UPDATE: The Los Angeles Lakers have confirmed this to be a hoax. Great stuff though!

Press Enterprise: As most of you have probably guessed already, the Lakers confirmed it’s a hoax. The only way Amare Stoudemire suits up in purple and gold this year is if someone buys him a Kobe jersey for Christmas.

Here was the original “tweet” on Amare’s page…

Breaking News! Amar’e Stoudemire to the Lakers!! (via Twitter)

  • http://lakers.com BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!

    Breaking News! Amar’e Stoudemire to the Lakers!!


  • http://www.visionofthefans.com Chris Manning

    California dreamin…

  • http://lakers.com Amare2La


  • Amare

    I just got traded. Kobe + Pau + Amare = 16th ring!

  • Dave

    How would that even be possible?

    Stoudemire, slated to make $16.4 million this season, wants a maximum contract extension this summer and can opt out of his $17.7 million 2010-11 season next summer.

  • Lakersbabe1

    Haha Amare wishes!!!!

  • http://www.visionofthefans.com Chris Manning

    I think either:

    1. Someone got to his acct. and posted this
    2. He is playing a prank

    This is Amare’s twitter though.

  • xtro

    those damn twitters!

  • Laker4Eva88

    bahaha thats total bs would be awesome but its total bs good luck on gs next year haha

  • Dave

    Here’s my guess: it was posted using his cell phone. You don’t have to hack the account as long as you can ‘borrow’ his cell phone for 30 seconds. Its probably one of his friends playing a joke while he’s on the court practicing / in the shower / etc.

  • Justin Fisher

    We sure could use either a slashing foward like him or a bigger guard.

  • http://www.visionofthefans.com Chris Manning

    [Comment ID #77242 Will Be Quoted Here]

  • yash

    He wishes he was traded to lakers


    If this really is happening, then I think that all you fools would be TOUCHING YOURSELVES TOO! HAHAHA!

  • MaMbA_24

    haha no way…..how true is this?????

  • Mitch4Pres

    we dont need him we got chinemelu elonu

  • kaynam24

    [Comment ID #77248 Will Be Quoted Here]

    lol ahahh chinemelu elonu i bet no one here can say it within a sec or 2

  • Justin Fisher

    Stouds would be nice if Lamar leaves..Similar player too.

  • 123kid

    i bet that scared the sh*t out of the nba.


    [Comment ID #77250 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I see where you’re going with that ’cause I sort of thought the same thing too, but it’s not exactly true! With LO in the game, the Lakers can spread the floor. LO is a threat on the 3 and when the Lakes spreads the floor like that, they’re extremely dangerous! They’ve got shooters on the wings at the 3, Kobe threatening to drive and/or pull up, and giving Pau and Bynum lots of room to work down low.

    With Amare, they can’t spread the floor like that. He’s gotta play closer to the basket and thus clogging the middle for the other 2 bigs! We’ve got 1 less shooter and Kobe then has to remain primarily a jump shooter ’cause he can’t drive otherwise furthering the blockade on the inside!

    Plus, we’re looking for LO to drop his price, we can’t just take on someone who’s getting paid more than LO! If he wants to drop his rates and come and win a ring with our current staff, then WOW! I’ll be in the back room with a box of tissues! LOL!

  • KB24ForLife

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    LOLOLOL HAHAHAHAAHAHA!!! priceless comment hahahaha

  • G-Small

    Who the f##k wants soft a$$ Amare anyway?

  • CK

    They wouldn’t lose a game, if Amare was our PF and Pau moved back over to Center.

  • kobe8

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    i dont think so. Lamar is more versatile, he can shoot the 3, better rebounder and better ball handler. Amare cannot make his own shot

  • Taylor

    u all kno u would get rid of lamar for Amare in an instant. U would have an allstar team w/ Bynumite dominating off the bench.


    [Comment ID #77263 Will Be Quoted Here]

    It’s already an allstar team! Actually, it’s a championship team! And No, I wouldn’t want to see the Lakers sacrifice the versatility to pick up someone else that’s going to clog up the lane! Now, if Amare were to opt out and the Lakers end up signing him AND keep both LO and Ariza, then that’s a completely different story!

    Anyway, that’s all just a big hoax, so no use talking about it anymore!

    COM’ON LAKERS, SIGN ALL 3 GUYS!!!!! LO, ARIZA, AND BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I love how everyone freaked out from something that HAPPENED ON TWITTER! Next thing you know the NBA GM’s will be making ones just to talk to eachother and make trades that everyone can follow for real time NBA trades. LOL :}

  • willow

    Every player uses the Lakers as leverage to get what they want. Contract talks and they threaten to sign with the Lakers for peanuts or start a rumor saying that they’re going to the Lakers to put the front office into a panic.

    He probably just wanna vent since they got rid of his idol, Shaquille.

  • sasha vujabrick

    if its a trick then why did he post it on his twitter page? dosent make sense at all but ill tell u this i would trade luke farmar and sasha for him though.

  • OnenOnly24

    So is he secretly saying he doesn’t want to be with the suns anymore? I don’t blame him.

  • Fred A.

    DO IT MITCH!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    How about this proposal:

    A. Bedrians(A good center)
    B. Wright(maybe the next Raja Bell)
    A. Morrison(may the next Dan Majerly)
    S. Curry(a great future point guard)

    A. Stoudimire(a dominate big man)
    L. Walton(helps passes to the shooters)
    2010 1st rd. pick(from Lakers)
    2011 2nd rd. pick(from Suns)
    We Get:
    S. Jackson(a needed great small forward)
    M. Belinlli(a good pick up)

    Looks of:
    Ariza/Jackson/maybe a FA here

    What you think? :)





  • lainok

    the only blockbuster trade for the lakers that would make any kind of improvement at all, would be bynum + whoever from the bench mob for dwight howard. I wouldn’t take amare over odom or pau. but I would definately take howard over bynum. If he want’s to actually win a championship one day, he should make the move the other great center from orlando did. can you say 10-peat?

  • ArthurB1955

    Stoudamire to Lakers would ONLY be nice if they can’t sign Lamar. As good as Amar’e is he is NO Lamar Odom. Odom’s skill set is MORE-DIVERSIFIED. Odom can defend, rebound,handle ball & Shoot the “TRAY”…Lakers MUST keep this guy

  • ArthurB1955

    Lamar you are a “FREAK” of nature. Very few 6’10 guys can dribble length of floor, defend, rebound & shoot 3-pointer. Advice. Sign a short 2yr contract w/Lakers (Max. 3yrs). Begin work on After basketball career. Look up and directly at CAMERA when you are speaking.


    [Comment ID #77290 Will Be Quoted Here]

  • Butch

    I agree about Howard for Bynum. We don’t need Amare if we keep Odom and Ariza AND get Howard!
    Dwight would fit in nice alongside Kobe, Pau and Odom. But Stern would never allow it. At least we can dream without being fined!

  • malone

    amare said today on his twitter that he would be willing to take a major paycut to join the lakers and win a championship