Laker fans may start loving USA Light just as much as they do Kobe Bryant, as they have once again hooked up the Laker Nation community.

USA Light held yet ANOTHER contest in which you had an opportunity to win a $100.00 Visa Gift Card.

One lucky winner was chosen!

Congratulations to Amy Moreno, who simply followed USA Light on Facebook and Twitter and now has 100 bucks cash!

Thank you so much!!!!!!! I am still in shock! At first i thought to myself, ‘Wait a minute am i dreaming?’. The minute I read the email for the second time, I realized this is real. I grabbed my daughter and started jumping and yelling with her. The first thing I am going to do with the money is buy my daughter a pair of Kobe shoes! She is a huge fan of her “koobie” like my father and brothers. Thanks to USA Light she can finally have her first pair of Kobe’s. Thank you for supporting the great! – Amy Moreno

Hate to break it to all of you that did not enter but, YEAH it’s that easy!

Make any purchase from and receive 10% off by using the code LAKERS at checkout!

  • nath108

    She’s kinda hot in that Jersey. :D

    • Hoowah!

      Dude, she’s like 14! haha…seriously, who’s #8 on the Lakers?

      • Jack Yang

        … Kobe Bryant was #8…. where you been? O_O

        • Hoowah!

          WAS…where YOU been?

          • Jack Yang

            I did say “was” … 

          • Hoowah!

            my point exactly Jack, last I checked KB is 24 now.  Just messing with you dude…don’t trip.