability” to be smart about your game.

    Kobe strengths are shooting(got to be in the top five of all time), one on one defense(when he wants to, although he gambles too much)driving(when he has to) although he is not as strong a finisher as Lebron. Closing out a game(esp. in the past) but this yr he hasn’t been as consistent, but would rather have him take the last shot than LBJ.

    Lebron strengths are passing(gets the ball to the right person at the right time). Rebounding, 8 bds a game for a SF who plays point. Nugget kobe wouldn’t get more bds by playing SF as his opponent would be even taller and stronger(10 bds a game i don’t think so). Remember Magic played PG and rebounded like a monster so position doesn’t determine totals rebounds. To not give Lebron both passing and rebounding makes me question your objectivity on this subject, but then again this is lakernation and your email box might blow up…lol

    We have to remember that we are judging the players merit on today and not 2-3 yrs. ago. As far as skills set in a one on one situation I would still have to give it to Kobe although Lebron in a one on one situation is not far behind, remember last lakers cavs game. One on one I give it to kobe but since basketball is a five on five game I would choose Lebron.


    Here is a recent article of someone who use to give the edge to kobe.

    AS far as MVP Kobe has a good shot this yr. due to the talent and success of the lakers, Lebron will probably have to wait considering the cavs lineup has no one close to being an allstar and just alot of serviceable parts with some talent.

  • lakers fan 22

    [Comment ID #27366 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I said lebron WILL BE better than kobe. Right now kobe is the best player in the NBA. At age 23 was kobe doing the things LeBron James is doing now???? I DON’T THINK SO. YOU ARE AN IDIOT.

  • http://www.respectkobe.com Kobe4MVP

    LeBron is the CLEAR 2nd best player in the league… but he is NOT CLOSE to being at Kobe’s level yet.

    Check out the following, it discusses some aspects of LeBron vs. Kobe (there are also 2 follow-up articles): http://www.respectkobe.com/?p=6

    There are several other points I’d like to make about the article above:

    1. Dribbles & Handles: First, LeBron and Kobe average THE SAME amount of turnovers. HOW those turnovers happen don’t matter to this discussion — it means that LeBron loses the ball as much as Kobe.

    Second, LeBron’s drive is pretty much a force of power, speed, and size. On the other hand, how often to you see Kobe snaking and serpentining his way through defenses? He cuts and slices his way through defenses, drawing defenders, and then can either finish like no other or pass to an open man. This requires much more handling ability than LeBron’s direct, fast, powerful drives. There is nobody in the league that can dribble like Kobe does… definitely not LeBron.

    2. Finishing: How can you say that LeBron is as good a finisher as Kobe? Kobe can finish FROM ANYWHERE. There is no offensive skill that he doesn’t have. LeBron’s versatility is actually quite limited. He doesn’t have a long-range jumpshot, and in fact, his jumpshot overall is sub-par. Just look at last year’s Finals: When the Spurs built a moat around the paint and denied LeBron his drive, what did he have left to finish with? His shooting percentage dropped into the 30s! But Kobe? You can’t take away his game. You try to take away his drive, his jumpshot is murder. You try to take away the jumpshot, he’ll blow right past you for the dunk or layup. Try to double or triple him? He still has options! He can either just score over the double and triple team anyways, or he’s an excellent passer to open men. Kobe is a MUCH better and more complete finisher than LeBron.

    3. Floor Vision: I’m glad that someone recognizes that court vision means more than just assist totals. First, it has to do not only with the pass, but also with reading defenses and adjusting offensively, as this article noted. But beyond that, I want to point out one other thing: As the author alluded to in this article, LeBron plays in a system where the offense goes almost completely through him. There is no such thing as a Cavs offense that does not funnel through LeBron. This is not because of him so much as it’s simply the system he plays in. On the other hand, Kobe plays in the Triangle offense. It is designed to swing the ball from one side to the other, to create the extra passes until an open man is found. LeBron’s passes usually result in the player he passed to taking a shot. Whether or not it’s a high percentage shot, if he makes enough of those passes, at least a few of his teammates’ shots will eventually go in, which will result in assist numbers. Kobe, on the other hand, VERY OFTEN draws the defense, and then kicks out to a teammate. However, because of the design of the Triangle offense, that teammate often passes again, swinging the ball from side to side, inside and out, until the offense finds a high percentage shot. Therefore, while the high percentage shot may exist as a result of Kobe’s drawing the defense, and then the rest of the team finding a way to exploit the off-balance defenders, Kobe doesn’t get the assist. So I would suggest that Kobe is as good a passer as LeBron, on top of which, his floor vision is also showed in how he reads both defenses and offense and adjust offensively and defensively, and how he directs his entire team like a quarterback calling audibles on offense.

    4. Pass: I think I already addressed this above. Kobe is an excellent passer. Somehow, people have managed to forget how good a passer he was, and what a facilitator he was, when he played with Shaq and some role players who could hit shots. All the sudden, he once again has teammates who can finish, and people are acting like he suddenly learned to pass. In reality, Kobe has always been an excellent passer and a willing facilitator, and I would suggest that his passing can’t be read in the assist numbers, especially because of the system he plays in.

    5. Rebounding: Glad that somebody recognizes that one has to consider position when looking at rebounding. LeBron plays closer to the basket, so he gets more rebounds. Kobe is listed at 6’6″, but in fact, he’s admitted to actually being 6’5″, and his wife says she measured him at 6’4-1/2″. Thus, the height difference alone should account for AT LEAST 2 rebounds difference. Thus, the fact that a 6’9″ forward playing closer to the basket out-rebounds a 6’5″-ish guard playing farther from the basket is, in fact, NOT impressive at all. Kobe’s rebounding SKILLS are far superior to LeBron’s.

    Also, consider position. According to NBA.com, which I’ve looked at periodically over the course of the season, Kobe has been in the Top 2 or 3 guards in rebounding all year. The two that rebound more are Mike Miller, who has several inches on Kobe, and Jason Kidd, who (a) is a triple double, rebounding freak of nature, and (b) is having a career year in rebounds. LeBron, on the other hand, was 25th in rebounding among forwards the last time I checked. That should make it clear: Kobe is a superior rebounder.

    6. Blocking: I’d submit that blocking must be considered much in the same was as rebounding: size and position have a HUGE effect on blocking. Kobe is an excellent blocker. Tim Duncan, Yao Ming, Andrei Kirilenko (remember that block early in the season?) all know this. LeBron has the advantage statistically, but not in skill. I’d say they’re equal at best.

    7. Clutch: LeBron’s clutch performances are definitely improving. But I want to add one thing: until he has shown an ability to repeatedly, even regularly, put on clutch performances at the highest level — in the Finals — he simply can’t compare to Kobe. LeBron’s shooting % was terrible in the Finals, and he was unable to perform at that high level. Kobe has done so repeatedly. So, Kobe is the master of not only regular season clutch performances, but also post-season and Finals clutch performances. LeBron’s improvement in the regular season still doesn’t bring him close to Kobe.

    That’s pretty much it. Kobe is clearly BETTER, and he is also more efficient and more valuable.

  • http://www.respectkobe.com Kobe4MVP


    Kobe 4 MVP: http://www.respectkobe.com/?p=17

  • ab4sure

    Sorry Nugget… I should have said Alvin Chan.. please accept my apologies….

  • Alvin

    [Comment ID #27385 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I wrote this article, not Nugget. And as for objectivity, if you asked any of my friends, you’d know Lebron is actually my favorite player. I suggest you guys who disagree with me to watch a couple games carefully and you’ll see that I’m right. Kobe is the better rebounder and Lebron is not better at passing than Kobe. I’ll give you guys an example, watch the Cavs/Lakers game in January, there’s a time when Kobe is playing small forward and he and Lebron are standing next to one another when someone on the Lakers is shooting a free throw. Kobe, although he has the disadvantage, gets the rebound off the missed free throw over Lebron and Lebron fouls him. It’s just one of a lot of examples that swayed my decision. I’m not saying Lebron is a horrible rebounder, he’s not, he’s a great rebounder, but if you look at what Kobe can do at his size, it’s really remarkable. Watch some footage, get back to me.

    If you still want to argue with me about this, you can email me


    Maybe I’ll have Nugget publish the questions and responses if I get enough of them or something.

  • e

    [Comment ID #27386 Will Be Quoted Here]

    at age 23 kobe didnt have to because he had other players in the team that would help him through the game, now if u think kobe was in lebron’s situation at that time, i would think its safe to assume, kobe could have and would have been equally if not more talented than lebron…

    now as for mvp..lebron did not make his team better, he only made himself better leading to their position right now…yes he can pass but his passes which ultimately turn into assists are heavily relied upon spot up shooters rather than drive and set

    as for kobe, need i say anymore about what he has done this season?

  • Alvin

    [Comment ID #27386 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Kobe was had like 2 rings at 23, and averaged like 30PT/7REB/6AST/2STL so as good as Lebron is, I think the question is, is Lebron doing things at 23 that Kobe did at 23?

    Probably not.

    Although Lebron’s commercials are hilarious. Kobe’s aren’t bad either though.

  • LakersPride24

    Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, so if you think LeBron is better than Kobe, that’s cool, but… you’re WRONG! It’s not even close. LeBron is a very good player. Kobe is the greatest player ever. Yeah better than Jordan. Jordan’s career numbers and rings are better, for now… Skill wise Kobe is the best ever. His 3 point range is way better than MJ’s. The main thing that sets Kobe and LeBron apart is killer instinct. LeBron doesn’t have it now and never will. Skilled, but not mentally tough enough. Kobe is the best ever. MVP!

  • LA fan in Manila

    As long as Kobe is playing, he rules the game of basketball.

    You can’t really compare if both players are playing at the same level at the age of what…early 20s. You can’t because when lebron came to the nba, expectations were really high maybe because the cavs is already building around him. While for Kobe, he got help during the time he got in the NBA. He got Shaq, Jones and Nick.

  • lakers fan 22

    [Comment ID #27403 Will Be Quoted Here]

    The answer to your question Alvin is yes. lebron is doing the things kobe did at age 23. lebron is avg. 30pts. 8 reb. 7.5 ast. and 2 steals to kobe at age 23 who was avg. 30pts. 7 reb. and 6 ast. and 2 steals. And back then kobe was not facing the constant double teams that lebron is facing now. And kobe had a BIG guy down low by the name of Shaquille O’Neal which made it a lot easier for Kobe.

  • Alvin

    Kobe had a couple a couple rings though, it’s hard to argue with that.

  • http://lakers.topbuzz.com Lakers2410

    Why can’t I talk in the chatbox anymore, but I can still talk in here, I’m just wondering because I haven’t talked there forever, and I miss it! Is it that my account or something is expired for that area, or is it because I rarely talk on there, or rarely did, though I doubt it’s that, because I talked on there before a ton! Please help me, I really want to talk in the chatbox/shoutbox again!

  • lakers fan 22

    Rings don’t mean much. karl malone,Charles Barkley,Elgin Baylor,Dominique Wilkins, and Patrick Ewing just to name a few have never won a ring. Robert Horry has won 7 rings. Does that make Robert horry better than all those players?????? No it doesn’t.

  • ab4sure

    As far as rebounding and passing you have to give the edge to Lebron who rebounds and assists like no other pt forward or no other player with kidd being the exception. As far as accomplishments at the age of 23… Lebron never had an MVP of the League or a 3 time Finals MVP by the name of Shaquille O’Neal… but boy would he like to.. In fact, even right now he is talking to D. Ferry the Cav GM… and saying forget a in your prime Shaq just get me a young Bynum or a Gasol. Kobe is saying sorry Lebron… you need to get a Mitch Kupchak first… LOL

  • Thomas

    Well you’re posting a Kobe vs. LeBron blog on a Laker-fan oreinted website. All these comments are going to be biased towards Kobe. Don’t get me wrong Kobe will be better than LeBron for the major portion of the time when they play in the League at the same time. Towards the end of his carreer Kobe’s numbers will fall and individually LeBron will be better. Overall Kobe will retire with the most rings and thats really all that counts in this game right?? As long as LeBron stays in Cleveland he will not win a championship. The city of Cleveland is cursed when it comes to winning in sports. Kobe over LeBron right now, but LeBron over Kobe in 5-7 years depending on trades and how their teams do in the playoffs.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #27367 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Your hatred for LeBron is alot of Shyt… LOL

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #27375 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Hands down Kobe the best player in the world, NO DOUBT! However, I disagree with your 3rd point. Kobe has one of the biggest, stupidest mouths in the NBA, which almost got his a** traded to Chicago, a team with Luol Deng that he thought was good. Kobe is a great player who has finally learned to quit playing GM and keep his mouth SHUT and just do what he does best …. play basketball.

    There is NO WAY IN HELL that Kobe should get ANY CREDIT for being so unprofessional and bash his FO and his teammates the way he did in the offseason. If Kobe had his way, the Lakers would’ve traded away Andrew Bynum who so many of you bashed last year, but thank God for the Lakers FO who stuck to their guns. The Lakers FO for judging talent is far more superior than Kobe’s.

    I still don’t know why Laker fans here think the FO wasn’t building a championship calibur team. Building a championship calibur team does NOT happen over night (AND IT ALSO DOESN’T HELP WHEN YOU’RE OVER THE SALARY CAP SOMETHING YOU CHOOSE TO IGNORE. HOW CAN THE LAKERS FO, OR ANY TEAM OVER THE SALARY EXPECT TO BRING IN HIGH QUALITY PLAYERS WHEN YOU HAVE NO FLEXIBILITY TO PAY THEM).

    Yes, the Lakers FO signed Smush Parker, but do you realize he only got paid about $700K per year and he wanted an extension going into his last year, which the Lakers FO refused to give him! A bad FO was that of Miami when they signed Smuch to a contract paying him $2M per year. Also, yes Lakers traded for Kwame Brown, but don’t forget that at that time the Lakers had only one big man, Chris Mihm, and had two small forwards in LO and Caron Butler so one of them had to go (yes, back then LO was going to play to the small forward). The trade was right in theory and the Lakers FO rolled the dice on Kwame and it didn’t work.

    Unlike Kobe, The Lakers FO was patient. They did what quality FO’s do, and that is draft well. The Lakers drafted well in selecting, Farmar, Turiaf, Sasha, Walton (even though many of you don’t like Walton), BYNUM and even Crittenton, who helped us get Gasol. Think about it, all of our recent draft picks our regulars in the Lakers rotation. Kobe and so many so-called Laker Fans bashed these players and look how they are playing now. The Lakers FO isn’t like other NBA FO’s who make quick, useless trades. The Lakers FO are methodical in their trades and take calculated risks, instead of making knee-jerk like trades that can backfire and hurt the team in the LONG TERM (kwame had only had a 3 year contract, he wanted longer, but the Lakers only gave him 3 years. By signing him to just 3 years, the Lakers mitigated their risk because they knew in that last $9M year, Kwame could be used for trade bait, if he didn’t work out).

    Kobe is the best player in the NBA (best in the player world) but if you ask me to judge Kobe’s ability to select players, he is one of the worst in the league and he’s finally learn to quit playing GM and just play ball.

  • Jack

    Sumtimes, i just feel like Lebron is here to save NBA and the league will do whatever it takes to make Lebron look like the best. But the truth is Lebron is kinda good.

    I seriously think there was no need for this write. Lebron is gettng better every year, every game. But, he hasn’t got to the point where Kobe is. It will take some time, that is if he does reach his company.

    Kobe, no doubt, is in a very elite company, no matter when he ends his carrer. Lebron has a long way to go.


    ASK LEBRON WHO THE BEST PLAYER IN THE LEAGUE(or in the world for that matter)IS!!!

  • Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    When opposing teams finally start to figure out the way to stop Lebron is to take away his drive at all costs and force him to shoot from the outside, his current effectiveness will decline….This is what they tried to do to Jordan, but Jordan figured this out, and developed a great outside touch. Lebrons current shooting percentage of about 48% is due to a very high number of dunks. Now, If Lebron can do what Jordan did and develop a consistant outside touch, then and only then should anybody even consider Lebron over Kobe. And I seriously doubt, Lebron will ever be a great outside shooter. And don’t forget Lebron will NEVER be the defensive ball player Kobe is!