Some love from Alvin Gentry.

Inside Local: “There’s a lot of talk about that team in South Beach. (The Lakers) are flying right there under the radar. … Those guys in the locker room over there, they love that challenge,” he said. “It gives them something to be focused in on for this year. Rather than just repeating, I think they feel like they’re underdogs. I don’t know why when you’ve been to the finals the last three years and won two (titles). I still think they’re the team to beat.”

  • Robert.

    Alvin Gentry is a ‘class’ coach, and also had Kobe’s ‘back’ last year, when everyone was hyping up LeBron. He is like the lone voice in a sea of idiots (media).
    Now he’s predicting the Lakers will win it all. How could he be wrong?

  • showtime4eva

    Alvin is classy..tells it how it is.

  • Hemma

    I just noticed that Alvin constantly praises Kobe and the Lakers, but who could blame him.

  • Jack Y.

    Good stuff!~~!

  • 242LakerFan

    Alvin, unlike some talking heads (munch, munch…Hi Chuck) appreciates what he can see right in front of his face. When you have two teams with comparable (benefit of the doubt, okay?) talent, then you have to go with the one whose players have been together at a Championship level for three years over the one that’s still an experiment waiting to either gel or blow up.

  • what what!

    gentry is a laker groupie.

  • lakers4-3peat

    I’d rather like alvin than dick rivers! dick always complains if his team lose.